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Dec 13 - Make Sure You Get It

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

December 13, 2010,1213.shtm


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2. Article: PERM: Employee Referral Program by Joel Stewart,1213-stewart.shtm

3. Article: DOL's Immigration Dereliction - The Continuing Perils

of Hilda and Her PERM by Angelo Paparelli,1213-paparelli.shtm

4. News: USCIS Seeks Input On Current Policy Memoranda About EB5,1213-uscis.shtm

5. News: Transcript Of Chamber Of Commerce V. Whiting Oral

Argument At Supreme Court,1213-chamberofcommerce.pdf

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7. Headline: Hispanic GOP group decries Senator @kaybaileyhutch

for opposing DREAM Act

8. Headline: Kentucky Republicans want Arizona-style immigration


9. Headline: College student's hopes ride on DREAM Act: He's

facing deportation as an undocumented immigrant

10. Headline: Top 10 Reasons Why George LeMieux Should Support

the Dream Act

11. Headline: To get DREAM Act over its first hurdle, timing was


12. Headline: PERM Book 2d. Ed: Your Book for PERM Rule, Analysis

and Comments, ETA forms, Memos, Roadmaps & Checklists. Get your


13. Headline: RT @Song1964 Please review this poll and vote pro

or con the Uniting American Families Act

14. Headline: Unusual methods helped ICE break deportation

record, e-mails and interviews show

15. Headline: 50-Year Permanent Resident Faces Deportation Over a

Stolen Tape Deck 30 Years Ago

16. Headline: The Best Reason to Pass the Dream Act: the dream-


17. Headline: Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help

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18. Headline: Why the DREAM Act matters? (video)

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  1. II's Avatar
    I appreciate your attention e useful information! Greeting seasons!
  2. Joshua Spivak's Avatar
    An important Seventh Circuit immigration ruling found that a 15-year U.S. resident was wrongly barred from returning to the country to pursue his application for a Green Card.

    Dr. Sabri Samirah, a political science professor and founder of the United Muslim Americans Association, had applied for permanent residence in the United States when he sought permission from the federal government in 2002 to travel to his native Jordan to visit his sick mother. Dr. Samirah was granted "advance parole" to travel, but the Department of Justice revoked that privilege when he attempted to return the following year, claiming, without explanation, that he was a "security risk." Dr. Samirah was left high and dry: because he had not re-entered the U.S. at the time of the government's decision, he had no opportunity to appeal to an immigration judge.

    Attorneys for SNR Denton and the Heartland Alliance's National Immigrant Justice Center have represented Dr. Samirah pro bono since 2003.

    In an opinion written by Judge Richard Posner, the appellate court in Chicago ruled that when the government rescinds an advance parole, it is obliged to reassign that individual to the same status he/she occupied before receiving advance parole. The court held that Dr. Samirah must be permitted to pursue his Green Card application in the U.S., and criticized the U.S. Attorney General's office for violating its own rules.

    Judge Posner wrote, "The Attorney General can grant advance parole or deny it, as he wishes. He can revoke it at will; he can eliminate advance parole altogether, or change the rules governing it. But having made the rules, whatever they are, he must, until he changes them, play by them."

    SNR Denton attorney Mark Flessner represented Dr. Samirah.

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