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Aug 27 - Your Instant Commentary

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

August 27, 2010,0827.shtm



4 Articles

1 News Items


8 Headlines

Classifieds: Help Wanted: Immigration Professional, Translation

Services, Case Management Technology





1. Comment: Your Instant Commentary

We have made it easy for readers to comment on Immigration Daily

issues. Simply click on the link that says "ReadersWrite: Today's


near the bottom of Immigration Daily issues. The link takes you

to a page with a box titled "Post your comment". You can type in

your comments in the box, enter your name (or anonymous), and

click on the"Post" button. Your comments are made live instantly

accessible to the whole world. Write on.

2. Article: Amended Regulations Drastically Affect Canadian

Temporary Foreign Worker Program by Jean-Noel Ben Hamou and

Michelle Gergerian,0827-hamou.shtm

3. Article: FSBPT's odd policies continue to baffle by

Christopher T. Musillo,0827-musillo.shtm

4. Article: Mexican Asylee Sues His Home Country by Jason Dzubow,0827-dzubow.shtm

5. Article: Extreme Immigration Position Likely Cost McCullom

Florida Governor Job by Greg Siskind,0827-siskind.shtm

6. News: CRS Report On Immigration: S Visas For Criminal And

Terrorist Informants,0827-crs.pdf

7. Focus: New Clients, Increased Visibility, Web Traffic

Established in 1996, our Immigration Yellow Pages is searched by

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8. Headline: Serving immigration professionals? Consider running

a Service Provider Ad in Immigration Daily. Learn more about it


9. Headline: Immigrants jailed after fishing without a license.

Possible deportation vs. 50$ fine

10. Headline: Fears of deportation linger for Russian man whose

mom was recently sent home. "The United States is all I know"

11. Headline: Immigration Agency ends some deportations. This

policy will pare huge case backlogs in the immigration courts.

12. Headline: Tension over Obama policies within Immigration and

Customs Enforcement

13. Headline: Migrants turn to the sea to enter US

illegally."It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack" says

agent Tim Feige

14. Headline: PERM Book 2d. Ed: Your Book for PERM Rule, Analysis

and Comments, ETA forms, Memos, Roadmaps & Checklists. Get your


15. Headline: North Carolina Pastor Faces Deportation To Mexico

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Professional


an established leader in immigration processing, seeks global

immigration specialist. Responsible for managing all US outbound

legal and client relationships, including serving as the primary

liaison between clients and foreign processing counsel, and

increasing the network of foreign counsel and other visa

processing relationships. Manage growth of global processing

platform; gather, organize and communicate application materials;

communicate case management matters with clients and

international partners; maintain a global network of

international partners and government agency contacts; oversee

document maintenance function; maintain consistency and meet

compliance demands; assist in compilation and preparation of

application packages; preparation of immigrant and non-immigrant

visas; and proactive legal research Candidate qualifications:

Bachelors' degree with 5+ years of immigration experience and

working with international clients and foreign counsel,

especially in South America, Asia and Europe. Excellent

communication skills are a must. Global Mobility Specialist

Certification is not necessary but is preferred. We seek high-

energy and results-driven, self-motivated individuals with a high

level of initiative and ownership, and highly time, task and

detail oriented. Foreign language capabilities not necessary but

a plus. We offer a competitive compensation plan, excellent

benefits including medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and

401K program. Submit your resume through our Careers Website.


2. Translation Services

Certified translation accepted by the U.S. government since 1983.

Legal Language Services is the name to trust for the translation

of supporting documentation for visa and citizenship

applications. On a deadline? Rush service and same-day service is

also available. Mention this ad (code ILW123) for a limited-time

special discount of 25% off (up to $100.00)! See why thousands of

attorneys, law firms and government agencies choose LLS for on-

time, on-budget language services. Get a free, no-obligation

consultation: email, call

1-800-788-0450 or visit us at

3. Case Management Technology

Which company do Fortune 500 Companies, top immigration firms,

non-profits, one of the world's largest retailers and 2.4

million+ foreign nationals choose for their comprehensive

immigration management needs? They choose EDGE, by LawLogix.

LawLogix boasts unparalleled immigration experienced customer

support to ensure we not only answer your call, but we answer

your question! Offering a full range of options for

transferring your current client files, LawLogix enables your

firm to easily adopt EDGE with no downtime. LawLogix EDGE is

the #1 integrated immigration forms, billing and case

management system with online access for clients. EDGE

provides around the clock access for your clients to check the

status of their case, fill out intake questionnaires, review

and print forms, and communicate with you securely. The online

client access reduces the number of case status inquiry calls,

and allows you and your staff to work more effectively. EDGE

provides exceptional reporting capabilities. Quickly and

easily configure any reminder, case status, consultations,

milestone report with 1 click while making your job easier and

more enjoyable. Visit us at

email, or call today 877-725-4355 ext.

2 to request your Private VIP demo.

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  1. epie's Avatar
    I don't understand ICE. A friend was taken into custody even after he showed the receipt for an I-485 application from USCIS. After the memo on the relief. Aren't they supposed to allow your stay while the application is processing? A waste of government resources and money by filling up jails with non criminal aliens on their way to obtain permanent residence is just ridiculous.
    I could probably understand this in AZ but this happened in CA.
  2. Beba's Avatar
    USA has more jails than schools. Somebody has to feed them!
    Huge monopoly business isn't it?
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