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May 28 - Brown Around Town

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May 28, 2010,0528.shtm




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1. Article: Brown Around Town - Arizona Immigrant Law by Jan H.


2. Comment: Bar Elections

ILW.COM is pleased to provide a platform for AILA candidates

to share their position with the immigration bar. Immigration

Daily has carried any/all statements received from individuals

running for AILA National office whenever there is a contested

election. There has never been a charge for this service

because newspapers have traditionally carried political

statements of general interest to their readership for free.

The reason for this clarification is an apparent confusion

amongst some folks about our policy. For the latest list of

compiled AILA statements, see below. We invite remaining

candidates who have not yet submitted their statements to

Immigration Daily to do so if they like.

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4. Article: An Uncertain Trumpet: Terrorism And Loss Of American

Citizenship by Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta,0528-endelman.shtm

5. Article: Bloggings on Immigration Law And Policy by Greg


6. Article: Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government by Angelo A.


7. Article: Bloggings On The H-1B Visa by Anthony F. Siliato and

Scott R. Malyk,0528-siliato.shtm

8. Article: Bloggings on Deportation And Removal by Matthew


9. News: Contested AILA 2010 Elections: Candidate Statement:

Jerry Grecza,0528-grzeca.pdf

10. News: Contested AILA 2010 Elections: Candidate Statements,0528-AILA.shtm

11. Tweet: Politico: #Immigration pushes Meg Whitman rightward

12. Tweet: I-140 Book: An attorney's guide on I-140 EBIV Process.

For the complete table of contents and to order see #immigration

13. Tweet: Politico: Vigilante takes $$$ to give political


14. Tweet: TheHill: Democrats block $2.4 billion in #immigration


15. Tweet: Get your ad in ten thousand pages! Improve search

engine ranking, increased name recognition and referrals. Sign up


16. Tweet: RT @MicEvHill: Shortly after 9:30 am EDT today, the

Senate will begin final debate and votes on 3 #border security

amendments to H.R. 4899.

17. Tweet: #Immigration Practice: a complete guide w/ issues &

procedures lawyers need to handle an immigration matter. Get ur


18. Tweet: ChicagoTribune: #Immigration protesters arrested HT @ImmAdvocates

19. Tweet: RT @MicEvHill: Other things being negotiated behind

the scenes are what amendments will wind up being folded into a

"manager's package."

20. Tweet: RT @MicEvHill: Cornyn, Kyl, and McCain will likely

need to win 60 votes fin order to prevail. Indications are that

the votes will be close.

21. Tweet: Senate floor action info from the antis: #immigration

22. Tweet: RT @DreamAct: RT @daniela_dreams: If the Senate is

voting on enforcement amendment, Cornyn #4202, they gotta vote on

#dreamact too!!

23. Tweet: RT @PunkJohnnyCash: ICE Covering Up #Immigrant Deaths

in Detention Patriot Federal troops should

deport #ICE murderers

24. Tweet: MSNBC: First thoughts: GOP and #immigration Unless Tancredo is deported from GOP, this is

the beginning of the end 4GOP!

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

New York, NY - Collegial, growing, immigration law firm

in midtown Manhattan seeks attorney to manage diverse caseload of

immigrant and non-immigrant employment-based cases, with some

family-based petitions. The attorney will also have the

opportunity to represent clients at Section 245 hearings and

before the EOIR, and in matrimonial matters, i.e., pre-nuptial

agreements, separation agreements and uncontested divorces. Must

be a self-starter with excellent organization, writing and

interpersonal skills. Minimum 3 years experience required. Salary

DOE. Please email CV + cover letter to:

2. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals

Boston, MA - Seyfarth Shaw

invites qualified applicants to apply for the following: (1)

senior immigration paralegal - participate in all aspects of

firm's national Business Immigration practice, including:

assisting in client relationship management, preparing

employment-based NIV and IV petitions, mentoring junior

paralegals in case preparation, and serving as primary contact to

numerous clients. Must be able to work in fast-paced, deadline-

driven environment and communicate effectively with clients and

gov't agencies. Qualified applicants must possess minimum

bachelor's degree and 5+ years experience as an immigration

paralegal, as well as strong written and verbal communication

skills and project management skills; (2) immigration paralegal -

qualified applicants must possess a bachelor's degree and 1-3

years experience as an immigration paralegal, as well as strong

written and verbal communication skills. Salary commensurate with

experience. Please send resumes to Michele Ryan at indicating specific position sought in

subject header.

3. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

Dallas, TX - USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel seeks experienced

attorney with demonstrated experience in employment law, labor

law, privacy and disclosure law, and other administrative laws

for the Commercial and Administrative Law Division. The selectee

will work at USCIS' Texas Service Center providing advice to the

Chief of the Commercial and Administrative Law Division, the

Chief Counsel, and USCIS officials. For more info, including how

to apply, key in Job Announcement Number: COU-CIS-2010-0007 at

Applications should be sent to: Lakisha Richardson at by 5pm EST, Friday, June 11, 2010.

Position starts at GS-13-GS-15 level.

4. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

downtown Chicago - AzulaySeiden Law Group

seeks an immigration attorney. To be considered, a candidate must

have 2+ years experience practicing immigration law. Fluency in a

foreign language and varied immigration experience preferred. The

firm practices all areas of immigration law, including business,

family, removal defense, appellate work and outbound immigration

services. Looking for a motivated, committed individual who wants

to work in a focused, modern firm environment. We celebrate

diversity and seek a goal driven individual who will appreciate

the opportunity to work in a leading US immigration law firm. We

offer fair compensation based on experience, a full benefits

package and believe in promoting a healthy balance between work

and personal life. The position is in the main office in downtown

Chicago. Please send a resume, writing sample, and any inquiries


5. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

Washington, DC: Steptoe & Johnson LLP

seeks associate or immigration specialist for our immigration

practice. A JD with immigration experience is highly preferred,

but will consider candidates who are not attorneys but have

extensive and substantive knowledge about business immigration.

Should possess strong writing skills and ability to interact with

clients effectively and extensively. Principals only. Send resume

and transcript to Equal

Opportunity Employer.

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Attorney - Milwaukee, WI

Grzeca Law Group, S.C., a full-service Immigration law firm is

pleased to announce that R. Oliver Branch has joined the firm as

Associate Attorney.

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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    A great cartoon by Jan Brown about the Arizona immigration law. I hope he is sending a complimentary copy to another Jan B., the Governor of Arizona. It would look good hanging in her office, and even better flying over the Arizona State House. As we remember those who died to defend freedom this Memorial Day, let us salute those who are boycotting, demonstrating, litigating and speaking out for freedom in Arizona now.

    Perhaps the best answer to those who have legislated hatred and repression against brown people in Arizona, and are trying to do so in many other states as well, is the famous motto of a very different group of Republicans from the bigots who have hijacked the legislature and executive of the Grand Canyon of Hate state. I refer to the courageous Republicans who took up arms against fascism during the Spanish civil war. As we strive to uphold freedom, justice and racial equality in America, let us remember the Spanish Republican battle cry: "No Pasaran!"

    A happy holiday weekend to all.
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    My previous post, of course, refers only to peaceful and lawful opposition to the attempts to legislate hatred in America. It is the spirit of "No Pasaran!" that we need to adopt, not the arms.
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