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Letters of the Week: Oct 3 - Oct 7

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  1. Peter A. Schey's Avatar
    Same sex married couples and benefits under the INA

    We are working on a federal court case involving a constitutional challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which has been used by USCIS to deny or refuse to adjudicate family-based petitions and applications for same sex married couples. We are interested in discussing this case and the issue with other lawyers with clients who have been denied family-based benefits under the INA solely because of their status as a same sex lawfully married couple. Please feel to contact me via email at or cell 323-251-3223.

    Peter A. Schey
    President and Executive Director
    Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
  2. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    more articles on Alabama's poorly thought out immigration law
  3. Rossi LeClaire's Avatar
    I am in total disbelief. The heart of Dixie is turning black. Why so much hatred towards immigrants. A law that discriminates children shouldn't have ever been considered, much less approved. What do you think is going to happen to all those children without a proper education??? Some of them will turn to delinquency and eventually a new group will rise from the poor immigrant families that will hate Americans for what they are doing to them.
    They will create a new group of homegrown enemies of the United States. Don't we already have plenty of that all over the world?
    A smart Alabama law maker would invest on these children instead, sons and daughters of illegal immigrants but United States Citizen by law. What is our first lady going to say in regards to the no child left behind program? This is what these immigrants should do, sue the State of Alabama for all the taxes, social security and other benefits that the illegal immigrants have paid for and never gotten. That is right, illegal immigrants pay taxes, social security and never get any benefits or money back.
    The state of Alabama is violating the Constitutional Rights of those United States Citizen Children
  4. Ruben Botello, JD's Avatar
    It is clear Hewlett Packard has joined forces with U.S. racists, in their escalating war against immigrants, and particularly Latinos, by hiring Meg Whitman, as CEO. All kind and compassionate people around the world should join hands by demanding her immediate removal, and by boycotting Hewlett Packard products and services until this corporate action is taken.

  5. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    more immigration law from Alabama From: ALAJ Daily News Digest
  6. Richard Y's Avatar
    By the virtue of Separation of Church and State, the DOMA should be unconstitutional. It's none of the state business to define marriage as dictated by the belief of the mainstream religion and adopt that belief to the entire people. I really don't understand of why our politicians and their voters really care about what happen in someone else bedrooms and mind other businesses and privacy while they should put more energy and common sense solutions to address our nation more important priorities.

    The news today is the Congress is trying to punish China for "currency manipulation" and I see many Americans support it but doesn't really know what they're asking for. We don't have to punish China, we can devalue our own currency whatever we like or we can always choose locally made in USA products. The results are the same which is higher overall prices. Extra money, extra dollars to "support" our fellow Americans.
    Import taxes and duties, protectionism, trade wars mean higher prices for any consumers here.

    Those who think that they can still enjoy less than $ 400 for 32" flat screen TVs all made in USA made by Americans who don't want to get paid less than $ 20 per hour plus all benefits are dreaming and smoking pipe. Or expecting a pound of carrots harvested by all Americans in California field will cost the same as of today harvested by our "amigos" from the South.

    I suggest anyone to think and be smart. Think about all the consequences of what we want and ask for.

    Defending the monopoly of the only ISP or Cable company in town while expecting higher quality of service and cheaper price is just the same delusional thinking.

    Lack of competition and choices mean no incentives for better quality, prices and innovation.

    Enough said.
  7. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    USCIS is having an Engagement on Oct. 26th at 1PM Eastern time concerning American Institutes of Research (AIR) and this touches on the N-470.

    Call-in Number: 1-888-469-1762
    Pass code: AIR

    Please join it.
  8. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by November 03, 2011, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Strengthen Naturalization (N-400 Prerequisites by supporting Congressional Amendments to the INA

    Beef up INA 318 [8 U.S.C. 1429] PREREQUISITES TO NATURALIZATION; BURDEN OF PROOF and INA 334 [8 U.S.C. 1445] Application for naturalization; declaration of intention.

    Specific language has been submitted to Congress and is available for review at

    Substantive Naturalization Application Prerequisites (SNAP) Act of 20xx. Reinforce patriotism and block the unworthy from weakening the United States.

    Citizenship is not to be handed out lightly. It is a pledge and commitment. It involves obligations and responsibilities as well as rights and privileges. Mean it or don't do it.

    Thank You,
  9. Hakim Yeina's Avatar
    Dear Sir,

    It is really very important for me when i receive a message from you every week and I am glad for that,but i still even don`t know all the ways of approach if you could also try to give me some hence it could be ok.I am really thank you a lot and like to read it.
  10. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    This StratFor article is mostly about Greece, the EU "periphery" and banks, but it explicitly concludes that the thrust of the argument about government statistics being built upon a foundation of sand applies to the number of illegal immigrants present in the United States.

    The "German idea" of the disinterested technocrat able to "fix" "social problems" is one I am very familiar with, and inherently skeptical of even as I recognize that Habsburg and German civil servants were remarkably honest and effective.

    How can one read the following: "The realization that the rational civil servants of Brussels and Berlin have failed to create systems that understand reality strikes at German self-perceptions. There is a willful urge to retain the perception that they understand what is going on." and not think of our bewilderingly complex and clearly dysfunctional immigration system? On the one hand, many of us legal immigrants and many Americans unfamiliar with the immigration system resent queue jumping illegal immigrants demonstrating for rights they hold a deeply unclear title to, and on the other we legal immigrants and many in the "pro-immigrant" community realize the present system almost guarantees large numbers of de facto semi-legal but de jure illegal immigrants to by-pass the system altogether and just show up.
  11. Paul Good, Attorney's Avatar
    Alabama and Hispanic children

    The legislature of Alabama acted contrary to the requirements of an American citizen. That is obvious and I hope that other papers carry this story, not just the Christian Science Monitor.

    However, what really puzzles me is how the legislators could have failed to realize the economic damage they have caused for their citizens. Our undocumented immigrants fill jobs that American citizens refuse to consider filling. I hope that some of the legislators are among the farmers whose crops remain in the fields for lack of harvesters.
  12. Norma Ortiz's Avatar
    The stupid Alabama law

    I don't think that's fair. I think we should all have a chance of bettering our lives. I don't think just because we are from Mexico, we can't come to the US and hope for a better life. Now if we make a big mistake, then ok, I'll go to Mexico. But they shouldn't punish us all for what others do. We are not all the same, just because we are from Mexico. I hope more than half of the school is Mexicans so they can close the school.
  13. John M. Kelly's Avatar
    Comments on Alabama New Law

    I admire the state for cutting off the free benefits that illegal residents extract from taxpayers in order to stay in this country for free. We need to cut off all of the benefits, such as hospital care, schooling, welfare, etc. and drive them back across the border. They are here illegally and taking our money which otherwise should be consider thief by someone breaking into our homes.
  14. Angie Mercer's Avatar
    Alabama schools and the new law

    I think this law will have a long-term effect in a totally unexpected way. The Alabama government is going to brag about the money saved by this rejection of children, not realizing that all those children are also no longer programmed into cookie-consumers thinking. They can now learn how to be independent and innovative. They have already learned that they are not like those who stayed in the schools. The net result will be a two-tiered society of complacent drones vs independent thinkers. Drones never bring innovations, improvements, or a better way. The ostracized Latino children of today will become the inventors, leaders, and rebels of tomorrow.
    This is a chance for smart Latino communities to "make lemonade" by starting tutoring businesses that teach their children better than any public school ever would. We have those independent schools in Chicago to show that it does not take money to make children smart, it takes stepping outside the "norm" and using teaching methods unacceptable to the public schools system. And all those kids who have left the public system have already learned one important lesson about Alabama will come back to haunt that state. Mark my words.
  15. Esther Kangavve's Avatar
    It is a shame for state like Alabama in the first world country to mistreat children. Preveting parents from providing for their children hurts and this might come back to haunt those a few who came with this decision.
  16. Roger Algase's Avatar
    The anti-immigrant laws in Alabama and other states are only part of the general attack against minorities, the less affluent, college students and the elderly that Republican legislatures are mounting against American citizens as well. Restrictive voter ID laws, cutbacks in early voting, refusals to mail out absentee ballots and similar strategies are threatening to keep millions of eligible voters away from the polls next year in many Republican dominated states, including crucial swing states such as Florida.

    The voters who are most in danger of being excluded from the franchise are those most likely to vote Democratic. Many of the same states that are the most vigorous in excluding minority immigrants from their borders are also excluding minority American citizens from their polling places.

    Does anyone see a pattern here - one of creating a two tier society, with affluent whites on top and everyone else on the bottom? Immigrants and minority or less affluent US citizens are not in opposing camps. They are in the same boat. As I have said before, if the Republicans continue to get away with their legalized anti-immigrant persecution in Alabama and other states, and anti-minority voting laws in many of the same states, the name of the boat will be the Titanic.

    And who is the captain of this Titanic? The same president who says that he is instructing his Justice Department to "look into" both the vicious anti-immigrant laws and the heinous attempts to deprive so many minority US citizens of their Constitutional right to vote. "Look into"? What kind of leadership is that?
  17. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : John M. Kelly's letter (ID 10/7/2011)

    Will the restrictionists stop lying and making up baseless stories as truth ? It's a shame unless they have no shame anymore to justify their racism, bigotry and hatred based on xenophobia and selfish nativism.

    Public education system in the US is paid by property taxes, anyone who own or rent properties pay property taxes to their municipalities to be used to pay the local public school system. Any residents who have shelters, off course pay these property taxes directly or indirectly.

    Immigrants without legal working permits pay property taxes and yes, their kids have rights to go to public schools their parents already paid for through their landlords when they rent any properties. They also pay sales taxes when shopping locally and these taxes make up the state and municipality budget.
    They also pay federal income taxes when they use real or fake SSN and they will never able to claim the tax return on it.

    Who waste and steal tax payers money by billions if not trillion dollar by the way ?

    1. Defense contractors and their well connected politicians
    who profit from costly endless wars here and there.
    No accountability, no end in sight and amazingly
    no member of tea party, restrictionists here even balk
    on this massive treason and corruption.

    2. Big corporations and bankers who mess up their own business-
    es by risky and foolish speculations and gambling on
    other people's money then asking tax payers' to bail them
    out at 0% interest rate from the Fed while
    charging us the consumers arm and leg in interests and fees.
    And yes, these big bankers even have no shame to tell us
    they have the very right to make "profit" on us by our own
    interest free tax dollars. Justice anyone ?

    3. All able body healthy but lazy LEGAL US citizens or
    residents who game and abuse our welfare system.
    And again, please read all local, state and federal rules
    on whom are eligible to collect welfare checks today.
    Not those without papers off course, so please folks stop
    making up another fairy tales about this one more time.

    4. If the Latinos today are considered as "thieves" what about
    ones Anglo European ancestors in the past trying to immigra-
    te to the new worlds then ? Same thing? Stop name calling.
    It's time open our history book one more time.
    No human beings should be called thieves, simply because
    they're trying to survive, seeking better life, wages,
    opportunities and happiness in other lands just because
    some selfish people have no shame and forget that their
    immigrant ancestors have done exactly the same and may have
    endured the same insulting and prejudiced names calling.

    5. Restrictionists should choose many choices if they really
    want to see the end of immigration for good, but the result
    will be the same which is if everything is equal then
    there is no desire to immigrate anymore.

    1. Demanding China and all other countries to revalue
    their currencies, it's the same as we actually want to
    DEVALUE our dollar.

    USD devaluation means lower purchasing power for all
    Americans. Higher prices for many things.

    2. Embrace trade wars, 100 % isolationism and nativism
    = higher prices on everything because Americans are for-
    ced to buy Americans made only which labor costs are
    much higher. Less choices and competition means higher

    Tea partiers, restrictionists are not the smartest and brightest people on Earth. They always think they can have them both ways and eat the cake plus the glaze as well.

    Nope, there's no free lunch buffet folks.............. Either China and other countries should lift up their currency and living standard or it's us willing to sacrifice with lower living standard and purchasing power by devaluing our currency to be more competitive.

  18. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I have just posted DHS Delegation Memo 0150.1 detailing USCIS authority. It is not 100% correct anymore as a few authorities have changed since it was written. This memo has been cited all over the place but as I could not find it, I requested it via FOIA.

    It is found at:
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