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Nov 30 - American DREAMs

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------
November 30, 2010,1130.shtm
1. Comment: American DREAMs - A New York Times editorial "If the Dream Act passes, credit must go to those whohave fought for it most strenuously, at greater personal risk andinconvenience than anyone else: the young people whose futures itwill decide." The battle for the DREAM Act has featuredundocumented immigrants stepping out of the shadows to declarethemselves "undocumented and unafraid." Given the impasse overimmigration law since 9/11, our country has witnessed an unusualphenomenon: a large number of long-time undocumented aliens. Thisgroup has cowered in the shadows, afraid of drawing notice tothemselves. In contrast, the young Americans who would benefit byDREAM have stepped bravely into the light. Without any connectionto the power brokers on the Hill "the DREAMers" have proven thatthey can get their pet bill on the radar of the professionals,and on the Congressional agenda. These youth are Americans,except on paper. They are ready to join our armed forces andprotect our country are ready to put their college education to work in oureconomy.We welcome the signs by Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosithat they will bring DREAM for a vote in the respective chambers.However, to enact DREAM, all stakeholders need to chip in.Democrats need to reach across the aisle; Republicans need toremember the values that motivated them to co-sponsor the DREAMAct back in 2003; pro-immigrant organizations need to mobilizetheir bases and spend their funding and resources in ways thatcan make a difference in this battle; and finally, Congressionalleaders and President Obama need to fulfill their promises andmake the American dreams of our undocumented youth happen. Toexpress support for DREAM to Congress, call: 866-587-3023.
2. Article: BIA Decision: It Is Improper To Terminate RemovalProceedings For Individuals That Have Been Granted TemporaryProtected Status by Matthew Kolken,1130-kolken.shtm
3. Article: Warning To Dems: Latinos Could Form New PoliticalParty by Greg Siskind,1130-siskind.shtm
4. News: ICE Issues Policy Guidance For SEVP-Certified Schools,1130-sevp.pdf
5. News: EOIR Announces Latest Disciplinary Actions Under RulesOf Professional Conduct,1130-eoir.shtm
6. Focus: Immigrant Options Specifically for PhysiciansWednesday, December 1 is the deadline to sign up for theThursday, December 2 phone session of "Physicians For Experts"with Barry Walker, Kathleen Angustia, Chris Brelje, Ingrid Brey,Ellie Najfabadi, Karen Pollins and Charles Wintersteen. Thecurriculum is as follows:++PERM++Strategies for drafting the ETA-9089++Advertising requirements++PERM for medical residents and fellows++Timing considerations for H-1B residents and fellows++Physician National Interest Waivers++Requirements++Specialists++What time counts toward the five year commitment?++When the NIW physician moves or changes jobsWednesday, December 1 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registrationinformation, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up today.
7. Headline: 15 charged over immigration protest in San Antonioin an effort to urge @kaybaileyhutch to support the dream act Headline: Jeb Bush: Dems play politics with immigration Headline: CLE Seminar: Physicians for Experts: ImmigrantOptions Specifically for Physicians Headline: Homeland Security's Domain Name Seizure May StretchThe Law Past The Breaking Point Headline: Dreaming of Reform: If the Dream Act passes, creditmust go to those who have fought for it most strenuously:DREAMERS! Headline: U.K. Law Firms Face New Immigration Cap Headline: PERM Book 2d. Ed: Your Book for PERM Rule, Analysisand Comments, ETA forms, Memos, Roadmaps & Checklists. Get yourcopy Headline: Utah Compact won't solve our immigration problems Headline: Nevada Legislature: At least two Republicans seekto introduce legislation targeting illegal immigration Headline: Colorado Immigration Issues Take Center Stage ThisWeek Headline: Population, Immigration, and the Drying of theAmerican Southwest Headline: RT @kieraevebutler Meet the overworked immigrationjudges, minutes to decide whether or not you will be deported.
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