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Jan 14 - Letters This Week

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

January 14, 2011,0114.shtm


1. Comment: Letters This Week - This week we received letters

from Jerry, Lisa, and Roger Algase. You can read them and comment

on them here and here.

Alternatively you can email your letters to

2. Article: Top Five Marketing Tips for Legal Professionals by

Larry Bodine,0114-Bodine.shtm

3. Bloggings: Immigration Employment Compliance And The Health

Care Industry by Greg Siskind,0114-siskind.shtm

4. News: USCIS Issues Employment-based I-485 Inventory Pending At

Service Centers,0114-i485.pdf

5. News: DHS Issues Notice On Nationals Eligible For H-2A And

H-2B Nonimmigrant Worker Programs,0114-notice.pdf

6. Focus: The Physician Immigration Book

ILW.COM is pleased to announce The Physician Immigration Book

edited by Robert Aronson. Contributors are: Mary Amundson, Robert

Aronson, Lisa Atkins, Therese Bart, Janice Bianco, Ingrid Brey,

Brian Bruner, Elise Bruner, Jacqueline Bucar, Lisa Claypool,

Kristi Crawford, Karen Dean, Alex Dgebuadze, Robert Divine,

Goldie Domingue, Maria Fritzinger Elias, Eleanor Fitzpatrick,

Roberta Freedman, Kristen Harris, Wendy Hess, Dayna Kelly,

Khorzad Mehta, Jennifer Minear, Bruce Morrison, George Newman,

Elizabeth Neuwirth, Jennell Prentice, Karen Pollins, Michelle

Scimecca, Suzanne Seltzer, Carl Shusterman, Greg Siskind, Rita

Sostrin, Tim Skinner, Sarah Strensrud, Elizabeth Quinn, Hamel

Vyas, Tracy Wallowicz, David Ware, Nathan Waxman, Andrew Wizner

and Robert Whitehill

The book outline is as follows:


++Healthigration: Immigration Meets Healthcare Reform by Robert



++Physician Workforce Modeling: State of the Workforce by Kristen


++Immigration Attorneys & Physician Recruiters: The Essential

Connection by Tim Skinner & Jennell Prentice

++Rural Healthcare & Conrad Waivers by Mary Amundson & Therese



++Evolution of J-1 Exchange Visitor Program for Physicians by

Ingrid Brey

++ECFMG Role in Administering the J-1 Physician Program by

Eleanor Fitzpatrick & Tracy Wallowicz

++Legal Issues in Administering an Institution's J-1 Exchange

Visitor Program by Lisa Claypool

++The View from the Inside: institutional Considerations in the

J-1 Program by Janice Bianco


++Intake Analysis and Considerations for the IMG Client by Robert



++Overview of the Conrad J-1 waiver Program by Suzanne Seltzer

++System of Federal Designations of Medical Underservice by

Robert Aronson

++Other Federal IGA Waiver Programs by Goldie Domingue

++J-1 Waivers through the Department of Veterans Affairs by

Michelle Scimecca

++Waivers for Biomedical Researchers through the Department of

Health and Human Services by Elizabeth Quinn


++H-1B overview for International Physicians by George Newman

++H-1B Options for Medical Trainees by Rita Sostrin & Alex


++H-1B Fulfillment Obligations following INA 214(l) Waivers by

Khorzad Mehta

++Eligibility for H-1B Extensions beyond Six-Years by Robert


++Corporate Practice of Medicine and Who is the Employer by

Jacqueline Bucar & Elizabeth Neuwirth


++Alternative Nonimmigrant Visa Options for IMGs by Roberta

Freedman & Lisa Atkins

++Nonimmigrant Visa Options for Canadian Physicians by Carl



++Overview: Choosing the Right Option by Jennifer Minear

++Comparative Advantages: Labor Certification vs. National

Interest Waiver by Brian Bruner

++Labor Certification Theory and Practice for Physicians by Wendy

Hess, Karen M. Pollins and Maria P. Fritzinger Elias

++Business Necessity for International Physicians by Dayna Kelly

++Special Handling Practice and Strategy for Academic Physicians

by David Ware

++National Interest Waiver Overview for Physicians by Kristi


++NIW Attestation Letters from the State Departments of Health by

Elise Bruner

++NYSDOT Adjudications: Trends and Blips by Nathan Waxman & Karen



++The Legacy of Kutty: Compliance Issues for Employers by Sarah



++Legislative Initiatives Impacting Physician Immigration by Greg


++Immigration Architecture for the 21st Century by Bruce Morrison

For more info on The Physician Immigration Book and to order:


By Fax:

7. Headline: Republicans seek more Latino outreach

8. Headline: Chicago DREAMAct? RahmEmanuel Says He Would Pass

Local Version Of DREAM Act If Elected

9. Headline: Hispanics Blame Rahm For Illegal Immigrant Ban In


10. Headline: Immigration bill would cost state $40 million a


11. Headline: Report criticizes immigration enforcement

12. Headline: Chancellor links Tucson shootings to immigration

13. Headline: Boy, 9, has Disney World trip ruined after

USimmigration rules him a threat

14. Headline: California GOP's immigration problem

15. Headline: Sign up for ILW.COM Attorney Yellow Pages. Don't be

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16. Headline: Employer's Immigration Compliance Desk Reference

book will guide employers through the immigration waters get ur

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17. Headline: @ilwcom offers every 100th new follower a FREE book

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18. Headline: House may kill Arizona-style immigration bill, Rep.

Rick Rand says

19. Headline: RT @rkwences : "My name is Reyna, major is Gender +

Women Stds. Something you should know about me? I'm

undocumented." dreamer

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all of those cases, but for the expert witness testimony, I doubt

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He can also recomend country experts outside his specialty.

Professor Shaul M. Gabbay, Phd, Korbel School of International

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  1. Roger Algase's Avatar
    With regard to a news report that the chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley is blaming Arizona's anti-immigrant law for the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, I agree that many of us who support immigration would like to blame this law for everything from the Tucson shooting to earthquakes in Indonesia and floods in Australia.

    It is also true that when poisonous hatred of any type is in the air, there is always a chance that it may give someone the idea to commit violence against someone else, for whatever reason, particularly if the perpetrator is mentally disturbed.

    But, obnoxious as the Arizona immigration law is, there is simply no evidence for assuming that it was a proximate cause of the shootings. No one has the faintest idea whether Jared Lee Loughner had any interest in the Arizona law at all, or, if so, whether he was for it or against it. No one knows whether he had any feelings about Mexicans or other minorities, one way or the other. We have to be careful to stick to the facts.

    To give another example, even though I happen to be a former resident of Tucson myself, having lived there briefly as a very young child almost seven decades ago, I would never presume to jump to any conclusions about what the people there think now.

    The danger about drawing wider conclusions from the shooting is obvious. Doing so is a double edged sword. Suppose the shooter's name had been, not Loughner, but Lopez. Suppose further that he had been born, not in Tucson (where I am assuming he was in fact born), but a few miles further south, and had entered the US without legal permission. It is not difficult to imagine what the reaction would be on the right.

    Probably every state in the Union would now be debating laws far worse than Arizona's immigration law, with titles like "Gabrielle Giffords Anchor Babies Expulsion Act", or with provisions making it a felony to speak Spanish in public. We have to be wary about jumping to unwarranted conclusions. Doing so would merely be inviting our adversaries to do the same.

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