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Sep 16 - A Charade

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

September 16, 2010,0916.shtm



2 Articles

3 News Items


15 Headlines

Classifieds: Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal, Help Wanted:

Immigration Paralegal, Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney, Help

Wanted: Immigration Paralegal, Translation Services, Case

Management Technology, Immigrant Tax Services





1. Comment: A Charade - In a charade designed to pull the wool

over the eyes of those who care about immigrants, the current

Democratic leadership has called many meetings in Washington DC

this week and next. The cynical architects of this strategy

measure their success in TV airtime and the ballot box in

November, not in votes cast by members of Congress when in

legislative session. From President Obama, Speaker Pelosi,

Majority Leader Reid and onwards down the ranks of the Democratic

leadership, the message is that they will push for enacting DREAM

and will introduce a CIR bill. We would call the introduction of

a CIR bill in the Senate on the last day of the 111th Congress a

sick joke on immigrants, were it not so sad for the millions

suffering in silence. The Democratic leadership intends to fool

the folks watching on Univision into seeing some light at the end

of the tunnel. The Democratic leadership is joined in this coldly

calculated vote-catching ploy by a host of supposedly pro-

immigrant advocates, in DC and across the country.

President Obama intends to blame the Republicans for the

inevitable legislative failure of all these much-ballyhooed

initiatives, he said as much in a recent report in The Hill: "

Without the kind of bipartisan effort we had just a few short

years ago, we can't get these reforms across the finish line. But

their leadership has made reaching 60 votes the norm for nearly

everything the Senate has to do... And the American people's

business is on hold because, simply put, the other party's

platform has been 'no.'" Let us take Mr. Obama at his word. Let

us hold him responsible for not a single Republican vote, but

only for all Democratic "No" votes on DREAM. We invite the

President to persuade the following Democratic Senators to vote

YES on DREAM: Pryor, Landrieu, McCaskill, Baucus, Tester, Hagan,

Conrad, Johnson, Warner, Goodwin, Nelson of Nebraska, Begich,

Dorgan and Lincoln. The number of Democratic NOs on DREAM (in

addition to those who weasel out by voting "present" or remaining

absent for the vote) is the acid test of whether the Democratic

leadership is in earnest or is simply pretending to do something

to lock in the immigrant vote to stymie the inevitable losses

less than 7 weeks away. While TV continues to be important in

influencing votes, the internet has made it harder for the old

political games of fooling the electorate to be played quite as

blithely as before. The votes, or lack thereof, on the Senate

floor will tell the real score soon enough. Immigration Daily

will keep you on top of the (in)action.

2. Article: Gutierrez: Support For Rahm's Mayoral Run Tied To

DREAM Act by Greg Siskind,0916-siskind.shtm

3. Article: Study: Limited Access to Legal Counsel in Immigration

Detention Facilities Jeopardizes a Fair Day in Court by Matthew


4. News: EOIR Releases Memo On Operating Policies And Procedures

Memorandum 10-01: Procedures for Handling Requests for a

Stipulated Removal Order,0916-eoir.pdf

5. News: DOL Publishes FAQ For H2A Temporary Agricultural Foreign

Labor Certification Program 2010 Final Rule, Round 2,0916-perm.pdf

6. News: CRS Report On The Department of Homeland Security

Intelligence Enterprise: Operational Overview And Oversight

Challenges for Congress,0916-crs.pdf


THE REMOVAL BOOK, edited by Scott Bratton is currently in

preparation, the Table of Contents is as follows:



Chapter One: Removal Proceedings

Chapter Two: Grounds of Inadmissibility

Chapter Three: Grounds Of Removal

Chapter Four: Contesting Removability


Chapter One: Adjustment Of Status

Chapter Two: Waivers in Removal Proceedings

Chapter Three: Cancellation Of Removal For LPRs and INA § 212(c)


Chapter Four: Cancellation Of Removal For Non-LPRs

Chapter Five: NACARA

Chapter Six: Asylum and Withholding Of Removal

Chapter Seven: Convention Against Torture

Chapter Eight: Voluntary Departure

Chapter Nine: Naturalization As A Defense To Removal

Chapter Ten: Other Relief


Chapter One: Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals

Chapter Two: Motions to Reopen

For more info on THE REMOVAL BOOK and to order, see here.

For the fax order form, see here.

8. Headline: Arizona's new senator, same as their old senator

9. Headline: Immigration Practice: a complete guide w/ issues &

procedures lawyers need to handle an immigration matter. Get ur


10. Headline: Obama Says He Won't 'Walk Away' From Overhaul of

U.S.Immigration Security

11. Headline: Harvard president and student team up for the Dream

Act: Visit DC to urge approval of new path to residency

12. Headline: Immigration, Terrorism, Health Care: Hot Issues

Pack Fall Court Docket

13. Headline: Kobach working on "birthright citizenship" issue:

exploring ways to change that law without amending the


14. Headline: Republicans Call Reid's Immigration Proposal

Political Ploy.

15. Headline: Dream Act should transcend immigration debate

16. Headline: Obama Renews Call for Immigration Reform, Still

Without a Timetable

17. Headline: The Immigrant's Way Book outlines the history of

#immigration law. Get your copy today!

18. Headline: Robert Menendez pushes immigration reform in tough


19. Headline: immigrants only needed during voting time,

otherwise immigrants should disappear, says Dem leadership

20. Headline: Democratic Leadership tries to pull the wool over

immigrants' eyes: ignore our inactions, look at our wonderful


21. Headline: Senate to Consider DREAM Act Immigration Reform

22. Headline: Democrats pivot on immigration

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal

Chicago, IL - Immigration practice

seeks an experience immigration paralegal. Candidate will work as

part of a team of attorneys and professional support staff

assisting multinational companies primarily with their U.S.

immigration requirements. The job involves extensive client

contact and utilization of state-of-the-art case preparation and

management systems to prepare, track, and manage cases in

process. Congenial and dynamic environment. Only candidates with

immigration experience should apply. Send resume and writing

samples to

2. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal

Downtown Washington, D.C. firm

seeks a well-rounded, mature and responsible Senior Immigration

Paralegal with a minimum of 4 years experience in both family and

business immigration cases, including consular processing, all

non-immigrant visas and PERM. Preference given to those with

demonstrated EB-5 experience. Bilingual Spanish/English speaker

preferred. Must have a Bachelor's degree and excellent native-

level English writing skills. We are a boutique immigration firm

with a fast-paced yet collegial atmosphere and no billable hours

requirements. Please email resume, references, writing sample

and cover letter with salary expectations to No calls please.

3. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

Memphis, TN - Siskind Susser's

Memphis office seeks an experienced attorney to join the

employment-based immigration team. Experience in physician

immigration, I-9/E-Verify/employer compliance,

entertainment/sports and/or general business immigration are all

a plus. Please email resume to Greg Siskind at No calls please and no candidates

from recruiters at this time.

4. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal

Memphis, TN - Siskind Susser's

Memphis office seeks an experienced paralegal to join the

employment-based immigration team. Experience in physician

immigration, I-9/E-Verify/employer compliance,

entertainment/sports and/or general business immigration are all

a plus. Please email resume to Greg Siskind at No calls please and no candidates

from recruiters at this time.

5. Translation Services

Certified translation accepted by the U.S. government since 1983.

Legal Language Services is the name to trust for the translation

of supporting documentation for visa and citizenship

applications. On a deadline? Rush service and same-day service is

also available. Mention this ad (code ILW123) for a limited-time

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6. Case Management Technology

Which company do Fortune 500 Companies, top immigration firms,

non-profits, one of the world's largest retailers and 2.4

million+ foreign nationals choose for their comprehensive

immigration management needs? They choose EDGE, by LawLogix.

LawLogix boasts unparalleled immigration experienced customer

support to ensure we not only answer your call, but we answer

your question! Offering a full range of options for

transferring your current client files, LawLogix enables your

firm to easily adopt EDGE with no downtime. LawLogix EDGE is

the #1 integrated immigration forms, billing and case

management system with online access for clients. EDGE

provides around the clock access for your clients to check the

status of their case, fill out intake questionnaires, review

and print forms, and communicate with you securely. The online

client access reduces the number of case status inquiry calls,

and allows you and your staff to work more effectively. EDGE

provides exceptional reporting capabilities. Quickly and

easily configure any reminder, case status, consultations,

milestone report with 1 click while making your job easier and

more enjoyable. Visit us at

email, or call today 877-725-4355 ext.

2 to request your Private VIP demo.

7. Immigrant Tax Services

Are you worried that your clients' tax returns might hurt their

adjustment, cancellation or consular processing case? Did you

know that clients making less than $46,000 qualify to obtain

retroactive refunds after they obtain Social Security Numbers via

any immigration process? Did you know that taxpayers can claim an

exemption for dependents residing in Mexico or Canada? Sam Rock,

principal of the Rock Law Group, specializes in taxes for

immigrants. He is an immigration lawyer, national speaker and has

published several AILA articles on the intersection of

immigration and income tax law. Contributor to tax section,

Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, 2010-11. With 10 years

experience preparing tax returns for immigrants, we can help you

understand your client's eligibility to file as head of household

and make dependent claims. Get your legal fees paid from your

clients' unclaimed tax refunds. Rush service in 48 hours.

Educating Haitian nationals

about retroactive tax credits available to Haitian recipients of

TPS. Services: original 1040s, amended returns, expert letters,

testimony, resolution of IRS tax debt, audits/exam from all

states and U.S. taxpayers living abroad. Competitive fees. Get

tax knowledge on your side. Contact:,


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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event MTV Networks are pleased to

broadcast 9500 Liberty, a documentary that chronicles the social

and economic impact that a contentious immigration law - closely

resembling Arizona's SB 1070 bill - had on a county near

Washington DC in 2007. 9500 Liberty makes its television debut

simultaneously on Tr3s, MTV2, and mtvU on Sunday, September 26th

at 8pm (ET/PT). For more info, see

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