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Mar 10 - New Immigrant Nation

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

March 10, 2011,0310.shtm


1. Comment: New Immigrant Nation - We are pleased to announce the
launch of our new section called Immigrant Nation.
This section was created with the purpose of showcasing the hard
work and positive contributions of immigrants, and how they have
shaped and made the United States a stronger nation. Immigrant
Nation includes a section dedicated to immigrants who have
received one of the highest recognitions in the armed forces:
Medal of Honor. Immigrants have defended the American flag in
almost 20 wars and performed great deeds of bravery and heroism.
In addition, the section includes an extensive compilation of
outstanding immigrants who have made a positive impact in the
fields of arts, business, education, media, military,
philanthropy, politics, science, sports and others. Check out our
new section, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, drop
off your two cents here.

2. Article: Potential Immigration Implications For Same-Sex
Couples Of Justice Department's Announcement Regarding DOMA
Section 3 by David A. Isaacson,0310-isaacson.shtm

3. Article: After The Raid Is Over: Marshalltown, Iowa And The
Consequences Of Worksite Enforcement Raids By Jan L. Flora,
Claudia M. Prado-Meza, and Hannah Lewis from the Immigration
Policy Center,0310-ipc.pdf

4. Article: 15 Business Card Sins Lawyers Commit by Trey Ryder,0310-ryder.shtm

5. Bloggings: April 2011 Visa Bulletin by Chris Musillo,0310-musillo.shtm

6. Bloggings: The Dangers of EB-5 Consulate Interviews in Juarez
by Stephen Parnell,0310-eb5.shtm

7. News: DHS Secretary Napolitano Testified Before Senate
Judicial Committee,0310-napolitano.pdf

8. News: USCIS Announces Interim EADs For Salvadorans,0310-salvadorans.shtm

THE REMOVAL BOOK, edited by Scott Bratton is currently in
preparation, the Table of Contents is as follows:
Chapter One: Removal Proceedings
Chapter Two: Grounds of Inadmissibility
Chapter Three: Grounds Of Removal
Chapter Four: Contesting Removability
Chapter One: Adjustment Of Status
Chapter Two: Waivers in Removal Proceedings
Chapter Three: Cancellation Of Removal For LPRs and INA § 212(c)
Chapter Four: Cancellation Of Removal For Non-LPRs
Chapter Five: NACARA
Chapter Six: Asylum and Withholding Of Removal
Chapter Seven: Convention Against Torture
Chapter Eight: Voluntary Departure
Chapter Nine: Naturalization As A Defense To Removal
Chapter Ten: Other Relief
Chapter One: Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals
Chapter Two: Motions to Reopen

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10. Headline: First Person: 'Juan,' undocumented worker turned
documented employer . immigration
11. Headline: RT @postandcourier Senate approves SC anti
immigration bill - 28-8 vote in overnight session.
12. Headline: RT @undocumentedtv thousands are fleeing out of
Libya. Wht wuld the process B 4 some 2enter the US as refugees?
13. Headline: RT @ahappyimmigrant Immigration is good for grocery
14. Headline: National Hispanic GOP Group Announces Immigration
15. Headline: Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth
16. Headline: Passage likely for state DREAM Act
17. Headline: Howard County Residents Voice Opposition to
Maryland DREAM Act
18. Headline: U.S. deports Canadian in Alaska pipeline bomb plot
19. Headline: Feds targeting fake immigration lawyers
20. Headline: Legislation Aimed at Illegal Immigration Needed in
21. Headline: New police chief named after immigration policy
22. Headline: Alabama business group tracks status of illegal
immigration bill
23. Headline: Senators drop plan to jail illegal residents
24. Headline: Lawsuits threatened over Utah immigration bills
25. Headline: Want to be seen? Get on our homepage. Improve
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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's written statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which appears in the March 10 issue of ID, is a disturbing example of what is wrong with the Obama Administration's immigration policy. The statement includes approximately nine pages relating to enforcement and only one page dealing with benefits. Even that one page is devoted almost entirely to naturalization, not to green cards or temporary ("non-immigrant") visas.

    The picture that emerges is of a powerful official who has little or no interest in legal immigration, but is entirely fixated on illegal immigration. This is not to say that the laws against illegal immigration should not be enforced. Certainly they should, in a realistic, rational and humane way that does not break up families of or cause other extreme hardship to American citizens unnecessarily.

    But we also have a legal immigration system that is badly broken and under intense assault from right wing bigots who want to cut off all immigration. It appears, at least from her statement, that fixing legal immigration to make it fairer and more responsive to America's needs and values is of no interest to Secretary Napolitano.

    How someone like this was appointed to run the immigration system in the first place is a big unanswered question. It is one that Latino and other US citizens from immigrant communities should be asking President Obama during the 2012 election campaign, instead of continuing to let him take their votes for granted.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  2. jim's Avatar
    the all of the world knows that from 99 to end of April 01 the republicans lobbyists and their gangs by falls and misguided advertisements in medias and specially in ethnics local medias attracted millions of people to come ,stay,apply for a green card and become a status here .see in the archives of t.v. radios, etc. that was a trap , for this people to gain a political votes, and every body knows this. in this last ten years after bush administrations disaster by theirs chinas wall and homelands insecurity the senators,lawyers, house rep. and university law masters by theirs life show in t.v said to this people stay and wait for a overhaul of the immigration system ,and this people still waiting ,but why you torture them, and repeat the hitlers crime against this weak people. this is a very very big crime. that you promise in ten years and now do some thing bad,sad
  3. Debby Cincotti's Avatar
    I am adding my letter to the immigration Judge that will be hearing my husbands case shortly. We have exhausted all avenues and are now left with any waivers that we can apply for so that he can say. If this doesnt illustrate a GOOD immigrant, I dont know what does. I have left out last names as I feel our situation is like so many others, although I am not an attorney, I feel like I am my husband advocate.:

    Your Honor,
    I am writing this letter to you and attaching some e-mails, photos and contracts regarding my husband. I am his American wife. I wanted you to see all of these items so that you are fully informed, and have a fair view of the person that you see before you. I know that being a Judge; you have limited time so I will try my best to be as brief as possible. I hope that you will give me about 20 minutes of your time to review the attached materials for my sake and the sake of Noel.
    As my father used to always remind me growing up, there is black and white, and then there is a gray area, this is usually where the MOST truth about any subject is, in that gray area. I'm going to try to give you Noel's perspective on his issues and also give you what actually happened. This I will call the gray area for future reference.

    When I met Noel I was in the process of leaving my now ex husband of 21 years. He was an alcoholic and very abusive both physically and verbally. I did my duty as most wives before me have done by staying with him as long as I could. My life consisted of working three jobs, running a home, and making sure that my two adult daughters had what they needed to stay at Auburn University. This left little time for me to really parent my then 9 year old daughter. I was at all her events at school, made sure that she was clean clothes and had all her homework done, but sadly spent little time with her and she gravitated to the parent that was home, which was my ex husband. He worked one job and that was all he would do. I was more worried about a roof over our head, food and clothing and like I said, making sure that my oldest two daughters stayed in college. I worked at the Coweta County Courthouse in the civil and criminal division full time, a catering company called "A Bon Sant?" as well as Applebee's as a waitress.
    o I would like to add that ALL three of my daughters KNOW who their father IS. I read Noels PSI and it's stated there that I have 4 children who's relationship is unknown! How crazy is that statement? ALL THREE of my daughters have the SAME father listed on their birth certificates, all three have the same father listed on their passports, and all three of my daughters are the children of the SAME father Kevin Corrigan, who I married PRIOR to their birth, not during or after. I have only had THREE daughters, if I have a fourth child I would like to know who that child is as I have never raised them, carried them inside me, nor have they lived under my roof at any time. The Federal Prosecutor is not very good at FACT finding as all she had to do was Google each of their names, they are there on the internet, and easily contacted. She also stated that Noel said that he had no contact with one, strained relationships with the other two, and had not seen his own children in many years. Now here is where the gray area comes in. You will see various photos of all of my children at family functions, in our home, and even at Disney or a Prom. If their relationship is strained, then they are not aware of it. Since none of my daughters have told me they were ever contacted by her office, how would she know this? A picture IS worth a thousand words, but then again, so is a simple phone call to my daughters to get the facts correct.
    I met Noel and moved to Miami AFTER leaving my ex. My youngest daughter refused to leave with me, so she stayed with her father (a decision I would live to regret). About six months into our relationship Noel was detained in Miami for deportation. I have never had to live through this experience before and had little legal education regarding this issue. At this point we were a committed couple with plans for marriage. I found in Noel a good person that was always being taken advantage of, just like me. I believe this is what made me gravitate to him. Later on in our marriage, I can honestly say, I made the right decision and WILL follow him wherever he ends up going. At the time of his deportation hearing I, my daughter Erin and various other people who wanted Noel to stay were there at Krome Facility. Although he was a business owner, and at the time I met him, a person who stepped outside his comfort zone and hired handicapped individuals to work at his business when most businesses would not do so. In fact he had one person's father fly to Miami from Louisiana to see his son, but also to thank Noel personally for giving his son a job and a reason to wake up in the morning...a bit of self respect. Noel was like that with everyone including my own children. Erin for instance was in college ringing up cellular phone bills over $400.00 a month; Noel would pay those bills and ask me not to judge her immaturity too harshly. He was also the type of person that would give you a job even if you were inexperienced and needed experience, like with a recent Cuban Immigrant named Pedro, who also became one of Noels best employees. He was just that kind of person. Back then when the Judge told Noel in court that hitting his grandmother was a crime of MORAL TERPATUDE he had no idea what that meant. First off, it is still up for debate if it happened as the police report said it did. His grandmother told me that he hit his sister, not his grandmother. No GUN was ever mentioned, but I also read in the PSI that he was charged with using a gun, which court documents dispute! But, after all of the letters and people that showed up at his hearing, he was deported anyway. He was never informed that he could reapply for reentry. Never once by his attorney nor the Judge. So when we read that on his other documents from court, we were stunned. So off to Venezuela we both went. I have never been to South America but was not going to leave the person that I admired for his sense of humanity as well as his good nature.

    Life in Venezuela is incredibly hard, especially if you are a) a Republican and b) a HUMAN BEING! He had no family there and friends that only knew him as a child. We could not work, had no place to live, why would I subject myself to this? Because I still feel like I felt way back then, that he was deported WRONGLY! He never had a real chance to state his case the right way. Even his attorney at the time admitted to me recently that this is the ONE case he has never forgotten, and wished he would have had more experience and more time.

    I am not going to go any further about our life but just to list the things that Noel has done, what he should not have done, and hope that you find it in your heart to help us and make a fair decision.

    In the almost 15 years we have been together Noel and I have had to experience all of the items listed below.

    o The gang rape of my then 11 year old daughter Hillary (this was the reason I believe that Noel returned to the United States, to help me and my daughter) At the time he told me that his problems had been fixed and I believed him. I believe that my father who has since passed away knew differently, but of that I can not be sure.
    o Being homeless for almost a year in 2000/2001
    o Got a call from his mother who proceeded to tell him that his father had died...SIX MONTHS earlier. They refused to call him even though he was now living in the United States and in fact less than 800 miles away! This was a crushing blow for Noel, he became depressed.
    o Finding out that my oldest brother Albert had cancer (multiple myelomas) and would die within four years.
    o His grandmother died and no one called him again for a month, more depression.
    o Being grandparents to our wonderful Seth! What a magical day that was!
    o Renting our first house
    o Taking care of my brother and mother financially because they had no money from the mounting medical bills that all cancer patients have to endure. This included buying them gift cards for Sam's club so that they could have FOOD.
    o Having our daughter Hillary refuse us and refuse to come for visits which was very hard on the both of us. We had a wonderful home and lived a very quiet life in the country.
    o Having to go to the hospital on 2 occasions because our youngest daughter tried to kill herself twice. Her father refused to get her the treatment she needed to help deal with her rape. This was the result.
    o Having our daughter Hillary show up at our doorstep two years later because she had nowhere else to go since her father could not deal with the delinquent he had created. We felt so blessed to have her, but didn't know just what she was really up to. We found that out later on.
    o Having our daughter sneak out of our home at all hours of the day and night to meet with men that were clearly inappropriate for her. Most of these men were in their late 20 to early thirty's. When we tried to get help from the local police and Juvenile Services in Newnan Georgia, we were told that they had to SEE her leaving with these men.
    o Having our daughter lie to Noel that she was going to a Prom with a very nice boy who came to our home, and left in a limo that Noel paid for, only to find out that she had the limo driver pick up a 27 year old man and he and my daughter got a hotel room for the evening. We found this out much later on.
    o Finally, my daughter wanted to be emancipated, so she set about provoking Noel and myself to do something that would force her hand. She told Noel that he was a fool and that she was out all night having sex with a 27 year old man when we thought she was at the prom. Noel lost his temper and pushed her, she fell backwards and hit her OWN HEAD on the fireplace. In court documents it states that her father and her sister Erin were there. They were NOT there, as evidenced by the fact that neither one of them showed up in court to testify. Noel pleaded guilty for one simple reason ...for ME. That same night, I got a call from my brother asking us to come and get him, his Doctor gave him 3 weeks to live and he wanted to try the cancer treatment that they offered in Savannah Georgia. Noel went to court, pled guilty, and the same day we loaded up our business and our home and moved to Savannah.
    o After spending 24 hours on the road, we unpacked our business AND our home in 24 hours and headed to New Jersey to pick-up my brother.
    o We got my brother enrolled in a special cancer treatment program and got him a new Doctor in less than 72 hours and proceeded to try to open a business as well at take care of a very sick brother we had living in our home.
    o Noel struck up a true BEST FRIEND relationship with my brother Albert, he helped bath him, carry him (he was wheelchair bound in the beginning) feed him and just talk to him about life and everything that Albert wanted to talk about. I personally was too involved in trying to save my brother life to realize that the tension was at times too hard for Noel. I asked allot from him, and he always helped me. He was the glue that held our little family together then and NOW.
    o Watched my brother pass away in our home on Thanksgiving Day 5 years ago. He held Albert's hand, while we all prayed first for a miracle and then for God to be kind and take him as he slipped into a coma. This was a very sad day, and by the way, my daughter Kelly (oldest child) was there as well with her husband and my grandson Seth too. So much for strained relationships. Noel also paid for my brother's funeral expenses as no one else could.
    o Noel was hospitalized when he collapsed at our office. He found out he was diabetic and had a Thyroid Issue that had to be addressed. He had radioactive treatment to remove his thyroid and was given insulin to use from that point forward
    I slipped into a deep depression for an entire year. Noel held my hand, talked to me about my brother, and tried to bring me back to reality again. I was a basket case. I was inconsolable. This is around the time of the boat engine incident, Noel should not have lied, but he did and that in the end caused him to go to jail in Georgia at the same time that I went to the hospital and almost died in the process. He paid restitution and came back to Florida.

    I spent almost a month at Celebration Hospital with Acolatia. I could not swallow and had to have emergency surgery. I had been in and out of the hospital for almost three months and lost a total of almost 100 pounds before they found out what was wrong with me. While I was in the hospital, Noel was in jail, and released after he paid his restitution.

    While my daughter Hillary stayed with me during the time I was in the hospital, my children set about stealing money and jewelry. Nice touch considering the fact that they were living in my home rent and food FREE. They stole Noels Jewelry that his grandfather made for him as well as money from my bank account. When I got home, I had to borrow money from my father to pay my light bill and rent.

    We had about a year of quiet and peace and then we got a call from my cousin in New Jersey telling us that my mother had a stroke. We loaded up the car and drove 16 hours to NJ to be with my mother. Ultimately, we had to bring her back to Florida as she could no longer walk or talk correctly and could not take care of herself. We had to use what little money we had to move her as well as try to find services for her. This was not easy.

    My mother was in and out of the hospital for various different reasons for the first three months and we found out that she had cancer and would not live more than a year. This was yet again a crushing blow. I slipped into my depressed state again, Noel had to do everything...we had a fight, he threw a bar stool at me, I was depressed and he was also, he had hit his brick wall I believe. I instructed the States Attorney's office to drop the charges, and in the end they did. They have had my number for the last 8 months and NO ONE from the Federal Courts has even tried to call me, my children or anyone else in my family to get the FACTS. Noel had been through a lot during the past ten or so years and he broke. I have had plenty of time to think about these past years and now see that this was a buildup of so many years of us both being the easy touches in our family, we took care of everyone, but neglected to take care of ourselves. I now find myself with an illness that will return within the next ten years (my surgery was only a temporary fix, not a cure) Noel's thyroid has grown back meaning that he could very possibly have a stroke or heart attack as this is what happens to that 2% of the population that have their thyroid return again. I am now homeless, and my family has their own life, but what about me and my life? And what about Noel's life with me? I still love this person very much and will again follow him where ever he ends up. I owe him that at the very least. He IS the glue that keeps my home together. In these past 8 or so months Noel didn't get to see my mother before she passed away or spread her ashes in NJ or morn with me, I miss his strength. My mother died without her favorite son-in law with her; YES that is what she used to call him. She had a lot of respect for the way Noel treated my brother, her son before and after his passing. She missed him terribly, mentioned him daily and died without ever seeing him again.

    Thank You for your time,
  4. adugna's Avatar
    please send me some money ,b/c i am student i can't come.God bless you
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