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Jun 18 - Are You LinkedIn

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June 18, 2010,0618.shtm




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Immigration Paralegals, Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney, Help

Wanted: Immigration Paralegal, Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys





1. Comment: Are You LinkedIn - ILW.COM cordially invites*

immigration professionals: attorneys, paralegals, law students

and others to join the ILW.COM LinkedIn group.

The ILW.COM LinkedIn Group is a place for you to enhance your

network with others in the field, to discuss issues of mutual

interest, and to keep on the top of the latest developments in

immigration law.

2. Focus: Asylum for Experts

ILW.COM is pleased to present a new 3-part telephone seminar

series "Asylum For Experts" with Anna Gallagher (discussion

leader), Lisa Frydman, Regina Germain, Molly Groom, Anwan Hughes

and Jedidah Hussey. Tuesday, June 22nd is the deadline to sign

up. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on June 24: Termination of asylum; Procedural

issues before Headquarters Asylum Office

Termination of asylum:

++ Grounds of termination with a focus on reavailment

++ Standard of proof

++ How USICS identifies cases for termination

++ Procedures before USCIS

++ Procedures before EOIR

++ How to challenge a notice of intent to terminate

Procedural issues before USCIS Asylum Office

++Role of USCIS Asylum HQ

++Types of cases referred to HQ

++How to get cases unstuck

SECOND Phone Session on July 15: Terrorist Grounds of


++Brief overview of grounds

++Definitions: *Terrorist activities and terrorist organizations

++Effect of bars on refugees, asylum seekers and persons granted

withholding of removal

++Exemption authority

++Exemptions in removal proceedings

++Duress waivers

++Update on categories of cases which are currently pending at HQ

and policy guidance

THIRD Phone Session on August 5: Hot Topics

Gang-based asylum claims

++Overview of current case law

++Defining the particular social group

++Establishing a claim based on political opinion

++Establishing a claim based on religion

++UNHCR Guidelines

++Identifying resources

Adjudication process for unaccompanied minors (UAC)

++Definition of UAC

++Procedures for adjudicating their claims before USCIS

Tuesday, June 22 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,

including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration

information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up


3. Article: Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government by Angelo A.


4. Article: Bloggings on Political Asylum by Jason Dzubow,0618-dzubow.shtm

5. News: CRS Report On Visa Security Policy,0618-crs.pdf

6. Tweet: Tell Obama: No to Steve King's "Sixth Sense" for

Immigrants. Check out trailer

#immigration (via @americasvoice)

7. Tweet: 14 GOP senators in GA demand regents close universities

to illegal immigrants America needs education,

not ignorance!

8. Tweet: From Queens-NY (most diverse county in country!),

residents want #dreamact passed to give immigrant pupils


9. Tweet: 71% of public colleges & 50% of private colleges

reported they received applications from undocumented students #immyouth

10. Tweet: Supreme Court Decision Protects Immigrants Targeted By

Drug War

11. Tweet: In North Carolina, Youth hunger strikes for the

American Dream. For a stronger America, we want a commitment to


12. Tweet: Thanks @saraphalen @davidalexanderm @raybeckerman

@wp_factory @crimmigration for your retweets!

13. Tweet: Want to learn more about #immigration law? Sign up for

our CLE seminars. Find the complete list of seminars at

14. Tweet: Hillary #Clinton Says White House Will Sue Over

#Arizona #Immigration Law

15. Tweet: RT @The_Stir: Babies Are the New Pawns in #Immigration

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4. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals

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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    It is hard to tell whether the Obama administration's latest reaction to the Arizona hate law smacks of comedy or tragedy. Hillary Clinton made a speech in South America saying that the Justice Department is filing suit against Aryanizona over the hate law, which provoked a furious reaction from the governor of the that state. Governor Brewer, evidently, was outraged that Hillary told brown, Spanish-speaking people in Ecuador first about the allegedly impending lawsuit before anyone told the (white) people of Arizona.

    Governor Brewer evidently also thinks that the future event which she is so ardently waiting for, namely the departure of all brown people from the Grand Canyon of Hate state has already taken place. She may be getting just a bit ahead of herself. So much for the comedy.
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Now for the part of this incident that is closer to tragedy than comedy. It turns out that the Justice Department still has not decided whether to file a lawsuit against Arizona at all. Therefore, a DOJ spokesperson unceremoniously pulled the rug out from under Hillary Clinton by announcing that it was still "studying" whether to file a lawsuit.

    If the Obama administration does not file a lawsuit against the Arizona hate law, the courts will have every right to assume that the view of the federal government is either that Arizona is not usurping federal power over immigration, or, even worse, that federal law does not preempt state or local governments from making their own immigration policy.

    If a state or local government has the power to take immigration enforcement into its own hands, what is there to stop it from writing its own immigration law determining which immigrants are allowed to live in the jurisdiction in question? What would stop, Arizona, for example, from reinstating the racially restrictive immigration law of 1924 within its own borders, or even adapting the Chinese exclusion laws?

    Immigration would be totally fragmented, with every state or local bigot and demagogue pushing his or her own version of hate against brown-skinned people through hundreds, or thousands, of different state and local legislatures, while the federal government stood by helplessly, terrified of arousing the wrath of anti-immigrant racists and white supremacists in every part of this country.

    This is already beginning to happen because of the cowardice, indifference and cynicism of the Obama administration with regard to immigrant rights. This is America's real tragedy, one which will only get worse unless the Latino and other minority US citizens whose votes were so crucial to electing Obama teach him a lesson this November that he and his cynical advisors will never forget.
  3. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Congratulations to Cheryl Rodriguez for her wonderful letter in the June 17 ID. The anti-immigrant movement in general, and the Arizona "Wo sind Ihre Papiere?" law in particular, are not about finding out who has the wrong immigration status or nationality. They are only about finding out who has the wrong skin color, something that the Arizona local police in Maricopa County and elsewhere will have no trouble doing from Day One, July 29, 2010 if this new Nuremberg law is ever allowed to go into effect.

    With regard to Arizona's even more obvious expression of racial hate, the announced effort to pass a law purporting to annul the 14th Amendment's grant of automatic birthright citizenship to virtually all children born in the US, the excuse of the proponents of nullification is that Arizona needs protection against "anchor babies". These are defined as US citizen children who could be used by their illegal parents as an "anchor" to stay in the US legally.

    What the people who are so anxious to abolish the 14th Amendment do not seem to realize is that under federal immigration law (the only one that can legally exist under the US Constitution), no American citizen under the age of 21 can sponsor a parent for legal status. Therefore, the parents of an "anchor baby" would have to wait for more than two decades before they could use the "anchor".

    What sailor would ever venture out on a ship with such a flimsy and unreliable "anchor"? He or she would almost certainly drown. There is no such thing as an "anchor baby". This term is nothing more than just one more hate epithet in a large and ever growing dictionary of racial slurs used against Latinos and other brown skinned people by the bigots who have high-jacked the Aryanizona legislature and state house, as well as other white supremacist immigration opponents throughout America.

  4. Mrs. Mani's Avatar
    Although I'm a fierce opponent of everything coming out of Arizona's knee-jerk reactionary legislature, their new anti "Anchor baby" law does not annul or nullify someone's right to citizenship. Arizona may have a right to decide who is entitled to and not entitled to a Birth Certificate- evidence of entry into their record of births in their state. Not getting a birth certificate does not translate into not being a citizen. Of course it will create a world of headaches for new parents and their US Citizen children in trying to prove nationality but it is not impossible.
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