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Jan 7 - The ACWIA Man Returns

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January 7, 2011,0107.shtm


1. Comment: The ACWIA Man Returns - The man who negotiated ACWIA

with then Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-MI) who was then the Chair of

the Immigration Subcommittee in the Senate is back. Meet Gene

Sperling, appointed today by President Obama as Chairman of the

National Economic Council. In exactly the same position, Mr.

Sperling had served as the Clinton Administration's point man in

discussions with the Republican party on immigration. Much of

today's INA section 212(n) is Mr. Sperling's pound of flesh

exchanged for increased H1B numbers that were the heart of ACWIA.

Those increased numbers are long gone, but the myriad

restrictions on H1Bs originated by Mr. Sperling remain. It is to

Mr. Sperling that we owe the idea of using H1B fees as a milch

cow for purposes completely divorced from H1Bs. We suspect that

sometime during the 112th Congress, the GOP will float a bill to

couple mandatory E-Verify to token business immigration benefits.

In that event, it is entirely likely that the Obama

administration will nominate Mr. Sperling to negotiate directly

with the Republicans (bypassing all the Democratic legislators)

for DREAM or other riders on such a bill. Of course, the Obama

administration may well use another channel to negotiate on

immigration legislation, or it could simply choose the path of

confrontation with the GOP on this issue, and take its case to

the people in 2012. However, it is undeniable that a seasoned

negotiator, a veteran of immigration discussions, is back in the

top executive branch ranks. Let us see what Mr. Sperling does on

the immigration front in his second round in the job. Stay tuned!

2. Article: Horrendous Murder Of Ecuadorian Man On Long Island

Reminds Why We Say No To Immigrant-Bashing Language by Roy Beck,0107-beck.shtm

3. Article: 85% Of Firms Offer Business Development Training To

Lawyers by Larry Bodine,0107-bodine.shtm

4. Bloggings: Man the Deportations: Full Speed Ahead! by Matthew


5. Bloggings: Mental Health for Refugees and Asylum Seekers by

Jason Dzubow,0107-dzubow.shtm

6. News: USCIS Publishes Important Information For New Citizens,0107-m767.pdf

7. News: USCIS Policy Memo On Ruiz-Diaz v. US With Revisions To


8. News: USCIS Issues Presentation On EB-5 Immigrant Investor

Program Stakeholder Meeting December 16, 2010,0107-uscis.pdf

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10. Headline: The Next Immigration Battle: Birthright Citizenship

11. Headline: To House GOP, illegal immigration is a jobs issue

12. Headline: Critics blast S.C. immigration bill as violation of

civil rights

13. Headline: Allan Wernick shows what Obama cud do 2help

immigrants Obama is pro-enforcement NOT pro-

immigrant! Bye bye Obama 2012!

14. Headline: Anti-immigrationists on their amicus b4 Supremes on

AZ Everify case

15. Headline: Racist thug is Congressman

16. Headline: Removal Book: Learn abt removal proceedings, relief

from removal, appeals & much more. For table of contents & get


17. Headline: Hispanic Republicans decry GOP thugs

18. Headline: McCain agrees with Obama on enforcement first Nobama just says NO to immigrants!

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20. Headline: Republican crazies against the constitution King has no clue about founding fathers:


21. Headline: Exhausted Texas Sheriffs Say No to Arizona-Style

Immigration Law

22. Headline: Hostile State Battles Now Define Immigration Debate

23. Headline: HT @ImmProf The "Effectiveness" of a Border Fence

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  1. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Matthew Kolkien's article is shocking. The immigrant communities in this country cannot let this administration get away any longer with this betrayal of basic due process and human rights. Could the Republicans be any worse?

    The only way that Latinos and other minorities, as well as all Americans of good will, can put a stop this politically motivated deportation outrage is by forming a third party and/or presenting a primary challenge to Obama in 2012. If this means electing President Palin in 2012, so be it. Could she deport more people than Obama? No one could.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    After the horrendous shootings in Tucson Arizona, I have to retract any and all statements that might be construed as indicating support for Sarah Palin in any circumstances. I am not suggesting that she was directly responsible. But she, Sharron Angle, the Arizona legislature together with Governor Jan Brewer, and many other right wing extremists who are fomenting hatred against immigrants, Muslims and other minorities certainly created an atmosphere of tolerance for prejudice and violence that made this kind of incident more likely.

    America is paying a big price for prejudice.
  3. Lisa's Avatar
    Dear Editor, this immigration system is very double standard, on one hand they applying the law, but on the other hand they are taking out part and using the other part to their advantage. An example of this is the child status protection act that was sign into law back in 2002 by President Bush. Pub.L. 107-208, 116. This law was pass by congress to protect children from aging out, after waiting in line for a visa number for many years and turn 21 whilst doing so. However immigration is only applying part of the law, and that part is to tell your child that they age out, and after calculating their age under the CSPA, they are still over 21 and cannot adjust their status. The law states that after calculating the child age and it still said to be over 21, the child will be converted to the appropriate category and retain their priority date upon receipt in all family and employment base category including derivative beneficiary. Immigration is yet to follow this part of the law, instead they are denying children their chance of getting their green cards by telling them that they age out, and have to submit a new application putting them back to the end of the line for another 10 years. They not allowing them to retain their priority date. This is unfair, unjust and inhumane. They talking about applying the law , but who is overseeing this law. Family are being separated, children future are being put on hold! Who is over seeing this . Who!
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