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Mar 7 - Immigration Consequences Of Budget Impasse

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

March 7, 2011



1. Comment: Immigration Consequences Of Budget Impasse - On March

2, Republicans and Democrats on the hill narrowly avoided an

imminent government shutdown with the passage of a two week

continuing resolution that keeps the government operating for

now. All the parties have until March 18 to come up with a budget

compromise. It is going to be a game of brinkmanship where both

parties are going to feel out whether it would be politically

expedient for them to precipitate a government shutdown rather

than make a compromise. The effects of a government shutdown have

not been felt since 1995.

What would be the immigration consequences of such a budget

impasse? There are three kinds of agencies involved in providing

immigration services. Firstly, in case of enforcement agencies

like ICE and CBP we expect that they will be given the budgets

they need to continue the record-breaking enforcement they have

been doing. Secondly, the fee-based organizations like the USCIS

have nothing to worry about regarding the budget impasse either,

because as the economy continues to recover they will see an

increase in their fee-based revenues.

But it is the third category of non-fee-based organizations such

as DOS, DOL and EOIR that will present a serious problem. A

disproportionate percentage of budget cuts will likely fall on

these organizations, and we expect to see a dramatic

deterioration of services. The last time there was a government

shutdown, consular processing ground to a halt and DOL backlogs

continued to grow until they culminated in RIR and the PERM rule.

Our predictions here are somewhat speculative because there are

so many moving parts that will shape how the money is actually

allocated - with many of the parts jockeying with each other for

their advantage. But we expect a significant (30-50%) slowdown of

the cycle times at DOL, DOS and EOIR, in the event of a

government shutdown. All practitioners dealing with these

agencies have grounds to be concerned.

2. Article: Mexican Immigrants In The United States by Aaron

Terrazas for Migration Policy Institute


3. Article: House Panel Measures The Value Of E-Verify by John



4. Bloggings: Civil War Within The GOP by Gary Endelman


5. Bloggings: PERM: Business Necessity Revisited by Joel Stewart


6. Bloggings: Granular and Possibly Grand Immigration Reform by

Angelo Paparelli


7. Bloggings: Political Asylum for Libyan Students in the US? by

Jason Dzubow


8. Bloggings: Utah Heads In Different Direction Than Arizona by

Greg Siskind


9. News: CRS Report On Trafficking In Persons In Latin America

And The Caribbean


10. Focus: PERM For Experts: Post-Recruitment Issues

Tuesday, March 8 is the deadline for the Thursday, March 10 phone

session of PERM For Experts, with Sofia Zneimer (discussion

leader), Judy Bordeau, Catherine Haight, Douglas Hauer, Loan

Huynh, Kimberley Best Robidoux and Roger Tsai. The curriculum is

as follows:

++Audits (Increase in audits; what to do if the beneficiary was

laid off; Response to audit when the beneficiary was laid off;

Deadlines; DOL indication about debarment)

++Supervised Recruitment (Will be stepping up; Matter of Ola

Miami - opportunity to provide evidence of previous work


++ Request for Review/Reconsideration or Appeal (Matter of CVS RX

Services; New evidence on reconsideration evidence that existed

at the time the application was filed, but was not submitted in

response to the CO's audit is barred from a reconsideration

request by 20 CFR 656.24(g)(2)(i), Matter of Techdemocracy)

++Further Strategies (Possibe BALCA appeal; Re-filing)

Tuesday, March 8 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,

including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration

information, please see: Online:

* Fax form:

* Don't delay, sign up


11. Headline: RT @nativismwatch: What is "Secure Communities"

Really About?

12. Headline: RT @wsivelocity: Why Silicon Valley Immigrant

Entrepreneurs Are Returning Home -

13. Headline: Mexico's President: 'Anti-American Feeling in

Mexico Is Growing' Because of Public's 'Perception' About Undoc


14. Headline: Convention to cancel if immigration bill passes in


15. Headline: [Map] Position of each state on Real ID - see who

has opposed it, denounced it, or is willing to take it


16. Headline: Homeland Security bows to Real ID outcry (and

neglects to state real reasons): RealID Postponed till Jan 2013


17. Headline: ICE to review fingerprints of everyone arrested in

California to check on immigration status

18. Headline: Georgia bill would make a felony of DUIs for

undocumented immigrants

19. Headline: New Mexico advances bill to ban licenses for

undocumented immigrants

20. Headline: Utah Legislature passes immigration reform package:

enforcement + work permit for undocumented immigrants


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  1. R's Avatar
    Gary Endelman, as usual, has written a brilliant and perceptive article about the Republican/Tea Party's war on America's Latino communities and the failure of the Democrats to stand up for the rights of America's fastest growing ethnic group.

    Why are the Republicans so hostile to Latino immigrants? We should not look at this as an isolated phenomenon, as if immigration were a separate issue by itself that has no relation to what else is going on in American society. At the heart of right wing ideology in America is an unwavering commitment to supporting the economic interests of a small, wealthy, privileged class.

    The Republicans and Tea Partiers are, first and foremost, the servants of the Koch brothers, the US Chamber of Commerce and the rest of what President Dwight Eisenhower presciently called the "military-industrial complex" fifty years ago. Their economic interests are different from, and in most cases, opposed to, those of average Americans in both parties.

    Therefore, the only way that the Republicans can persuade ordinary Americans to vote for the interests of the wealthy few, rather than the middle class and less affluent, is by finding scapegoats and stoking prejudice. Targeting immigrants is only part of this strategy.

    The Republican/Tea Party strategy also includes stirring up hatred against Muslims, as Representative Peter King is trying to do with his McCarthy style hearings that are about to begin this week. It also involves making scapegoats of public employee union members, as is happening in Wisconsin, as well as attacking gays, though this strategy may be less productive with the demise of the Defense of Marriage Act.

    As long as America's extreme Republican/Tea Party right wing can get away with the tactic of divide and conquer, pitting, for example, skilled immigrants against lass skilled ones or legal immigrants against the unauthorized; white union members against Latino ones, or Christians and Jews against Muslims, it will be able to get away with using scapegoating and prejudice in order to accomplish its fundamental objective of turning America into a plutocracy rather than a democracy.

    This is not meant to criticize business in general. Many large corporations, for example, have shown an enlightened and progressive attitude toward raising the limits on skilled immigration, as well as other issues. But until America's disparate interest groups, who are all being victimized by the Republican/Tea party policy of serving the interest of a narrow, privileged base of wealthy campaign contributors, can recognize their common interests and stop fighting among themselves, we are not likely to see an end to discrimination and exploitation directed against average people in America, US citizens and immigrants alike.

    This is true as much of Mexican immigrants locked up in inhuman desert tent conditions in Arizona as it is of mainly white public employee union members who are in danger of losing their collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin, or patriotic, law abiding Muslim US citizens about to be hauled up and pilloried by Peter King's witch-hunting committee.

    In order to bring about change in any pieces of the puzzle of prejudice and discrimination against minorities, the less privileged and even the increasingly impoverished white middle class majority, we must look at the whole puzzle, not only the immigration part of it.
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    For some reason, my full name, Roger Algase, was left off my previous comment. It appeared only as "R". I trust that this was only due to some software problem that will soon be resolved.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
  3. Don Miller's Avatar
    I give up! Algase has once again brought his razor-sharp and objective analytical laser to bear on these problems with a logic no one can refute. Why, after all, should anyone in this country bear any animosity, fear, or apprehension toward our "patriotic Muslim" brethren when, as Algase knows and we also should know, all the violence going on throughout the world over the past decade or so has been and is being actually committed by cleverly disguised Presbyterians who have learnt Arabic, Pushto, Dari, and whatever, grown beards and are being put up to it by the despicable Tea Party and the Koch brothers. Shame on us for allowing ourselves to be misled into believing that Muslims have had anything to do with this!
    And he is completely correct in excoriating those of us who prefer intelligent, educated, literate immigrants over uneducated, illiterate, swarms of incompetent dirt-farmers from failed societies. How narrow-minded of us! And so what if every other nation in the developed world does the same! It is obvious that, as Algase clearly feels, US immigration should be solely for the benefit of the immigrant whoever and whatever he might be, rather than for the benefit of the US and its current inhabitants. How narrow-minded I, we, have all been!

    As for Mexicans...I now see that it is stupid of me (and others) to resent the demographic and cultural takeover of several of our States and significant parts of others by the Mexican "volkswanderung". After all, they are only moving back into territory that once was theirs, like North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island. What's to object there? And by extention, as English is clearly the language of the colonialist oppressor and the plutocrats and the Tea Partiers and all the other "white" supremacists, I would forthwith do away with "press one for English" and just institute Spanish as the national language. Algase hasn't so stated, but it is a fact that Mexicans have always played a major role in the discovery, settlement, and defense of the United States. Most people are unaware that the National Anthem was actually written by a Mexican named Francisco Escot Llave and was originally in Spanish. Few, other than Algase, are aware that the rosters of our Revolutionary War Army are filled with Mexican names as are those of the Union Armies of the Civil War (no Mexicans fought for the hated Confederacy). The debt owed by the United States throughout its history to Mexicans is immense and once we all recognize this, the sooner all opposition to the Mexican invasion will cease. One hopes that over the coming months of this debate Mr. Algase will continue to delight and enlighten us with his revelations in this regard. He has certainly convinced me of my errors. Que Dios me perdone!
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