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Letters of the Week: May 9-May 13

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Please email your letters to or post them directly as "Comment" below.

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  1. Editor, ILW.COM's Avatar
    Welcome to the letters of the week for the week of May 9th.
  2. Don Miller's Avatar
    Never thought I'd say this, but a hearty "bravo" twice to Obama for acting as the President of the Americans for a change. First for the "go" on the mission to take out Bin Ladin, and a second "attaboy" for acting like an American President instead of a President of Mexico, as George Bush always did, on immigration.
  3. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    With regards to your May 10th Comment, "Obama tries to Fool Immigrant
    Community" it is suprising that ILW/ID would be critical of Obama's
    Texas immigration speech and very irresponsible that you would oppose
    even his token enforcement efforts. Restrictionists are even more
    critical as due to the lax policies of the past, even more enforcement
    is needed to effectively do the job, not less. Instead, BO makes fun of
    restrictionists, saying they are never satisfied and need even a higher
    fence or even a moat with alligators. See: Frosty Wooldridge -- "Obama
    pops up with comprehensive immigration reform"
    Alligators in a moat wouldn't be needed if they would complete the
    Israel type double fencing as passed by Congress. It is the "immigrant
    community" that is never satisfied, never recognizing that responsible
    limits on entry numbers are appropriate for US on a selected, inspected
    and controlled basis. Rather than celebrating the death of Bin Laden,
    we should be alarmed at the death of America with such out of control
    numbers, both legal and illegal. See: by Pastor Chuck
    May I suggest that your Letters section feature some kind of dividing
    line between entries as it a little confusing as to where one ends and
    another begins.
  4. ray ban uk's Avatar
    I think the post is very good ,you look at it ,and you?
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