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May 14 - Grassroots Jihadism Grassroots Defenders

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

May 14, 2010,0514.shtm



5 Articles

2 News Items

18 Tweets

Classifieds: Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney, Help Wanted:

Immigration Paralegals, BIA Delivery Service, J-1 Visa Program





1. Focus: Ten Thousand Ads

Place your ad at the top of tens of thousands of pages across

ILW.COM website. Get improved search engine rankings, increased

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2. Article: Setting the Record Straight on Grassroots Jihadism by

Scott Stewart,0514-stewart.shtm

3. Article: Bloggings On The H-1B Visa by Anthony F. Siliato and

Scott R. Malyk,0514-siliato.shtm

4. Article: Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government by Angelo A.


5. Article: Bloggings on Immigration Law And Policy by Greg


6. Article: Bloggings On Nurse And Allied Health Immigration by

Christopher T. Musillo,0514-musillo.shtm

7. News: CRS Updated Report On Border Security: Key Agencies And

Their Missions,0514-crs.pdf

8. News: USCIS On Acceptable Employment Eligibility Evidence For

TPS Beneficiaries,0514-documentation.shtm

9. Tweet: GOP leaders refuse to lead GOP on #immigration, become

followers of racists instead Lemmings off a

cliff ...

10. Tweet: RT @markos RT @StephanieWDC RT @aliceinthewater

Phoenix Says Immigration Law Boycott Is Causing 'Near Economic


11. Tweet: WaPo: Arizona tourism loses more business in wake of

#immigration law vote

12. Tweet: America'sVoice: Letter to Bud Selig: Move the Game if

Arizona Won't Repeal the Law! #MLBB

13. Tweet: Man (USCitizen) sues for jailing as illegal #immigrant

14. Tweet: Statements from some candidates for contested AILA

national elections next month Members running

by petition n nomination

15. Tweet: Candidates bios for contested AILA national elections

next month

16. Tweet: AILA slate of candidates for contested national

elections next month We urge all AILA members

to vote!

17. Tweet: Politico: Dems: Support of Ariz. law misguided If reconciliation not used for #CIR NOW, Dems

will pay in Nov.

18. Tweet: RT @cyrusmehta: Los Angeles approves Arizona travel

boycott - #cnn #immigration

19. Tweet: RT @swatmigration: Why evangelicals matter in the

#immigration reform movement #ri4a #p2


20. Tweet: H-1B Book includes H-1B Step By Step, Advanced H-1B

Issues and essential memoranda. Get your copy at

21. Tweet: Fighting Chauvinism, Really?: Ethnic Studies,

Republican Politics and Arizona's Future. Arizona promotes


22. Tweet: 10-day hunger strike ends at UC Berkeley. Strikers

want campus to be declared a sanctuary for undocumented


23. Tweet: The voice for Arizona's immigration law: Meet the

author of the discriminatory #SB1070

24. Tweet: Other border states shun Arizona #immigration law;

'It's political suicide' to attack illegals

25. Tweet: RT @LawWatch: "Univision to Hold Prime-Time Debate on

Immigration" #immigration

26. Tweet: Politico: John McCain: President Obama 'falsifying'

#immigration War-Hero wimps out! GOP isnt

deporting antis from party.

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

Washington, DC - The Office of Chief Counsel seeks experienced

attorney with experience in federal acquisitions law, fiscal law

and other administrative laws for the Commercial and

Administrative Law Division. Serve as senior attorney providing

advice to the Chief of the Commercial and Administrative Law

Division, the Chief Counsel, and USCIS officials on issues

related to federal acquisitions law, fiscal law, and other forms

of general administrative law in support of USCIS' mission. For

more info, including how to apply, key in Job Announcement

Number: COU-CIS-2010-0006 at

Applications should be sent to: Lakisha Richardson at by 5pm EST, Monday, May 24, 2010. Position

starts at GS-12, GS-13 level, GS-14, or GS-15 level, depending on

experience, and has promotion potential to GS-15/10 level.

2. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals

Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy LLP

seeks entry level and experienced business immigration paralegals

for the New York City and surrounding offices. Ideal candidates

have one to five years of business immigration experience,

including non immigrant and immigrant visa matters and a

Bachelors degree. Excellent verbal and written communication

skills as well as strong organizational and Microsoft Office

Suite skills required. Please send cover letter and resume to:, including reference to ILW.COM.

3. BIA Delivery Service

Have you missed the deadline for overnight delivery to the Board

of Immigration Appeals? We offer same day service to the BIA. We

are conveniently located only a block away. Fax us your Notice to

Appeal or brief by 2pm ET on the due date to: (703) 845-5991 and

we will personally file it for you, obtain a stamped date copy

and mail/fax it back to you. We offer competitive rates and

unparallelled service. For information, contact us: Brief-X-

Press, Falls Church, VA Fax: (703) 845-5991.

4. J-1 Visa Program

Discover the ease and flexibility of the J-1 Visa with Global

Current, a service of AIESEC U.S., a leader in international

exchange and professional training for over 50 years. Unlike

other visas, the J-1 does not require a lengthy petitioning

process, has few restrictions and can be processed at any time of

year to facilitate the quick and simple implementation of an

Exchange Visitor Program. Global Current has developed a

streamlined sponsorship process supported by J-1 experts that

allows us to maintain an unrivaled 48 hour turnaround time on

complete applications. Global Current provides J-1 Trainee and

Intern programs in a variety of occupational categories including

law, engineering, finance, architecture, graphic design,

marketing and fashion. For more information on eligibility

requirements and a complete list of occupational categories,


or email Jon Adler at

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ComingsNGoings: New Attorney - Atlanta, GA Baker, Donelson,

Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, is pleased to announce the

addition of Robert N. Johnson. Mr. Johnson, previously a

shareholder with Ogletree Deakins, joins as a shareholder in the

Immigration group of the Firm's Labor & Employment Department.

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