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Jun 25 - Rethinking Investor Visas

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June 25, 2010,0625.shtm



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1. Article: Rethinking Immigration: Investor Visa Categories Must

Be Expanded by Angelo Paparelli,0625-paparelli.shtm

2. Focus: Business Immigration Law

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Chapter 6: Investment and Trade: E Visas

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Chapter 8: Employee Sanctions

Chapter 9: Tax Issues

Chapter 10: The Interaction Between Immigrant and Nonimmigrant


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Chapter 4: Students and Business Visitors

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Chapter 6: L 1A / L 1B Multinational Transfers

Chapter 7: E-1/E-2 Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors

Chapter 8: NAFTA TN Professionals

Chapter 9: O-1 Foreign Nationals with Extraordinary Abilities

Chapter 10: Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers

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For the fax order form, see here.

3. Article: Could President Obama Legalize Millions and force

CIR? by Chris Musillo,0625-musillo.shtm

4. Article: Decision to Deny Asylum to "Son of Hamas" Is

"Idiotic" by Jason Dzubow,0625-dzubow.shtm

5. News: USCIS Updates H-1B Cap Count,0625-h1b.shtm

6. News: Contested AILA 2010 Elections: Candidate Statements,0625-AILA.shtm

7. Tweet: #Immigrant farm workers' challenge: Take our jobs

8. Tweet: White House Picks Critic of Local #Immigration

#Enforcement for Key Role at #ICE

9. Tweet: States, towns forge own #immigration policies

10. Tweet: 100 co-sponsors sign on to #immigration measure

11. Tweet: #Napolitano: #Obama wants #immigration overhaul

12. Tweet: The #Immigration Reform Team

13. Tweet: Business groups craft response to #Arizona

#immigration boycott

14. Tweet: Change in U.S. #immigration policy rumored

15. Tweet: Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help wanted

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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    There are rumors, mentioned in the June 25 ID, that the administration may be about to have a big change of heart on immigration policy and by granting temporary legal status through executive order to millions of people here without authorization. One has to treat these rumors with a very big dose of skepticism. Consider their source: a letter from Republican Senator Charles Grassley. Grassley is becoming to immigration what Dixiecrat turned Republican Senator Strom Thurmond was to civil rights. Nothing Grassley says about either legal or illegal immigration should be taken seriously by anyone concerned with the truth.

    Other tweets which have appeared on ID recently refer to inflammatory far right wing attempts to demonize Prsident Obama as the great protector of illegal immigrants. These accusations are so far from reality that they remind one of the "death panels" that were rumored to be part of the health care reform bill. There is every evidence here of a vicious, carefully orchestrated right wing smear campaign against the "illegal alien in chief" (who was supposedly born in Kenys, remember?).

    However, if there is any truth at all to these far right wing rumor, it might be a very good thing. Perhaps the far right white supremacists are doing the country a favor by circulating what is probably no more than a fantasy that the president intends to grant legal status to millions by executive order. It would be a wise, compassionate and humane move that would move race relations forward by light years and also make a great deal of practical sense from the point of view of economics, national security and, yes, law enforcement. More about this in my next post.
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    I apologize for two more typos: "and by granting" instead of, correctly, "by granting" (first paragraph), and "these rumor" instead of, correctly, "these rumors" (last paragraph).
  3. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    To continue with the topic in my last post, from the point of view of the right wing racists, trying to smear President Obama as the "great emancipator" of the illegals makes a great deal of sense. After all, who else would be better for this role than the black, "Muslim", "terrorist-loving", "America-hating", ex-friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright - a president who was "born in Kenya" to an African father and is therefore "neither a US citizen nor in this country legally"?

    The personal racism against the president that is so popular among the lunatic right dovetails very neatly with the wider racism against Latino, Caribbean and Asian immigrants that is such a powerful political force in America today. It is no accident that Arizona, the last state to recognize Martin Luther King's birthday as a holiday, is the first to attempt to legalize indiscriminate police raids through Latino neighborhoods and the practice of stopping anyone who looks Latino (or Asian) in the street to ask a question, "Wo sind Ihre Papiere?", that would have been anathema to our founding fathers (not always, admittedly for the right reasons, as Benjamin Franklin's love for German immigrants was no greater than Jan Brewer's for Latino ones).

    The main reason that President Obama should in fact legalize millions of unauthorized immigrants by executive order, even if this means making the racists' favorite nightmare into reality, is to send a powerful message to the right wing crazies that the politics of bigotry, prejudice and hate have no place in America. It would also bring millions of people, especially younger and more productive ones, out of the shadows and into the mainstream economy, making a great contribution to our economic recovery. In addition, it would allow us to focus our law enforcement and security resources, which are not and can never be unlimited, where they belong - on going after the bad guys, the violent criminals, terrorists and drug dealers, not the people who are only looking for a better life in this country.

    I happen to live in New York. Whenever I pass through Times Square, I always wish that there were even just a few more federal officers assigned to look for hidden bombs in parked cars. The fact that deportations of harmless, non-criminal Spanish -speaking people, many of them with US citizen spouses or children, are reaching record levels, does not make me feel one bit safer.
  4. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    For the immigration purists among us, I meant "non-violent criminal", not "non-criminal" in the last sentence of my last post. I realize that illegal entry to the US is a crime- a misdemeanor, not a felony - despite the hysterical rantings of untold thousands of Internet bloggers who are screaming that all Spanish-speaking immigrants are "felons". As a lawyer, I am also well aware that, under federal law, overstaying a valid visa, which is the reason that many people are here illegally, is not a criminal offense at all. It is only a civil violation.

    The Arizona law, as I read it, would try to make visa overstay a criminal offense, even though federal law does not. This is why it is so dangerous to let state and local governments usurp federal power by making up their own immigration laws. At least it is still legal for people of Chinese ancestry to live in Arizona. That would not have necessarily been true anywhere in America 100 years ago, when we had the Chinese exclusion laws. Will it still be true in the Grand Canyon of Hate state next month or next year?
  5. Mary's Avatar
    Why are you the only one posting comments here counsel? Just wondering. I always like your comments and articles.
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