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Letters of the Week: Sep 12 - Sep 16

Rating: 3 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Backlogged's Avatar
    Year over year, the F2A visa category (Petition for Spouse/Children under 21 for Permanent Residents) has witnessed under utilization of visas even though there is supposed less demand as reported by CIS Ombudsman ( Now over the past year, the movement of cutoff dates has been hardly covering 2 months avg and with the new visa calendar year in Oct 2011 of 88000 visas, the cutoff date increased by a mere 1 month. Is there any redressal body that can even be contacted to bring any transparency or address this blatant visa wastage leading to extended wait times in reuniting families?

    Below are the statistics from DOS, that the NVC/Consulates is using only partial quota of total allotted 88000 visas to F2a (under immigration act 1990) and causing agony and a long wait times for green card holders.

    Per country limit----------16,464-----11,524----8,189-----7,877------9,540----13,101----18,078----19,002----24,687

    visa usage in (%)-------42%----------30%------20%-------28%--------30%-------32%-------37%-------51%------62%
    visa unused in (%)------58%----------70%------80%-------72%--------70%-------68%-------63%-------49%------38%

    Any suggestions?
  2. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : Mr. Algase's blog (9/14/2011)

    It's unfair to call our President as Mr. NO while he has to deal with the Republican Party of NO Congress and it's foolish and insane for any Americans to elect a Republican President just because our Democrat President can't accomplish anything because the Congress controlled by the Party of No will never give him a chance to act on non partisan and common sense solutions and policies for our nation including on immigration. Except Ron Paul, I never hear any Republican President wannabees show any objection of the cost of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya that bankrupt our nation, while they're planning to cut funds on education, health care, infrastructures and our social safety nets. They are so busy pandering with Mind Your Own Businesses issues like same sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia, abstinence for teenagers and any non sense stupid issues that we don't really care and think about because it's none of our businesses to mind others' privacy in the name of our subjective religious dogmas while never talk and give us detail solutions on jobs, immigration, economy, education, health care etc. that really matter to us.
    Will any Republican give a much better alternative on immigration solutions ? I don't think so.
    This is the biggest flaw in the democracy itself. Democrat President, Republican Congress, nothing can be done, Republican President, Democrat Congress same thing.
    Will any Americans with conscience and right mind will ever vote these Republicans by the way ?
    Too bad in our country, we got so many religious bigots who will vote the worst candidate as long as gay people can't get married, who believe that prayers will solve our budget deficit, no it's not, it need a calculator and basic algebra to balance the budget, God has nothing to do about how we manage our country check book. It's so dumb and unbelievable. But, hey this is America, don't be surprised.
    On immigration, it's also tough for our President, pandering to the left, the right will get upset, pandering to the right then the Latino Americans will show their fury.
    Well, maybe he should resign and give the Republicans a chance to mess up our country as usual and running again in 2016 and say to the crowd, see didn't I tell you 4 years ago?
    Had I were elected as a President myself and people start criticizing me then I will reply, excuse me folks, how can I work and accomplish anything for you all if I have to have the blessing of the Congress and Senate who want me to fail ?

  3. Roger Algase, Esq.'s Avatar
    I am not arguing with anything that Richard Y says about the Republicans, on immigration or any other issue. That is precisely why the Democrats, and the country, need a president who will stand up to the Republicans and take them on, not sell out his principles, throw immigrants and middle class as well as less affluent Americans alike under the bus, and cave into the Republicans and the bigots and big money interests that constitute their base.

    Obama's cowardice on immigration and so many other issues involving the interests of ordinary people, as opposed to the right wing anti-immigrant hatemongers and billionaire plutocrats, betrays a fundamental anatomical deficiency - backbone, of course - did anyone think I meant anything else? To me, it is simply unbelievable that no one seems to be thinking of a primary challenge to him.

    No doubt, Obama means well. So did the captain of the Titanic.
  4. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I just got my latest e-mail copy of OIL's Immigration Litigation Bulletin (Aug 2011 edition) on 9-15-11. Did you?

    If you would like to receive the Immigration Litigation Bulletin electronically send your email address to:
  5. Richard Y's Avatar
    Now, I applaud on Mr. Algase's respond. Yes, our President must respond very straightforwardly to the Republicans that it's them that want him to fail by putting so many stumbling blocks on his proposals and appeal to Americans that if we want good things to be accomplished it needs a Democrat super majority Congress with a Democrat president.

    In ideal world and perfect universe, common sense will prevail but too bad in this back to Earth reality, so many dumb people will vote for dumb ideas and candidates who will sell and tell them anything to get the votes.

    We have so many dumb Americans who love to blame President Obama while they ignore that it's the Republicans who don't want him to accomplish many things and take credits on them. It's partisan politics as usual and we the people will suffer because there won't be any good policies go forward because of the cycles of partisanship every election cycle.
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