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Letters of the Week: April 18-22

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  1. Editor, ILW.COM's Avatar
    This is the first letter this week. You can either send your letters to, OR post them directly on this page by clicking on comments, typing or pasting your letter into the "Post a comment" window, entering your name and clicking on "Post".
  2. Pankaj Mahajan's Avatar

    How can ILW help in reforming "legal immigration system".

    Employment Based Immigration system (EB-3 India for example) has 10-20 years of waiting time !!!

  3. Arturo M. Rios's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    First of all, I want to congratulate you for your outstanding publication. Second, I would like to suggest that you date the Processing Dates Section so we will have no doubts it is current.

    Keep the good work, and we thank you for all the information and excellent publications that you are providing to immigration lawyers worldwide.
  4. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor,

    It well may be that ID/ILW is the "leading immigration law publisher" as

    you tout if you confine the title to the special interests who recognize

    no limits to entrant numbers. However, the broader, more responsible
    position would be if you became the "leading immigration law publisher"
    for America and Americans! To do this, you would need to recognize the
    prudence of limits to growth at this crucial stage of our nationhood.
    ID/ILW's heretofore positions advocate unrestrained numbers of illegal
    or illegal entrants as if this were still the early stages of our
    country with seemingly unlimited amounts of land, resources with limited

    populations. The parameters we now face have changed. To continue such

    positions now is unwise and actually anti-American, diluting and
    destroying the positives that have made migration desirable in the past.

    Your April 19th praise of the AZ Gov. for the veto on the birther bill
    is a case in point. The Constitution holds that presidents must be
    "natural born citizens" in order that foreign influences to American
    culture be reduced. See: "Hey Soetoro, Who's Your Daddy? Your
    relentless pursuit of untold numbers of entrants ignoring prudent
    restraints can only result in the destruction of traditional America
    which for some is the goal. Others, just put profits before patriotism
    and some just can't see past the color of their own ethnicity.
    To the degree that America has been a success story regarding migration
    (Much of it is not and illegals can't be called immigrants who legally
    come), it is because LIMITS have been observed, either natural or
    imposed, that have required or allowed that entrants be assimilated to
    maintain a cultural core. As Pres. Teddy Roosevelt said, there is: "No
    Room in This Country for Hyphenated Americans" See:
    If ID/ILW is ever to arrive at this elevated enlightenment on migration
    issues, it will need to support limited, selective, enforced, and other
    prudent entry measures, not oppose and ridicule them.

  5. margaret jones's Avatar
    To Whom Ever this concerns, my story is that i came to florida about a year ago now and i came frm delaware usa, love florida, beaches, the people, everything. anyway i am from scotland and i have lived in the usa around 8 yrs, delaware and now florida. everything was going well untill i had a run in with the police department about a yr ago now!! my story is that i elbowed a police officer whilst she came into my face and it was an accident , but after this the police officers beat my ***, to the point of making me unconsious, black eye, cut above right eye, scrapes and brusies etc. well on that day i was taken to the jail where i was charged with battery on a leo? for what an elbow ha! and i had al the marks and bruises, etc and im put in jail!! doesnt make sense to me treating a person this way! or is it all about money! authority! whatever. well i got most of my charges dropped and now have a lowest felony you can get, which by the way gets dropped after probabtion! i suppose its better than nothing.................. anyway i was attending probabtion for 6 months there and on my last visit, there were 2 homeland security ppl waiting for me in the probabtion officers office, asking me where did i come frm and was i on a visa etc etc, actually i am still married to an american citezen but seperated, due to things not working thats why i came to florida, anyhow i was taken to tampa homeland secuirty and questioned, yes i dont have a visa due to my husbands fault, yes i was charged with a small felony and yes i do want to stay in this country, but noooooooo im getting deported!! when i leave i dont know!! so my husband gets off scot free due to the visa running out and also i saw on the homeland security computer im not the first he has done this to!! i saw another name he was sponsoring (husband) and the woman asked me if i knew this name, but i dont. I am british and i think my treatment is terrible, the law is so bad here and its all about money and ya know what makes me laugh? there is no hope or help much for the homeless out here in venice fl where i live, this place is full of money, oh thats right for the RICH, whatver its a crock of **** i just was wanted to vent to you about my crap here and the saying is true, COME ON VACATION, LEAVE ON PROBABTION HA! wow now i know why cause the goverment *****, the law ***** not saying that Scotland is any better but ya would get treated better there than here if you were a foreingner!! Right? oh well just wanted to clarify this story to someone who cares cause most here dont care unless ya got thousands in the bank. Signed by a really pissed off scotish woman who cant get any help.
  6. J. Oscar Shaw's Avatar
    The lady in Florida did not give enough information about her marital relationship to make a determination if she could be classified as an abused spouse. As an abused spouse she can file an application for cancellation of removal before the Immigration Court. She could also file the Form I-360. She should consult with an experienced immigration lawyer before she accepts voluntary departure.
  7. Editor, ILW.COM's Avatar
    Dear Mr. Arturo,

    We appreciate your kind words. Most of the scripts that generate the processing times run once a day, except the priority dates which are updated manually.

    If you notice any problems with any of the processing times pages, please let us know and we will fix them.
  8. Cheryl Rodriguez's Avatar
    Why?, What's all the problems now? There is all the crimes of killing now cause you have took away all the jobs that the people have worked for years. You want to blame everything on mexicans inwhich I think is a shame. You the people and the government has allowed this to go on for years. The people from other countries(not going to say aliens, that so nasty)to work here and live with no problems for years I mean years and I think it's terrible for you to just say get out it's their home too... Some of these people have been here for more than 20 years.. with now papers and living in the communities with on problems. They are loved by alot. They are being blame for this country being broke. Or they say they are on welfare, which is not true for alot, They pay cash for everything, I blame our government for the problems they have caused so when they can't fix it they got to blame someone, first it was the blacks, "get them out of here this is white man country ." The jews, the Indians everything always something. You ask me to much drama God put leaders here to see to us. The land of the free my ***, Put the bad out and leave the good alone. The country is big enough for everyone. What are you going to do about the produce if you take them all from here? There is no american I know that will dig in dirt in the hot sun for $6, I know I'm not or putting my fist in a pigs butt none of thee above... So you better keep some!! We are all people of God, So you should leave his people alone, you are watching his work around the world, so let's pray and come together as Godly people and love each other and be good neighbor's and help see that the children go to school and they are eating, and have clothing and shoes. Some American's are selfish, they only think of themselves and their material things and not people or their children or this wouldn't be out of control like this.... Wheres our compassion as people and christians? What have we became? I know breaking the law is wrong, but, what are you to do with millions of people? Look how much money that cost to send them back. Just think and were broke!! They say.....
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