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The Second Decade Of Immigration Daily

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

May 3, 2010,0503.shtm

1.* Comment: Comment: The Second Decade Of Immigration Daily
2.* Focus: Custody, Voluntary Departure, and Judicial Review:
*** From the Begnning to the End
3.* Articles:
*** (a) Article: The Tyranny Of Priority Dates by Gary Endelman
*** and Cyrus D. Mehta
*** (b) Article: The Art Of The Empty Gesture And The Pointlessly
*** Principled Stand: Why The Arizona Debate Is Irrelevant by
*** Brandon Meyer
*** (c) Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On May 3, 2010 by Joel
*** Stewart, Greg Siskind, Christopher T. Mussilo and Matthew
*** Kolken
4.* News:
*** (a) News: USCIS Publishes Flyer On Naturalization
*** (b) News: CRS Report on Mexico-U.S. Relations: Issues for
*** Congress
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*** (a) Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
*** (b) BIA Delivery Service
*** (c) Forensic Psychology Services
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*** (a) ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event - Washington, DC
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*** ReadersWrite: Today's Discussion,0503.shtm

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Comment: The Second Decade Of Immigration Daily

The first issue of Immigration Daily was sent out on May 2, 2000
to about 800 subscribers. This issue, our 10th anniversary issue,
is going out to over 35,000 subscribers, including approximately
9,000 immigration lawyers. We are the newspaper of record for
immigration law. However, we reach an incredibly diverse
audience, including paralegals, HR folks, in-house counsel,
academia, think-tanks, journalists, and thousands of government
employees. Our single largest audience group is immigrants
themselves, over 15,000 of them. Accordingly, we cover not just
immigration law - which remains our central focus - but also
immigration policy - which affects the diverse group of readers
that we serve - members, we believe, of the "immigration law
community". We pioneered the distribution of free information in
immigration law, leveraging the open platform of the internet to
disseminate information on immigration matters. We are pleased to
see that the free distribution of immigration information on the
internet is now taken for granted by all. As we enter our second
decade, we declare our intention to continue bringing innovation
to the immigration law community (as can be seen by the constant
changes and tweaks visible on our home page and in Immigration

We want to thank three particular groups of people who have been
integral to our success and achievements. Firstly, we could not
have made it here without hundreds of contributing authors -
their participation alone shows that Immigration Daily serves a
legitimate need of the immigration bar. Secondly, immigration
attorneys throughout the country have consistently voted with
hard-earned dollars to support our free publication by buying our
books and seminars (we are also pleased to see the continued
support of numerous advertisers) - without their active and
sustained support Immigration Daily would not have been possible.
Finally, any publication ultimately derives its legitimacy as a
viable and thriving medium from - and only from - its readers. By
continuing to vote with your mouse clicks, each and every one of
you makes our daily efforts in our offices in New York City to
bring you this periodical worthwhile. Thank you ALL!

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to

Focus: Custody, Voluntary Departure, and Judicial Review: From
the Begnning to the End

Tuesday, May 4 is the deadline for the Thursday, May 6 phone
session of "Removal For Experts" with Lory Rosenberg, Lisa
Brodyaga, Linda Friedman Ramirez, Jeff Joseph, Anne Relias,
Deborah Smith and others. The curriculum is as follows:

++ Mandatory detention "when released" issues
++ Voluntary departure, knowing waivers, motions to reopen
++ Reinstatement and judicial review
++ Final order review under the Real ID
++ Stays and motions
++ Habeas challenges

Tuesday, May 4 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,
including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration
information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up

(a) Article: The Tyranny Of Priority Dates

Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta,0503-endelman.pdf,0503-endelman.pdf

(b) Article: The Art Of The Empty Gesture And The Pointlessly
Principled Stand: Why The Arizona Debate Is Irrelevant

Brandon Meyer,0503-meyer.shtm

(c) Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On May 3, 2010

Joel Stewart, Greg Siskind, Christopher T. Mussilo and Matthew

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.* NEWS

(a) News: USCIS Publishes Flyer On Naturalization,0503-naturalization.pdf

(b) News: CRS Report on Mexico-U.S. Relations: Issues for

(a) Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Dallas, TX - Business immigration practice
seeks immigration paralegal to support lawyers and handle
administrative tasks; requires 1-2 years experience with H, L, E
visas;* prefer knowledge of INSZoom; must have strong MS Office
skills and be fully bilingual in English and Mandarin (speak,
read, write). Email letter and resume with references (Adobe or
Word only) with Immigration Paralegal/Admin in the subject line,

(b) BIA Delivery Service
Have you missed the deadline for overnight delivery to the Board
of Immigration Appeals? We offer same day service to the BIA. We
are conveniently located only a block away. Fax us your Notice to
Appeal or brief by 2pm ET on the due date to: (703) 845-5991 and
we will personally file it for you, obtain a stamped date copy
and mail/fax it back to you. We offer competitive rates and
unparallelled service. For information, contact us: Brief-X-
Press, Falls Church, VA* Fax: (703) 845-5991.

(c) Forensic Psychology Services
Forensic Psychology Group - nationwide service - 800-852-2160.
The Forensic Psychology Group provides nationwide expert witness
services in all areas of immigration law. It is led by Stephen
Reich, PhD, JD, and Grace P. Lee, PhD, JD, who are both clinical
psychologists and attorneys, and also AILA members. The Group's
experts - all licensed psychologists or psychiatrists - have
extensive experience in working collaboratively with immigration
lawyers on a wide range of forensic psychological issues. We
offer nationwide service in the following areas: psychological
consultation, psychodiagnostic evaluation, psychological reports,
expert witness services, courtroom testimony, political asylum
evaluation, extreme and exceptional hardship evaluations, spousal
abuse, citizenship waivers. Dr. Stephen Reich, the Group's
founder and director, is a nationally known forensic psychologist
who holds a BA, JD, and MBA from Columbia University, and an MA
and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University. He has
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6.* Tweets

(a) Tweet: Supremes close Main Door - no more entry beneath the
inscription "Equal Justice Under Law" See

(b) Tweet: RT @SparBernstein: Our usual Monday plea to Michael
Moore @mmflint to consider doing a flick on #immigration.

(c) Tweet: RT @MicEvHill: The Washington Post: "Senate Democrats'
Plan Highlights Nation's Shift to the Right on #Immigraton"

(d) Tweet: Will Hertz bow to pressure from racists and continue
with Arizona anti-boycott ad? #immigration -
Activism alert!

(e) Tweet: TheHill story: #MLB players union
takes patriotic stance - urges AZ Gestapo law be "repealed or
modified promptly"

(f) Tweet: TheHill story on patriotic Democrats vs. traitorous
Dems Hero Serrano urges MLB to cancel Phoenix
game! #immigration

(g) Tweet: Hero Guiterrez arrested - Politico story: Civil Disobedience now, underground railroad
comes next! Down with #ICE!

(h) Tweet: Politico story on CA GOP primary
GOPers all toe racist line, set themselves up for Wilson repeat

(i) Tweet: Politico: Napolitano blah blah on AZ Gestapo law Stop the words, Madam Secretary, grant TPS to
ALL instead! #immigration

(j) Tweet: TheHill: Axelrod says Congress should set #immigration
reform in motion this year Lets make sure
using reconciliation.

(k) Tweet: Seven points in the #immigration bill

(l) Tweet: DOJ Challenges Sex Offender's Effort to
Renounce #Citizenship

(m) Tweet: RT @CenteredPols: RT @TheAtlanticWire: What if cops
stopped 'conservative, overweight white men'?

(n) Tweet: RT @CCIR: Why My Conservative Business Friends Support
#Immigration Reform:

(o) Tweet: RT @DavidLeopold: Email from Author of Arizona
Immigration Law Reveals Intent to Profile Latinos! Read my

(p) Tweet: RT @desi****: Is Arizona trying to start a(n) (un)
civil war? #legalizeaz Our take: at a minimum, AZ legislators
shud do prison time.

(q) Tweet: WaPo: Obama's fatal flinch on #immigration reform What is Dem strategy only hot air OR will Dems
use reconciliation?

(r) Tweet: RT @thinkprogress: Major League Baseball Players
Association calls for 'repeal' or prompt modification of Arizona

(s) Tweet: Nazi GOPer wants to install microchips in #immigrants USA deserves better, lets deport this thug to

(t) Tweet: WaPo OpEd: The distinctly American response to "Your
papers please" is "Go to hell" #immigration

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(a) ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event - Washington, DC
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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Brandon Meyer, in his article in this issue, tries to downplay the significance of both the Arizona Hate Act (AHA) and the movement for CIR. He may be right that neither may ever actually go into effect (in the case of AHA) or be enacted (in the case of CIR). Even if both of these events do take place, the effect of these laws, in all probability, may be as limited as Mr. Meyer believes.

    As I argued in my last letter, if the language against racial profiling in the AHA is taken seriously, instead of just being regarded as meaningless verbiage inserted to help the law withstand legal challenges, the law will be totally unenforceable. Without racial profiling, knowing whether someone might be illegal would be subject to the same comment that the early 20th century wit, Dorothy Parker, was supposed to have made when it was announced that Calvin Coolidge, one of America's least loquacious presidents, had died. She said: "How can they tell?"

    In the same way, Mr. Meyer is right to argue that the amnesty provisions of any CIR that might have any chance of passage (and none now does) would be of limited effect, only dealing with a present problem instead of preventing future ones. Then why are both the AHA and CIR so significant?

    The answer is that both are not isolated laws pr proposals, but part of wider and more powerful movements. The AHA is only one of more than 200 proposals (or at least that was the latest number that I remember seeing) that have been introduced in state or local legislatures targeting immigrants. The proposals are not by any means limited to harassing illegals. Look at the "English only" proposals, for example. These would require Spanish-speaking US citizens to shut up just as much as illegals, instead of speaking their own language in public.

    Another example is the movement to deport millions of law-abiding US citizens, namely the US-born children of Hispanic immigrants (legal and illegal). Against the Constitution, you say? OK, then let's trash the Constitution. So much for the restrictionists' respect for the law.

    Just as the AHA is only one sign of a larger anti-Latino, anti-Asian racism, so is CIR only one small step toward a badly needed broader reform of America's entire immigration system. We can no longer get by with immigration laws that presume that America will continue to be an isolated, walled off, white enclave in a globalized, mainly non-white continent and world. That is the real significance of CIR. That is also why there is such intense racist opposition to even this small step toward greater tolerance and diversity in America, as well as so much support for other AHA's all around this nation of immigrants.
  2. Benito Mora Segovia's Avatar
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and congratulate you for the excellent job. I have enjoyed many hours of reading ID's great material on Immigration issues. I am the General Director of a Law Office here in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico and would like to know about your future Seminar schedules as we are very interested in participating in some of them.
  3. Tim Houghtaling, retired INS's Avatar
    The following article should stir ID's vocal counselors:

    Walter Moore's Article, "Arizona Can Enforce Federal Immigration Law",

    Cautionary note: In my INS career the word was local/state officials can enforce federal laws cognizable as felonies (re-entery after deportation, smuggling, etc.) but not simple illegal which can be either a misdemeanor or status violation. One would think Circuit Court Judges have a better grasp than the sporadic INS information that seeped out.
  4. Jay McTyier, Esq's Avatar
    Like Mr. Algase, I found much merit in Brandon Meyer's dose of reality comments. During this and the former CIR debate the resulted in melt-down, the rhetoric has focused on humanitarian issues--family separation, intrinsic rights of human citizens, expressions of an ideal, borderless global society--when the root causes are economic. Foreign nationals come to the US not to "breath free" as the melodramatic phrases at the base of the Statue of Liberty suggest but to earn more than they could at home.

    The current CIR debate presents an opportunity for America to look at and understand how it's own immigration law really works. It's clear from the talk coming from those who support the Arizona effort that they have no understanding of American immigration jurisprudence and history. You want to remove the law that confers citizenship at bith in the US, to remove the incentive for Mexican citizens using pregnancy as an end-run around immgration regulations? Then understand it will apply equally to the nice British couple who came for college and never left.
  5. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Right wing lie: The AHA (Arizona Hate Act) was a legitimate response to the federal government's failure to enforce the immigration laws. Anyone who believes that kind of nonsense might just as well take some time off to go to the next meeting of his or her "death panel" to find out whose grandmother is next on the list. The Obama administration is one of the most immigration enforcement obsessed in modern history. Under Section 287(g), DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has already given unprecedented power to local racists like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to create their own little B?chenwalds and Dachaus for Mexican immigrants.

    The problem began when Napolitano tried to take back some of the power she had given Arpaio. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Abracadabra! Now we have the AHA.

    Now, the left wing lie: Obama and Napolitano simply LOVE immigrants but can't do a thing until CIR passes. What incredible rubbish. The federal government has enormous power over immigration enforcement. It can do almost anything it wants, and refrain from doing almost anything it doesn't want. It also has tremendous power over the states. How about cutting off all federal grants to the National Socialist Republic of Arizona for starters? But don't expect any action against the right wing anti-immigrant racists, who are a threat to our freedoms far beyond Arizona, from the gutless bunch of cowards who now occupy the White House.
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