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Oct 15 - Immigrants, Latinos, Democrats

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

October 15, 2010,1015.shtm


1. Comment: Immigrants, Latinos, Democrats - The concentration of
New Americans varies geographically. California, Florida, Nevada,
New Jersey and New York are states with the highest concentration
of immigrant registered voters (15%+ of registered voters in
these states are New Americans). The list of states with a high
concentration of Latino voters is quite different from the one
above: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, and
Florida (10%+ of registered voters of these states are Latino) -
only California and Nevada make both lists. Arizona, Texas, New
Mexico and Florida are states with relatively small New American
registered voters, but relatively large Latino populations.
Arizona, Texas and New Mexico are states where it was not people
who crossed borders, but rather states where borders crossed
people - the reason that the Latino vote in those states is
relatively high is because of the various wars/purchases and
other border adjustments that the US and Mexico underwent during
the 19th century. Some of the Latinos of those states trace their
land grants to the Spanish King - so, even though they are
Latino, they are unlikely to have immigration as an important
matter in their lives. Florida is a bit of an exception, since a
significant portion of its Latinos are folks who were driven to
the US because of the Cuban revolution. Confusing Latinos for
immigrants is a common fallacy (among other things, it ignores
the large number of Asian immigrants, about a third of the Latino
population). Further, different immigrant groups have different
voting patterns. For example, at the turn of the 20th century,
Irish immigrants - largely concentrated in urban areas - voted as
a solid block for the Democratic Party, whereas Italian
immigrants were widely dispersed and their vote was split between
the Republican and Democratic Parties. The most commonly
encountered current voting disparity is that of Cuban emigres,
who tend to vote Republican, whereas Latinos in California tend
Democratic. Immigrants from the giant continent of Asia are
hardly monolithic in their voting patterns, either.
A common assumption many people have today is that Immigrant =
Latino = Democrat, this is not borne out by the evidence. The
facts lay the foundation for BOTH political parties to make a
pitch for the fast-increasing, and sometimes even pivotal,
immigrant vote. The election coming up in a few weeks is notable
for an important immigration development - a small but vocal
minority within the Republican Party that is virulently racist is
likely to get more than a few seats in both Chambers of Congress.
There is every reason to believe that in the 112th Congress, this
small Republican faction will drive the immigrant vote into the
Democratic Party's lap, jeopardizing Republican chances in key
battleground states like Florida in election cycles to come. That
is why the 112th Congress is important, and why we believe that
the immigrant vote is not a construct of the future, but it is
already here.

2. Article: Open Letter To Mayorkas With Petitioner's Brief And
Appendicies Attached by Barbara J. Brandes,1015-brandes.shtm

3. Article: Wonderful State Department Publication on Refugees by
Jason Dzubow,1015-dzubow.shtm

4. Article: Weekends Count by Christopher T. Musillo,1015-musillo.shtm

5. Article: USCIS Examiners Snooping On Facebook Accounts by Greg

6. News: USCIS Issues Memo On Social Networking Sites And Their
Importance To FDNS,1015-social.pdf

7. News: USCIS Updates H-2B Cap Count,1015-h2bcap.shtm

8. News: CRS Report On Immigration-Related Worksite Enforcement:
Performance Measures,1015-crs.pdf

9. News: USCIS Releases October EB-5 Stakeholder Meeting

10. Focus: Physicians For Experts
ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new 3-part telephone seminar
series "Physicians
For Experts" with Barry Walker, Ellie Najfabadi, Charles
Wintersteen and others. The curriculum is as follows:
FIRST Phone Session on October 21: Non-Immigrant Options for
++H-1B vs. J-1 for Graduate Medical Training: Weighing the Pros
and Cons
++H-1B Clinicians and Academicians
++Qualifying for cap exemptions
++Dual appointments in academic medical centers
++Credentialing and licensing concerns
++Neufeld memo: impact and possible solutions
++Prevailing wage issues for H-1B physicians
++J-1 Residents and Fellows
++Moonlighting during residency/fellowship
++Credentialing and licensing concerns
++O-1: When Is It a Good Idea and Which Phyicians Make the Grade
++TN Status and Its Limitations
SECOND Phone Session on November 11: J-1 Clinical Waivers for
++ Interested Government Agencies
++Conrad State 30
++Delta Regional Authority
++Appalachian Regional Commission
++Department of Health and Human Services (Clinical and Research)
++Veteran's Administration
++Timing Issues: When to File I-129H: With or Without Medical
License; With or Without I-612
++Saying "Bye-Bye" Before the Waiver: Travel While the Waiver is
++Saying "Bye-Bye" After the Waiver: the "Extenuating
Circumstances" Test
THIRD Phone Session on December 2: Immigrant Options Specifically
for Physicians
++Strategies for drafting the ETA-9089
++Advertising requirements
++PERM for medical residents and fellows
++Timing considerations for H-1B residents and fellows
++Physician National Interest Waivers
++What time counts toward the five year commitment?
++When the NIW physician moves or changes jobs
Tuesday, October 19 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,
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11. Headline: Bakery Raided in Immigration Sting: Among the
company's clients: schools and the military
12. Headline: Focused on immigration reform, Gutierrez not
running for mayor: his mission must be passing CIR
13. Headline: Immigrants Sue Over Local Immigration Enforcement
14. Headline: I-140 Book: An attorney's guide on I-140 EBIV
Process. For the complete table of contents and to order see
15. Headline: "Obama...anticipates putting immigration reform ...
back on the table, see NYTimes Magazine:
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17. Headline: Utah Lawmakers Question How Immigration Bill Would
Fit Into Existing Law

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  1. Resa's Avatar
    Can you please tell me who is calling a small group of Republicans "racist" in the Comment below? I do not believe this is a fair comment just because they are not in favor
    of handing over a green card to people who did not earn it fairly. My husband is Mexican and we have experienced true racial reactions.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    With regard to Resa's comment, a lot of people like to talk about "giving away" or "handing over" green cards, in contrast to people who earned their green cards "fairly". It is curious that very few people define what they mean by this difference.

    I would suggest that most people who say that someone got a green card "fairly" are referring to someone in their own family, or at least their own ethnic group, regardless of how the green card was actually obtained. On the other hand, when we hear someone complaining about a "green card giveaway" we can usually suspect that the beneficiary of the "giveaway" or "unfairly received" green card had a different skin color or belonged to a different language group from the person condemning the manner in which the green card was obtained.

    Our immigration system does not distinguish between "fairly" and "unfairly" received green cards. It only distinguishes between people who receive green cards according to law and those who do not.

    Someone who who may have entered the US illegally or overstayed a visa, but who is granted temporary or permanent legal status, either through "amnesty" enacted by Congress, or by TPS or some other form of administrative discretion, is just as "legal" as is a person who has never been out of status in the US.

    Too many people use the word "illegal" to describe anyone who they think is an undesirable immigrant, for racial or other reasons, instead of limiting that term to describe someone who is ineligible to obtain legal status under the law.

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