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Jun 9 - Arizona Engulfs Debate

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June 9, 2010,0609.shtm

1 Articles
1 News Items
12 Tweets
Classifieds: Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney, Help Wanted:
Immigration Paralegal, Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys, Help
Wanted: Immigration Paralegals, Help Wanted: Immigration
Attorney, Case Management Technology, Forensic Psychology

1. Article: New Arizona Law Engulfs Immigration Debate* by
Muzaffar Chishti and Claire Bergeron for the Migration
Information Source,0609-chishti.shtm


THE REMOVAL BOOK, edited by Scott Bratton is currently in
preparation, the Table of Contents is as follows:

Chapter One: Removal Proceedings
Chapter Two: Grounds of Inadmissibility
Chapter Three:* Grounds Of Removal
Chapter Four:* Contesting Removability
Chapter One:* Adjustment Of Status
Chapter Two: Waivers in Removal Proceedings
Chapter Three:* Cancellation Of Removal For LPRs and INA 212(c)
Chapter Four:* Cancellation Of Removal For Non-LPRs
Chapter Five:* NACARA
Chapter Six: * Asylum and Withholding Of Removal
Chapter Seven:* Convention Against Torture
Chapter Eight:* Voluntary Departure
Chapter Nine:* Naturalization As A Defense To Removal
Chapter Ten:* Other Relief
Chapter One: Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals
Chapter Two: Motions to Reopen

For more info on THE REMOVAL BOOK and to order, see here.
For the fax order form, see here.

3. News: ICE SEVP Issues Visa Revocation Policy Guidance,0609-

4. Tweet: CLE seminar: Investor Options For Experts. Change,
Change, Change. USCIS Issues 38 Pgs of EB-5 Policy Changes. Sign
up at

5. Tweet: US-Mexico tensions heightened after #Border Patrol
agent kills Mexican teen

6. Tweet: While MA approves #SB1070 -like amendments, Woodland,
WA council rejects #immigration resolution

7. Tweet: #ICE to make #detention centers more humane

8. Tweet: Cuomo Says 3 Companies Defrauded #Haitians

9. Tweet: Student immigrants launch MA Statehouse vigil: through
bad weather & threat of arrest till Senate withdraws #SB1070

10. Tweet: "Liberal" Massachusetts All Set to Be the Next
Arizona: "Sen. Ted Kennedy is rolling in his grave" via @change

11. Tweet: Hispanics flee Arizona ahead of #immigration law

12. Tweet: "9500 Liberty" Premiere and the #Immigration Debate

13. Tweet: Wife Alleges Minuteman Founder Threatened Family:
hatred is all around the anti-immigrant side even w their own

14. Tweet: Don't be left out, Get listed! Sign up for ILW.COM
Attorney Yellow Pages at

15. Tweet: RT @VivirLatino: 14 year old shot and killed by border
patrol #immigration

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New York, NY - Law Offices of Harry DeMell
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Toronto, Canada - Egan LLP,
a business immigration law firm affiliated with Ernst & Young LLP
seeks paralegal or immigration assistant with prior Program
Electronic Review Management ("PERM") experience. The candidate
should have familiarity with: the PERM process, basic understanding
of PERM regulations, preparing prevailing wage request forms, job
orders, Form 9089, preparing and placing advertisements and prior
experience working with an immigration case management system.
Must be highly organized, have excellent attention to detail,
strong communication skills and the ability to manage a large
workload. Experience preparing prevailing wage challenges, motions
for reconsideration and BALCA appeals and prior experience
preparing PERMs for a high volume client is a plus. The primary
role of the position is to support the team of immigration lawyers
by drafting immigration applications for individuals seeking
permission to work or live in Canada and/or the United States; and
to coordinate tracking status expiration dates for ongoing clients.
Recognized as one of Canada's top employers, Ernst & Young
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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    With regard to Ben's comment in yesterday's ID, it is pertinent to ask exactly what the Arizona "Wo sind Ihre Papiere?"("WSIP") law is "protecting" America from. Certainly not from violent crime or the drug cartels - diverting manpower and resources away from going after dangerous criminals and into going after people who look foreign and may or may not be here without authorization, but who pose no threat to society it not the way to do that.

    What the Arizona law is meant to protect America from is unpopular minority immigrants - the same purpose as the Chinese exclusion laws had a hundred years ago. That is the beginning and the end of this issue. It is not the bigotry of the Arizona law's supporters that is so supremely offensive. We live in a free country, and hate emotions, even hate speech, are normal and, on most cases,legal. Unfortunately, hatred and prejudice against people with brown skins are as old as America itself.

    What is offensive, and intolerably so, is the hypocrisy of the people who say that they are only interested in enforcing the law - when their real and only concern is to keep brown people out of this country at all costs. In the words of Arizona's JD Hayworth's book, we must do "Whatever it Takes" - to stop legal immigration by Hispanics, not just illegal immigration. Read the book. Then read the un-American, anti-due process, pro racially profiling Arizona hate law. Wo sind Ihre Papiere?
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Sorry for a couple of careless typos in my previous comment. Since they are minor, and the meanings are clear, I assume that it will not be necessary to correct them.
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