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Letters of the Week: Aug 22 - Aug 26

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  1. ovi vega 's Avatar
    Hi, I feel there's lots of problems in Americas immigration system specially with lawful permanent residents. People are failing to see where the root of the problem that arises. Mr Lamar smith 1996 reform is still a careless peace of legislation when he amended crimes that are petty offenses not even on a felony level where immigration is supposed to work under.I think its misleading when ice uses the convicted felon language because in reality most cases are not felony conviction under federal laws wish immigration only considers it to be. How can mr smith and everyone else deport green card holders that been here 20 to 40 years for a petty offence that its not a felony under federal laws but immigration says it is! The amendment was and is a devastating, careless peace of legislation. That its the source of the problem that people are over looking and it does great harm to legal residents.
  2. lesly francois 's Avatar
    i will be a citizen unied states of america
    to all uscis officer,i would like to say thank you for accept me

    like new immigrant on august 31,2011 at TD BANK gardens

    in BOSTON,MA i will swearing to be citizens of u.s.a

    at 9:30 and 1:30,i will say yes to the community

    massachusetts,i am a new guy name mr. lesly francois

    i will say i do? thank you may God bless you? u.s.a we stand.
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