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Aug 16 - Roving Employees And PERM

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August 16, 2010,0816.shtm


5 Articles

4 News Items


13 Headlines

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1. Article: Roving Employees And PERM by Joel Stewart,0816-stewart.shtm

2. Article: Rethinking Immigration: Stop With The Protectionism

by Angelo A. Paparelli,0816-paparelli.shtm

3. Article: Mexican Woman Receives Asylum on Account of Domestic

Violence by Jason Dzubow,0816-Dzubow.shtm

4. Article: Obama Still Deporting DREAMers Like Ivan Nikolov by

Matthew Kolken,0816-kolken.shtm

5. Article: US May Be Setting Off Trade War With New Border

Policy by Greg Siskind,0816-siskind.shtm

6. News: EOIR Announces More Secure Toll-Free Number For Case


7. News: EOIR Publishes How To Find Charging Document Dates,0816-eoir.shtm

8. News: USCIS Reminds Eligible Nationals Of El Salvador To Re-

Register For TPS,0816-uscis.shtm

9. News: CRS Report On US Immigration Policy On Temporary


10. Focus: Consular Processing vs. Adjustment of Status

Tuesday, August 17 is the deadline for the Thursday, August 19

phone session of "Family Immigration For Experts" with Michelle

L. Lazerow (discussion leader), Jason Abrams, Marc Ellis, Maurice

Goldman, Nancy Peterson, Melvin Solomon, and Parastoo Zahedi. The

curriculum is as follows:

++Preparation for interview (consular and USCIS)

++Parties living together or separated at time of interview

++Sham marriage

++DNA testing: parent/child

++Consulates re-adjudicating cases

++Tran v. Napolitano


Tuesday, August 17 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,

including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration

information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up


11. Headline: Activists say they will not let the DREAM Act die

12. Headline: Utah Latino leaders want bi-partisan immigration

bill. The dream act has bipartisan support.

13. Headline: 2 men shot during robbery, unwilling to help

police. fear of deportation

14. Headline: Texas GOP faces uphill battle in push to repeal

birthright citizenship immigration

15. Headline: Students Bike in Support of DREAM Act

16. Headline: AG McCollum unveils an immigration plan that he

says will be "tougher than Arizona"

17. Headline: Demand for immigration reform

18. Headline: Does Harry Reid speak for immigrantion?

19. Headline: Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help

wanted ad on Immigration Daily. Find out more details at

20. Headline: This immigration Rally took place at the border.

Spreading fear and hate.

21. Headline: Why the GOP really wants to alter the 14th

Amendment: How abt also stripping the citizenship of Confederate


22. Headline: Whole ACT-INA, 20/22/28 CFR and Citations: the most

respected reference immigration materials by PJ Patel available


23. Headline: Business Immigration Forms and Strategies. A handy

resource for immigration law practitioners. Get your copy at

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  1. Jay McTyier 's Avatar
    The revised EOIR case information line is a double-edged sword. Perhaps it is more secure, in the sense that persons with nefarious motives who happen to know the A-number of another will not be able to confirm whether somebody has been ordered removed or not--but neither will attorneys seeking a starting point with new clients. Even though the general public may be astounded that someone could honestly not know the had been ordered removed, but as attorneys we know it happens. What the client recalls is an incident at the border, in which he was let go and handed a fistful of papers, which he promptly threw away. What the EOIR hot line reveals is that he was ordered removed in his absence by the court in Harlingen.

    Before this "improvement" by the EOIR, with just the A-number, I could easily check whether I was dealing with an outstanding removal order before advising client. Now, I will need to file a FOIA and wait several weeks to get copies of the charging document to get the date--so I can even make inquiry.

    How's that for making immigration attorney's lives easier?

  2. Miranda swanson's Avatar
    I couldn't agree with you more Jay. I just read about the change and immediately passed the information around our office. Needless to say the news was received with a groan from everyone. Basically this revision will mean that prior to actually assisting someone with their immigration matters we will need to wait until receiving the FOIA, incurring additional costs and wait time for the clients.
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