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Apr 12 - Move At Twitter Speed

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

April 12, 2011,0412.shtm


1. Comment: Move At Twitter Speed - Being part of a fast-paced

generation, where time is essential and something is happening

every second, can be difficult to keep up with. There's a place

with millions of people where you can receive the latest events,

news, have direct access to media members, public officials,

attorneys, law firms, and other internet users who want to

communicate with you. This place is Twitter; its users see their

popularity increase with each mention and new follower. By using

140 character messages, hash tags, retweets and direct messages

you'll be able to connect with potential customers, businesses,

friends and reconnect with old ones. Twitter gets you on search

engines, group similar tweets together and be listed among other

well-known Twitter users. The newsfeed is accessible either on

your mobile device or computer and the codes are available for

your website. If you've ever wondered how to have access to all

these benefits, then all you have to do is join Twitter and when

you do, don't hesitate to follow us @ILWCOM.

2. Article: First Impressions Convey Your Image, Even If You

Don't Want Them To by Trey Ryder,0412-ryder.shtm

3. Bloggings: Ninth Circuit Upholds Injunction of Arizona's

SB1070 by Greg Siskind,0412-siskind.shtm

4. Bloggings: May 2011 Visa Bulletin by Christopher Musillo,0412-musillo.shtm

5. Bloggings: Immigration Bill Passes Georgia Senate by Matthew


6. News: USCIS Publishes QAs From AILA Liaison Meeting,0412-uscis.pdf


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C.;Frequently Asked Questions


A.;The New 9089 PERM Form by Linda Rose

B.;What DOL told OMB about PERM by Jay Solomon

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;;;;;Employment Certification

D.;Old ETA Form 9089, Application for Permanent Employment


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8. Headline: Sign up today ! CLE Seminar: Physicians For


9. Headline: President @barackObama's visit to Ireland to

highlight undocumented Irish in the US

10. Headline: Supporters of Bill 1070 plan to ask the U.S.

Supreme Court to overturn Monday's decision

12. Headline: U.S. Immigration System Making Changes, But Are

They Enough?

13. Headline: Advocates for Undocumented Immigrants Push the Utah

Compact as National Model

14. Headline: Immigration Program Delay Draws Anger and Praise in


15. Headline: Georgia Senate gave police authority to question

suspects about their immigration status.

16. Headline: RT @ckyt163com Georgia Senate passes Arizona-style

anti-immigration bill

17. Headline: RT @polichoc: After hard-won MD DREAMAct, "11 down,

39 to go" -

18. Headline: RT @Aprils_Reign U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against

Arizona's Immigration Law | AlterNet

19. Headline: RT @immprof: Two Years of Immigration Policy Under

President @BarackObama

20. Headline: Gov. Jan Brewer is not giving up on immigration law

after legal setback

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11. Headline: hImmigration bill gutted with unrecorded votes


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  1. Brittanicus's Avatar

    Very few State lawmakers understand the massive financial implications, for not serving the wishes of citizens and legal residents. Utah specifically is a relatively newcomer to the economic effects of illegal immigration as it's not a frontier State. Thousands of economic illegal migrants and immigrants, who have already exhausted millions of dollars from the suffering State of Arizona, will be looking desperately for another State to drain. The Mormon State has essentially failed its population, with offering a unconstitutional Guest Worker program and other benefits, will soon learn their mistake as foreigners will sweep across the State line.

    A repeat performance as in the Sanctuary States of California and Nevada, the schools will be swarmed by the progeny of illegal aliens and US children will get less attention from overtaxed teachers. The Utah school system will have to hire more bilingual teachers, demanding more money from taxpayers. Court procedure will need more interpreters, as the criminal aliens arrive to decimate the State. The hospitals will be raided next with minor afflictions and major illnesses, as the illegal Guest workers will inundate emergency rooms and their uninsured family members. Illegal females tend to have large clutches of newborns, with one to be conceived; to be paid for by hard working Americans. It's a fact that the majority of businesses that hire guest workers pay nothing towards their health care or the young children's education. Georgia on the other hand obviously convinced of the perils of giving into open border lobbyists and radical groups will inspire other States to enact harsher laws.

    Although most harsh Georgia laws were sucked dry by, pro business interference, causing uproar amongst citizens and residence, specifically as they tried to hide their cowardice by unrecorded vote. All of these politicians that " on the take" will be intently remembered, when they come-up for re-election Massachusetts although not fully enacting laws similar to Arizona has brought some saneness to its people.

    THE UNITED STATES HAVING BEEN INVADED BY ILLEGALS, WITH THOSE IN POWER HAVING IGNORED THE FINANCIAL CONSEQUENCES IN OUR FUTURE; NOR HAS IT SLOWED? American citizens and residents must impose a mandatory E-Verify Nationwide, to enforce attrition and stop this immigration travesty. We must throw out all the conspirators who are in collusion with Mexico's President Calderon, including the 9th Circuit Court or any other potentate who uses the United States as a pressure valve from their degrading mismanagement and corruption, by exporting their desperate and poverty to our country. Also be aware illegal aliens are voting in our elections, but are not being sentenced to prison for this fraud and a danger to our slipping democracy.

    What most prudent people are asking is why do foreign corrupt governments have a right to interfere in American immigration politics? This is according to the 9th circuit hidden away in the Liberal-Democratic Sanctuary City of San Francisco, where the prosecutors released illegal alien gang-member Ramos, to slaughter a family of three leaving a mourning Mother?

    The United States is sinking deeper into fiscal quicksand, with a 14 trillion dollar deficit that is climbing ever faster. We cannot afford to sustain the rest of poverty stricken governments, who dump their indigent people in our laps. We must cut back on foreign aid stop policing the rest of the world. The wars in the Middle East are depleting our own people's welfare, the futures for our own grandchildren.

    The war is at our open borders and we must halt the smuggling of drugs, people and criminals that are killing innocent Americans wholesale, nationwide. This country is importing contagious diseases, which have spread quietly and not uttered by the government; but carefully concealed. Other States has signed on to federal law of Secure Communities to fingerprint and remove criminal aliens from their jurisdictions Arizona is steadfast in its immigration policing laws and although dealt a blow by the Liberal judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals is resolute on its journey to the Supreme court, to defend its constitutional rights of its populace. Our only chance for survival is the growing extension of the TEA PARTY, as it moves apart from the Republican elites. The Tea Party is ready to face the battle lines being drawn in the forthcoming 2012 budget war. Join now and be part of the sane movement, to end the facade that is the illegal immigration occupation of our country. Find the facts not lies at the pro-sovereignty web pages of NumbersUSA. In addition the TEA PARTY will abruptly end special no-tax privileges to corporations like General Electric.

    Thousands of corporations are using foreign havens to hide millions, perhaps billions of dollars in foreign countries, thanks to the tax breaks given to these entities by political parties, from lobbyists filtering secret brown-bag cash and large campaign contributions. We need more leaders like Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Anthony Weiner with the fury to do the right things for this ailing country. Cut out illegal immigration and we will save hundreds of billions in federal and State entitlements. While Americans get ready to file these tax returns, shareholders in these mega corporations receive benefits the average man can only imagine. We must stop this rot in the tax code so every corporation; business must pay its fair share. Remember the TEA PARTY is your revenge on the unfair laws that govern us. They are the only retribution we have against the rot in our own government.


    No Copyright, Ever! To distribute freely.
  2. swistepause's Avatar
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