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Jul 1 - In National Harbor - A Reprise

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July 1, 2010,0701.shtm




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1. Comment: In National Harbor - A Reprise

Sam Udani, Publisher of ILW.COM, is visiting National Harbor,

Maryland at the annual gathering of immigration lawyers from

across the country. He is looking forward to meeting with

friends, old and new, and particularly looks forward to

discussing any or all of the following matters: Trends in

immigration practice (both regional and national), effective*

marketing strategies for law firms, quick-and-dirty valuation of

law firms, ideas about buying/selling law practices (within*

ethics rules), and other topics of mutual interest. If you will*

be in National Harbor this week, and want to get together with*

Sam Udani, please email your cell number to Thank you!

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3. Article: Poll: 70% Of Americans Favor DREAM Act by Greg


4. Article: Second Circuit overturns IJ's Adverse Credibility

Finding by Matthew Kolken,0701-kolken.shtm

5. Article: "Son of Hamas" Granted Asylum by Jason Dzubow,0701-dzubow.shtm

6. Tweet: FosterQuan LLP wins a victory in Supreme Court case on


7. Tweet: Have questions for panel discussion on immigration

reform with the White House? Send to Watch

round table TODAY at 1pm

8. Tweet: President Obama talks to the nation today about

Immigration Reform. Watch the speech live at 10:45am ET

9. Tweet: Thanks to @eugenedebs @midreamact @anjamd for your

retweets today #immigration #obama

10. Tweet: Gutierrez press relaese about meeting with Obama on


11. Tweet: CLE Seminar on July 15th: Learn Asylum For Experts;

Gang-based Asylum Claims. Sign up at

12. Tweet: Want to learn more about #immigration law? Sign up for

our CLE seminars. Find the complete list of seminars at

13. Tweet: Dream Act advocates end their hunger strike but the

fight for DREAM continues.

14. Tweet: Tennessee Governor Signs #Immigration Bill

15. Tweet: Jury finds man guilty of hate crime towards #immigrant

16. Tweet: Florida jails linked to #immigration databases

17. Tweet: Mom does anything to be with her family. Now citizen

children are being #deported

18. Tweet: Obama pushing for #immigration reform bill.

19. Tweet: Lawmakers in 28 states fight spread of AZ #immigration


20. Tweet: As Obama steps up border enforcement, advocates

rethink their strategy for #immigration

21. Tweet: Utah Attorney General working to create a Utah-

specific guest-worker pilot program #immigration

22. Tweet: Cutting electricity, water, natural gas, even

telephone lines at the homes of immigrants b/c of #immigration


23. Tweet: #Immigration Practice: a complete guide w/ issues &

procedures lawyers need to handle an immigration matter. Get ur


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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    I have read the text of President Obama's immigration speech. It is a great speech. And the fact that it was made at all is great. If only Obama's actions could match his soaring rhetoric. But the reality is that simply blaming the Republicans for not supporting immigration reform will solve nothing. There are also plenty of Democrats who are too scared to stand up for humane and sensible immigration laws.

    The big point, which Obama mentioned only in passing, is that there is a great deal that his administration can do to make the system work more equitably on both the illegal and legal immigration sides. This means getting away from the rigid "enforcement only" mentality and "culture of no" that are making the problem worse.

    Instead of quoting Emma Lazarus, President Obama needs to begin by firing Janet Napolitano and bringing about the prompt return of biased USCIS officials such as Donald Neufeld to private life. Everyone agrees with the President that the immigration system must change. But change must begin with a new way of thinking in the White House.
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    To add a couple of thoughts to my previous comment, every immigration lawyer knows quite well that the federal government agencies primarily responsible for immigration, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Labor and the Department of State, have enormous regulatory power under existing law, not to mention wide discretion given to different immigration offices and immigration officials to interpret these regulations.

    It is safe to say that USCIS officials such as Donald Neufeld probably make more immigration "law" in their memos to the field than Congress does when it passes amendments to the INA. The same is true on the enforcement side. Existing law gives the Department of Homeland Security a great deal of discretion in exercising what used to be considered the drastic remedy of deportation (at least in a famous and often quoted early 20th Century Supreme Court opinion by Justice Louis Brandeis).

    But both USCIS's application of the laws granting immigration benefits and ICE's enforcement policies are largely driven by the political considerations of the day. These political considerations, as everyone knows, are now in favor of making immigrants, especially from Latin America and Asia, scapegoats for all of America's problems, and making it harder and harder to get through the gates to this country. Appeasing anti-immigrant sentiment is now the biggest priority of all with regard to both legal and illegal immigration issues. This theme obviously ran through much of the president's speech.

    Obama was, of course, justified in criticizing the Arizona immigration law and warning against the fragmentation of immigration policy among many different state and local governments. But this argument needs to be made in federal court urgently, not just in a television speech. Where is the administration's much anticipated but still not yet filed lawsuit against Arizona's "Where are your papers" ("Wo sind Ihre Papiere")law?
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