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Letters of the Week: June 27- July 1

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  1. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    I have never before read anything by Roger Algase I agreed with completely, but with " Jose Antonio Vargas - Does He Stand A Chance? by Roger Algase", I completely agree, even down to my longstanding conviction that our President is not a conviction politician, certainly not as far as immigration reform is concerned.

    I wonder if a technocrat, like Romney (or at least that is what many people assume to be Romney is) or a wonk like Pawlenty, succeeds our President in the Oval Office if immigration procedures at least can become to enter the 1990s instead of remaining stuck in a 1970s nightmare of conflicting and confusing regulations. Though our last president was a big government conservative, it is one of our few oft remarked upon political ironies that he was also a conviction politician who tried to rationalize and streamline our immigration system.

    Even if my pessimism about the issue is ill-founded, Jose Antonio Vargas can look forward to an unpleasant immediate future.
  2. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    In re item one, fine for New York, but unless DOMA is
    unconstitutional after all as per the President's post midterm revelation
    (which I doubt given the precedent of Utah's entry into these United
    States), Holder is on sounder ground than the President.

    Politically, however, I suspect the President wants someone to sue
    the USA to enforce the law (which could be tactically smart) or he's a
    wimpola and is saying one thing while allowing Holder to take the heat for
    enforcing the law, which only earns contempt from natural allies which have
    been cooling on him lately and doesn't win over many opponents - it likely
    doesn't even mollify the orthodox black churches leadership sufficiently to
    sway a vote.

    Unless the economy improves drastically, however, I expect this to
    be a side-show. Unless a lousy economy can credibly be blamed upon a social
    issue (as in booze prohibitions or drug legalization fights, or segregation
    or immigration), I do not expect these sorts of things to have much
  3. Viktor's Avatar
    With all the hubbub on the (in)famous Morton's memo of backdoor method of granting temporary status to aliens in removal proceedings as quoted in

    (page 3 of 5)

    "Deferred action does not confer any specific status on the individual and can be terminated at any time pursuant to the agency's discretion. DHS regulations, however, do permit deferred action recipients to be granted employment authorization.5"

    I wanted to check with as a immigrant alien with a pending I-130 for my spouse (with retrogressed priority date) who is currently in US on limited time visa, can one apply,as a legal immigrant, for prosecutorial discretion and get employment auth card and stay on until the PD becomes current? Does one have to become an illegal alien to receive benefits that exceed people in line for legal migration? Is it even a possibility or is AILA or other law community raising issues like these?
  4. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I am glad, for once, to be seeing completely eye-to-eye with Honza Prchal, whose comments are always thoughtful and carefully considered, whether one agrees with them completely or not.

    I also agree with his June 29 comment. I cannot think of a better word to describe Obama on immigration (and many other issues) than "wimpola". Obama is always anxious to grab credit for taking the side of immigrants and other ordinary people without great access to power or political influence, while in reality giving into powerful special interests, including the anti-immigrant hate lobby. We can only expect more of the same if Obama wins a second term. Then, there would be no break on his power to throw immigrants and everyone else who once had such high hopes for him under the bus.

    Unfortunately the Republicans would be far, far worse. By their activities at the state level, they have already made clear that if they win control of the White House and Senate next year, their top priority will be to make immigrants the prime scapegoats for their catastrophic economic policies, which are already beginning to transform America into a third world banana republic made of a small group of multi- billionaires at the top and an impoverished underclass consisting of everyone else.
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