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Feb 10 - Leftists Demonize Immigrants

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February 10, 2011,0210.shtm


1. Comment: Leftists Demonize Immigrants - The traditional
argument against immigration has always had two prongs - the more
powerful one being the racist one, but with another,
supplementary one never far behind - the latter, of course, being
the fixed-pie view that immigrants and American labor are
antagonists. For most of American history the anti-immigration
movement in America was spearheaded by the Unions. From the
racist agitation which led to the Chinese Exclusion Act of the
1880s to the immigration moratorium which began with the National
Origin Quota Act of the 1920s and lasted till 1965, the movement
against immigration was championed by American labor unions.  It
is a phenomenon barely over a decade old to witness organized
labor as an ally for immigration benefits. However, old habits
die hard, and with Republicans back in power in the House,
leftist anti-immigrationists have come out of the woodwork to
attack legal immigration.

It is uncontested that the US immigration system is broken, and
that the most profoundly broken part is the low-skilled part -
where immigrants fill the bottom end of the labor market. While
America's demand for low-wage labor is in the hundreds of
thousands of immigrants per year, our immigration laws provide
for only 5,000 permanent annual visas (derisively labeled "other
workers") for this high-demand sector of our mis-functioning
immigration "system". For US employers desperate to follow the
rule of the law, Congress has provided a small drop in the bucket
for low-skilled labor in the form of the H2A (for agricultural
employers) and the H2B (for all other employers) programs, both
ridden with so much unrealistic bureaucratic regulation that most
employers don't even try to hire workers through these programs.
Some of these desperate employers, armed with their brave
counsel, try to navigate the immigration rapids from time to
time. Most employers, of course, prefer to hire immigrants "under
the table", with terrible consequences for working conditions and
wages for both immigrant workers and US workers, to say nothing
of the lost taxes to the US Treasury thereby. One might think
that friends of American labor would welcome the legal route, and
would support those employers and attorneys trying to use the H2B
program. Such a hope would be in vain. In a blistering article
"Immigration rule fight pits Chamber of Commerce against U.S.
a leftist think-tank which styles itself as "Economic Policy
Institute" spares no rhetoric to argue for even more H2B
regulations, no doubt to ensure that American employers have no
incentive to comply with the law, by making the law impossible to
comply with. Applying worn Marxist shibboleths, the article says
"the H-2B program [is] a cause of growing youth unemployment,
giving summer jobs that could be the gateway to employment for
young Americans to foreign workers from thousands of miles away."
If left-wing anti-immigration fanatics such as the author of the
article believe in any role for legal immigration for the US
labor market, we are yet to see it. Their view of immigration is
as welfare for refugees, and they strongly believe in over-
regulating any legal immigration route, especially if employers
are in any way involved. In their alternate universe, immigration
should happen without any benefit to US employers, they cannot
stomach the obvious fact that workers and employers are two sides
of the same coin, and that if one side benefits, the other will
too.  Naturally, these anti-free-market anti-immigrationists
loudly proclaim that they are pro-immigrant, all-the-while being
one of the chief causes of America's immigration crisis.

With such "friends", immigrants need no enemies.
2. Article: Latest Report On E-Verify: The Good, The Bad, And The
Unresolved  by Amy Peck,0210-peck.shtm

3. Article: Secrets Of The Business Of Law - Opening Your Own
Office: What Will It Cost? by Ed Poll,0210-poll.shtm

4. Bloggings: Ethiopian Asylum Seekers Die Along The Smuggling
Route by Jason Dzubow,0210-dzubow.shtm

5. News: DHS Announces Creation Of TWIC Annotated B-1 Visa For
Maritime Workers,0210-dhs.shtm

6. News: CRS Report On Immigration Policy On Expedited Removal Of

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Chapter Four:  Cancellation Of Removal For Non-LPRs
Chapter Five:  NACARA
Chapter Six:      Asylum and Withholding Of Removal
Chapter Seven:  Convention Against Torture
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8. Headline: Senator clarifies remarks about immigrant labor
9. Headline: SouthCarolina legislator ignites immigration debate
with comments
10. Headline: Chipotle Faces Immigration Dragnet, Class Action
11. Headline: 'Smuggle Truck': Bordering on bad taste
12. Headline: As lawmakers look at E-Verify, businesses fear
expansion of immigration program
13. Headline: Haslam plans broad-based immigration legislation
14. Headline: Senate panel passes bill to crack down on illegal
15. Headline: Florida Basketball Team Allowed to Compete in
Playoffs After Issue Over Star Player's Immigration Status
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17. Headline: Whole ACT-INA, 20/22/28 CFR and Citations: the most
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18. Headline: thank you @JohnQuinonesABC for staging how laws
like sb1070 affect immigrants

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