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Letters of the Week: Aug 1 - Aug 5

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  1. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Is anyone else following the Victorville Regional Center lawsuit?

    I downloaded the the complaint and exhibits which includes the Approval Notice, an RFE, Notice of Intent to Terminate and the Final Termination. The Final was certified to AAO but they did not wait for AAO to rule before filing in the DC District Court. This should be worth keeping tabs on.
  2. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    The DHS News Release today (8/2/2011) and accompanying USCIS EB-2 FAQ updates are interesting to say the least. Of course it came on the heals of today's WH live streamed jobs summit in the Silicon Valley area somewhere around San Jose, CA.

    I have posted a tool to aid one in trying to apply the NYSDOT principles to an EB-2 NIW Entrepreneur at:
  3. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I asked if they had a mailing list for newest decisions and this what OALJ replied:

    BALCA does not presently maintain a mailing list for notice of the latest BALCA decisions. To access the most recent BALCA decisions, it is necessary to go to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Office of Administrative Law Judges web site

    On that page on the right side there is a bar that gives users two search options. Use Option 2. Use the OALJ Case number. Leave the first field (yyyy) empty. From the drop down menu for case type, select "PER." Leave the last field (nnnnn) empty. Click on "Go." This will give you a list all PERM decisions ever issued. The most recent decisions will already be sorted to the top.

    -- USDOL/OALJ E-Mail Response Team
  4. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    People are already leaving because of the law (and denuding a tax base of a county about to make its second great contribution to bankruptcy history by filing Article 9 (it's first contribution was creating Chapter 13) - and some unlikely parties are joining in legal action against the law, with today's front page indicating even anti-illegal immigration Sherriff Mike Hale may have joined it (it claimed that the county's two top law enforcement officials joined the case). Here is some coverage from further north in the state - The Church leaders make some fairly histrionic claims (criminalizing communion is a bit rich) but the pre-emption issues are real, as are the implementation and public policy concerns voiced by opponents.

  5. Sara V's Avatar
    Hi. I'm new to your website, as I immerse in a new Immigration nonprofit. You are the only site I have seen out of the thousands I've looked at this year that persists with this as an issue for all to be thinking about. As a female human being, I applaud your efforts. ILW is an unbelievable resource. Thanks for making it easier for the rest of us.

  6. Jan C. Ting's Avatar
    Hello! FYI, my article on immigration fraud appears on page A2 of today's Philadelphia Inquirer and here:

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