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Oct 7 - Texas Swing State

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

October 7, 2010,1007.shtm

3 Articles
2 News Items
9 Headlines
Classifieds: Translation Services, Website Services

1. Comment: Texas Swing State -
An early read of the Census numbers
shows Texas, already the second-largest electoral prize after
California, gaining four more House seats. Texas has been a solid
"Red" state and the cornerstone of all Republican victories after
Reagan. The math for the Electoral College dictates that a
Republican can only win the White House by winning Texas, since
California and New York are solid "Blue" states, and beyond the
reach of even a strong Republican candidate. Hispanics now
account for around 37% of the population of Texas, and more than
half the babies born in Texas are Hispanic. It is foolish for
some in the Republican Party to ignore this crucial demographic
trend. This is because alienating Hispanic voters would make
Texas a "Purple" swing state, and thereby risk making Republican
aspirations to the Whitehouse to be put on hold for the
foreseeable future. Those in the Republican Party who want their
party to succeed to the Presidency in the 2010s should pursue a
pro-immigration agenda, and ensure that the Hispanic vote is
split between the Parties.

2. Article: Record Number of Immigrants Die Crossing Arizona
Border by Matthew Kolken,1007-kolken.shtm

3. Article: Latinos Must Show Their Muscle in November by Carl

4. Article: Republican Prayer For Low Latino Turnout May Be
Answered by Greg Siskind,1007-siskind.shtm

5. News: USCIS Announces Implementation of H-1B and L-1 Fee
Increase According To P.L. 111-230,1007-uscis.shtm

6. News: DHS Announces Record-breaking Immigration Enforcement
Statistics Achieved under the Obama Administration,1007-dhs.shtm

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8. Headline: Latino Group Slams Emanuel on Immigration: bad
record as congressman & chief of staff will cost him in mayoral
9. Headline: Michigan dairy farm indicted in immigration probe
10. Headline: Will Arizona's immigration law motivate Latino
voters? Are they mad enough?
11. Headline: Sharron Angle Adds Insult To Injury With New
Racially-Tinged Immigration Ad
12. Headline: USCIS opens its doors! Mock naturalization
interviews, greet-n-meet and office tours. Find one near you
13. Headline: Undocumented Immigration: Deporting Could Cost Too
Much: expensive "records"!
14. Headline: Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help
wanted ad on Immigration Daily. Find out more details at
15. Headline: RT@latinoeducation Lawmaker wants proof of
citizenship for state benefits,...
16. Headline: Removal Book: Learn abt removal proceedings, relief
from removal, appeals & much more. For table of contents & get

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  1. Brandon Meyer, Esq.'s Avatar
    Today's articles by Carl Shusterman and Greg Siskind demonstrate a dangerous and demeaning infantilizing of Hispanic voters. Their logic seems to proceed in this way: 1) Hispanics are a monolithic group that must or should have the same opinion on the issues; 2) Hispanics are or once were all immigrants; 3) People with present or recent experience with immigration must all be pro-immigrant; 4) Therefore, because Hispanics must or should all think alike and are present or recent immigrants, they must all share pro-immigrant sentiments 5) As a result, all Hispanics must or should vote in a way determined to be pro-immigrant.

    By extension, does this mean that since: 1) African-Americans are a monolithic group that must or should have the same opinion on the issues: 2) African-Americans were largely involuntary immigrants to the United States; 3) And since all African-Americans are low wage workers that face competition from immigrants for jobs; 4) Therefore, because African-Americans must or should all think alike, and are a established community facing competition from immigrants; 5) All African-Americans must or should vote in a way determined to be anti-immigrant? Surely, the authors are not advancing this theory by extension?

    Has our society really advanced that little? And why are such prominent AILA attorneys advancing this type of ethnically-based voting block theories in 2010? What happened to the common destiny shared by all Americans?

    I interpret these articles as two examples where well-meaning advocacy of a position blinded the authors to good sense. This serves as a lesson to all of us on the pro-immigrant side of the ledger.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    In answer to Brandon Meyer's comment, there is something about being the object of persecution that tends to bring diverse members of a particular ethnic group together. China, for example has been a country of great diversity in language, culture, education and economic status throughout most of its history. Does that mean that there were any Chinese who supported the Chinese exclusion laws 100 years ago? How many diverse Japanese Americans supported internment in 1942?

    To take another example, American Jews have always been a very diverse community. But that didn't seem to matter very much when Jewish immigration to the US from was almost cut off after the Nazi takeover in Germany, making it difficult or impossible for many refugees from Hitler to enter the US. Somehow, anti-Semites such as Father Charles Coughlin, Henry Ford and Gerald L. K. Smith, whose vies were so popular at the time, were not able to catch on to this great, and very real, diversity.

    Mr. Meyer refers to involuntary immigrants from Africa, one of the most varied and diverse continents on the planet (for everybody this side of Sarah Palin, that is). But slavery and segregation had a way of putting all African-Americans in the same position. How many African-Americans supported lynching and the Jim Crow laws?

    This is why it might be just a little hard to find much Latino support for Joe Arpaio's concentration camp - like jails, Jan Brewer's racial profiling law, or Barack Obama's deportations. Nor, I suspect, will there be very much support in South Asian communities, also among America's most diverse, for further raising the H-1B filing fees.
  3. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I apologize for my typo in the previous comment. I meant "views", not "vies".
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