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Oct 8 - Pro Democrat Or Pro Immigrant

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October 8, 2010,1008.shtm

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1. Comment: Pro Democrat Or Pro Immigrant - Most pundits and
knowledgeable political observers appear convinced that the
Republican Party is on the cusp of a major election victory in a
few weeks. Even should these well-regarded and independent
professionals turn out to be wrong, and so even should the
Republican Party fail by a few seats to have an out-right
majority, nonetheless it is manifest that the GOP's new-found
numerical strength in the 112th Congress will be more than enough
to make it impossible for any liberal agenda to have any hope
whatsoever. Much more likely appears to be the scenario where the
GOP captures the House by a handsome 50+ seats, and either barely
captures or comes just close to capturing the Senate.

Those who advocate for immigration causes in DC would be well-
advised to be pro-active about such changes to come. It would be
prudent to prepare to deal with Chairmen Lamar Smith and Steve
King in the House and Chairmen Sessions and Cornyn in the Senate.
A version of the Shuler bill, i.e. all the enforcement mechanisms
of CIR without any of CIR's benefits, is likely to pass a
Republican House - it would be prudent to begin contemplating
what benefits could be attached to such a bill in the Senate.
With President Obama's record being what it is, it would be
unwise to bet on the veto pen, and advocates should be ready for
the possibility that draconian enforcement plus DREAM may be the
realistic output of the 112th Congress.

Unfortunately, some "pro-immigrant" advocates are in reality pro-
Democrat full-time, and pro-immigrant only when it suits them. We
understand that perhaps a million or more valuable dollars are
being spent by them in a futile quest to save a few Democratic
seats against an expected Republican tsunami. Those dollars would
be much better spent buying access to the incoming Republican
majority. Immigrants are slowly getting wise to this two-faced
approach by DC insiders. Predictably, those immigrants who are
"getting it" are those who are American in all but paperwork,
those who were educated and raised here, i.e. "the Dreamers", as
they call themselves. The failed DREAM effort in the Senate of a
few weeks back is testament to the growing political savvy of
American immigrants today. What they have in abundance is energy,
numbers, and ideas. What is lacking so far is funding and
institutions, these will not be long coming. So-called "pro-
immigrant" advocates face a clear choice - abandon partisanship
and stand up for immigrants' true interests, or remain pro-
Democrat and face being left behind as America's immigrants rise
over the coming years.

2. Article: The Fight Back Book: Table of Contents by Rami

3. Article: Report: Lou Dobbs Employed Illegal Immigrants by Greg

4. Article: Cuban Exiles in Spain Coming to the U.S. by Jason

5. Article: Obama Administration Deports more Immigrants in year
two than in year one by Matthew Kolken,1008-kolken.shtm

6. News: Chaparro Memo Clarifies Detention Of Refugees Admitted
Under INA 207 Who Failed To Adjust Status,1008-chaparro.pdf

7. News: USCIS Issues Notice To TPS Re-registrants From El
Salvador, Honduras And Nicaragua,1008-tps.shtm

8. News: CRS Report On Protecting The US Perimeter: Border
Searches Under The Fourth Amendment,1008-crs.pdf

9. Focus: PERM For Experts - Issues with Notice, Recruitment and
Tuesday, Oct 12 is the deadline for the Thursday, Oct 14 phone
session of "PERM For Experts" with Joel Stewart (co-discussion
leader), Robert Banta (co-discussion leader), Michael Piston,
Edwin Rubin, Lawrence Rudnick, Rohit Turkhud, and Nathan Waxman.
The curriculum is as follows:
++ Content of Ads : Too much or too little?
++Professional Recruitment : Recent Trends
++Problems in Documenting Recruitment
1. Timetable and Documentary Requirements
2. Contacting US Workers : Do's and Don'ts
3. Recruitment Report : A Detailed Analysis
Tuesday, October 12 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,
including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration
information, please see: Online:
Fax form:
Don't delay, sign up today.

10. Headline: Lowcountry Holds Immigration Reform Hearing: SC
lawmakers are considering reforming the State's immigration laws.
11. Headline: Meg Whitman exemplifies immigration hypocrisy
12. Headline: Immigration Reform: Are Troops At Border Like The
Bush '06 Deployment
13. Headline: Arlington Makes Official Inquiry on Opting Out of
'Secure Communities'
14. Headline: "American Hypocrite": The Nation Exposes Lou
Dobbs's Reliance on Undocumented Labor
15. Headline: Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite
16. Headline: Enforcement vs. Immigration Reform
17. Headline: Iowa poll finds state divided on immigration
18. Headline: RT @Sdave75 Brewer Tries to Keep Foreign
Governments Out of Immigration Lawsuit: Arizona has support from
11 states

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event  New York, NY, October 25 - The
New York Immigration Coalition is proud to present a special
screening of abUSed: The Postville Raid, a full-length
documentary by director Luis Argueta. The screening will be
followed by a panel discussion moderated by Julia Preston,
national correspondent covering immigration for The New York
Times. Speakers include M. Patricia Smith, David Leopold, Erik
Camayd-Freixas,  Luis Argueta and Chung-Wha Hong. For more
information, see

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  1. Roger Algase's Avatar
    In today's comment, ID seems to be suggesting that pro- immigrant advocates should forget about supporting the Democrats, who have at least shown a little lukewarm support for immigration, and get ready to deal with the presumably about to be victorious Republicans, whose electoral successes have often been built on a foundation of bigotry, and who are trying to outdo each other in passing laws that would make life unbearable or impossible for immigrants and other minorities.

    Is this kind of thinking, epitomized by ID's ludicrous prediction (if I have read the comment correctly) that the Republicans might include the DREAM act, which is clearly anathema to their base, as part of a draconian enforcement bill, deliberate blindness to reality, delusional wishful thinking, or merely an attempt at humor? If we are to have an intelligent discussion concerning immigration, at least we need to agree about which planet we are living on.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Further to my previous comment, how much dialogue with immigration advocates did Republican committee chairman James Sensenbrenner permit before ramming through his notorious bill, H.R. 4437, in 2005? As I suggested in a detailed previous comment of mine which appeared recently as an ID letter, H.R. 4437 would have turned the entire immigration system into a branch of federal criminal law. This would have made the 2010 Arizona immigration law read like a manifesto of immigrant rights by comparison.

    What kind of a deal do immigrant rights advocates expect to be able to make with a party whose very existence depends in large part on anti-immigrant bigotry? The cowardly, inconsistent, unreliable and hypocritical Democrats are without question the lesser of two evils. What choice is there for pro-immigration advocates except to support them? There is no other way to keep the Republican anti-immigrant flood in check and slow down the rush toward an immigration moratorium, which would be the inevitable next step in the Republican strategy of appealing to nativist and white supremacist voters.
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