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May 4 - The Immigration Compliance Book

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May 4, 2010,0504.shtm

2 Articles
1 News Items
16 Tweets
Classifieds: Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals, Help Wanted:
Immigration Paralegal, Immigration Law Certificate, Case
Management Technology

1. Focus: The Immigration Compliance Book

The Immigration Compliance Book, Editors Angelo A. Paparelli, L.
Batya Schwartz Ehrens, and Dan Siciliano features contributions
from Jason Burritt, Francis E. Chin, Philip C. Curtis, Laura
Danielson, John Fay, Bonnie K. Gibson, Richard Gump, Douglas D.
Hauer, Susanne C. Heubel, Loan Huynh, Jay Jorgensen, Susan Kelly,
Adam Ketcher, Cynthia Lange, Kevin Lashus, Robert F. Loughran,
Kristin Major, Johanna Marmon, Cyrus D. Mehta, Maggie Murphy,
Michael Patrick, Julie Pearl, Justin A. Rymer, Olivia M. Sanson,
Lynn O. Tarran, Vinh C. Trieu, Steve Trow, Greg Wald, Matthew
Warren and Michael J. Wildes. The Table of Contents is as

++Editors' Introduction
++Understanding I-9 Concepts
++I-9 Advanced Topics
++Employer E-Verify Considerations
++E-Verify Advanced Topics
++DHS Enforcement Through ICE Raids and Audits
++Specialty Topics
++Resource Materials

For more info on this book and to order, see here
(fax version, see here).

2. Article: New Americans In The Evergreen State: Immigrants,
Latinos, And Asians Are Growing Economic And Political Force In
Washington by Mary Giovagnoli et. al of the Immigration Policy

3. Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On May 4, 2010 by Greg Siskind,0504-blog.shtm

4. News: CRS Report On FY 2009 DHS Appropriations,0504-crs.pdf

5. Tweet: NYT: Poll Shows Most in US Want Overhaul of
#Immigration Laws

6. Tweet: Antis are trying to get 12 more states to adopt AZ
Gestapo law #immigration

7. Tweet: What is to be done about Arizona's new racial
profiling/anti-illegal #immigration law? Linked-In Group

8. Tweet: The Immigrant's Way - a book that outlines the history
of #immigration law and immigration paperwork and legal process

9. Tweet: NYTimes OpEd: Its not just AZ Gestapo law, GOP and
Nation are in peril #immigration

10. Tweet: TheHill: House Dems prep for #immigration battle Reconciliation bills must originate in the
House - where's the bill?

11. Tweet: Politico: No VIP visas for fashion models #immigration

12. Tweet: ABA Pressured to Move #Immigration Conference
out of Arizona Do the right thing, ABA, follow
AILA n Fragomen!

13. Tweet: NY Governor Move May Help Immigrants Facing
Deportation: setting an example for other states #immigration

14. Tweet: Politico: Obama #immigration hedge shocks left

15. Tweet: RT @markos: RT @dailykos: Catalyst for hateful Arizona
law had little to do with #immigration issue

16. Tweet: Inspiring #immigration Editorial - The Arizona

17. Tweet: Don't be left out... Get listed! Sign up for ILW.COM
Attorney Yellow Pages at

18. Tweet: Employer's Immigration Compliance Desk Reference: A
great resource for HR managers, #immigration counsel and

19. Tweet: RT @4aNewAmerica: #Arizona Diamondbacks Face Backlash
Over Anti-#Immigration Law #RI4A #immigrant

20. Tweet: RT @tonyherrera RT @marioradio Bombshell: AZ Rancher
murder suspect an American! If true, how about
we deport all antis!

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy LLP
seeks entry level and experienced business immigration paralegals
for the New York City and surrounding offices. Ideal candidates
have one to five years of business immigration experience,
including non immigrant and immigrant visa matters and a
Bachelors degree. Excellent verbal and written communication
skills as well as strong organizational and Microsoft Office
Suite skills required. Please send cover letter and* resume to:, including reference to ILW.COM.

2. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Dallas, TX - Business immigration practice
seeks immigration paralegal to support lawyers and handle
administrative tasks; requires 1-2 years experience with H, L, E
visas;* prefer knowledge of INSZoom; must have strong MS Office
skills and be fully bilingual in English and Mandarin (speak,
read, write). Email letter and resume with references (Adobe or
Word only) with Immigration Paralegal/Admin in the subject line,

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Classes offered both online and in-person.* Master the complex
and ever changing maze of immigration policies and regulations
with the Immigration Law Studies Certificate Program offered by
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certificate program, consisting of (3) three-credit classes,
offers students who complete it a comprehensive understanding of
the laws, regulations, and processes surrounding the status of
immigrants in the US, including family and employment-based
immigration and deportation defense. It is designed for
individuals working in law firms, companies, government agencies
and nonprofit organizations where they interact with immigrants
and immigrant legal concerns on a regular basis and would
therefore benefit from greater knowledge of the laws and
regulations surrounding immigration. For more information on
class schedules, tuition and fees, course applications and to
register, see here.

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reminders, document storage and assembly. A library of
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Online access for clients to check case status included. Compliancy
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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Book - Immigration and Self-
Government of Minority Nations
Edited by Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Peter Lang Publishing, 177 pp.,
Paperback, ISBN: 9052015473, $43.95,

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  1. Philip Wolgin, Doctoral Candidate in History, UC Berkeley's Avatar
    I just posted an Op-ed on Huffington Post about the new Reid-Schumer-Menendez immigration blueprint that came out last week. I've seen a lot of stories recently about SB1070 and border enforcement, but very little on the new blueprint. I would like to share with Immigration Daily readers. Here's the link:
  2. Honza Prchal, Esq.'s Avatar
    Here's more on the AZ law,

    by professor Victor Davis Hanson who simultaneously decries the "helot-like" status of illegals in the United States and the fact that so very many keep coming. He is quite a humane chap, though one would not guess it from those who denounce him as a heartless "anti".
  3. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    With regard to the Reid-Schumer-Menendez immigration proposal, Philip Wolgin should be commended for his analysis. Despite some positive provisions concerning temporary work visas, etc., which are sure to be wiped out by Republican amendments, the focus on enforcement to the near exclusion of reforming the inequities in the system, coming from Democrats who are supposed to be pro-immigrant, is not a good sign.

    Suppose the Democrats had begun the health care reform debate by drafting a bill upholding the right of insurance companies to refuse or terminate coverage of any person at any time and for any reason. Suppose that the draft had also mandated insurance companies to raise their premiums by 40 per cent each year on all policies. What kind of reform would that have been?

    With some of the provisions Mr. Wolgin describes in the draft prepared by their Democratic friends, immigrants do not need any enemies.
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