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Letters of the Week: June 20- June 24

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Honza Prchal's Avatar

    In re: 1. Comment: Mandatory E-Verify Bill Introduced - Rep. Lamar Smith
    introduced H.R. 2164, I hope you are right about DREAM being paired with these developments, especially if they go anywhere. I do worry about compliance costs. The dominance of the independent contractor, Europe or India style, will likely occur post-haste, as employers seek to lower their already high
    costs for direct employees. Since so much of our social welfare and healthcare regulatory systems are employment based, there could be a lot of unintended consequences.
  2. Don Miller's Avatar
    Try though I might, I cannot understand the concern American politicians exhibit about the "hispanic" vote and the issue of immigration. By definition, only citizens of the United States, regardless of ethnicity, are allowed to vote in national elections. Also by definition, American citizens are not personally/directly affected by immigration issues, in that they, we, can enter and leave as often as we choose. Also by definition, immigration laws in any country apply to foreigners...non-citizens...and not to citizens of the country. Why, then, do our politicial figures spend so much time and effort fretting over the concerns and feelings of citizens of foreign countries? This is apparently unique to Americans, because I have lived (not just traveled) in many foreign countries and I have never seen any political concerns expressed in any country about the rights and feelings of foreigners, resident or not, in those countries. Non-citizens cannot vote, are not part of the electorate, and should not be part of the political equation. Political figures need to address this issue with their bona-fide constituents and assure them that their concerns are for American citizens, not citizens of foreign countries. In my opinion, our Government and political figures from both parties spend far too much time (and money) obsessing over foreign countries and foreigners in general at the increasing expense and neglect of Americans and our own country, which certainly have enough problems that badly need addressing.
  3. Vijay's Avatar
    When USCIS issues a visa, one would think it has done so with all the relevant checks,especially since it takes close to 6 months for them to act on any application. Little do we realize, based on the numerous stories of LEGAL immigrants who are being harassed, because of stepped up enforcement of state/consular authorities that most of them who are on the right side of the law and left with lot more questions than answers. Simple case of renewing a drivers license in many states have become a nightmare even with an approved petition.When the visa holder is asked to check back every 30 days whether the DDS has gotten response from USCIS on an APPROVED PETITION, how can one respond? Also numerous applications getting flagged, delayed if not delayed in the consulates across the world just because they trusted the legal path to immigration would lead to a good life in the US? There are numerous experiences that can be verified from, advocacy group for employment based legal immigrants who are caught in the defunct policies. If US authorities are so biased against immigrants, why cant they stop the visa program altogether and claim America has become a land of xenophobes and no longer want legal immigrants. While this vilification of how H1B workers steal American jobs are blown out of proportion, little is there any effort to address the fact that they collect social security, medicare and state and federal taxes for a short term visa of 6 years that the immigrant wouldn't be even able to reap benefit of, let alone unemployment - since if one with employment visa is unemployed then they need to get out of the country immediately, which in this economy doesn't event sound realistic. The fact that an already burdened community gets the drubbing and they don't have the resources or understand why these issues are clubbed with ILLEGAL immigration is beyond reason. Can there be class action suit brought against such discrimination? Will the legislators wake up to the reality that LEGAL immigrants contribute more than what they take? Will there be a policy change in the right direction soon enough?
  4. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Don, I don't know if you run a business, or maybe own stock in some companies, but if you so, here's a suggestion about how you can put your ideas about immigrants not being part of the American community into practice. If you run a business, try putting up an announcement that you will not sell to or deal with anyone who is not a US citizen, since non-citizens are not part of the American community.

    If you insist on dealing with non-Americans, you could at least ask for proof of permanent residence or, at the very minimum, legal status, before you accept any money from a customer.

    Of course, it goes without mentioning that you would not want to order any goods or services from a vendor that is not enrolled in E-Verify. Nor would you want to have any operations at all in a state or locality that has tried to opt out of "Secure Communities".

    If you own stock in a company, you could write to its management or introduce a proposal at the next shareholders' meeting that the company should do the same. Any time you go shopping or out to dinner, why don't you tell the store or restaurant manager not to sell to or serve non-US citizen customers, or at to least require proof of permanent residence or legal status first?

    Of course, none of us are saps. There are a lot of fake documents out there. I suggest that you, or any company you own stock in, should refuse to accept any documents from anyone who speaks Spanish or looks as if he or she might be a non-citizen before selling to or doing business with the person, until you or the business can get verification of the customer's or vendors' US citizenship, lawful permanent residence, or at least, legal status, from the federal government, along the lines of Arizona's wise and compassionate immigration law.

    Go to it, Don! Stand up for America! Practice what you preach! And of course, don't forget to share your results with the rest of us ID letters page readers. We are waiting.
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