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Apr 30 - Arizona Law

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April 30, 2010,0430.shtm

1.* Focus: US Tax Compliance For Immigrants And Employers: The
Lawyers Complete Guide
2.* Articles:
*** (a) Article: Arizona's New Immigration Law by Harry DeMell
*** (b) Article: A Preliminary Look At Some Of The Constitutional
*** And Practical Problems With Arizona's New Immigration Law by
*** David A. Isaacson
*** (c) Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On April 30, 2010 by Angelo A.
*** Paparelli and Matthew Kolken
3.* News:
*** (a) News: ICE Announces Staffing Company Executives Charged
*** With Hiring Undocumented Aliens
*** (b) News: CRS Report On Judicial Review Of Removal Orders
*** (c) News: DHS Releases Statistics On 2009 Nonimmigrant
*** Admissions To US
*** (d) News: USCIS Fact Sheet On Fee Waiver Requests
4.* Classifieds:
*** (a) Immigration Paralegal
*** (b) Website Services
*** (c) PERM Services
*** (d) CLE Immigration Event
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*** (a) 25 Tweets Today
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*** (a) ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
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*** (a) Yesterday's Discussion
*** (b) Today's Discussion,0430.shtm

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Focus: US Tax Compliance For Immigrants And Employers: The
Lawyer's Complete Guide

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++U.S. Taxation of B-1 Business Visitors
++U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students
++L-1 Intracompany Transferees on U.S. Assignment
++What You Need to Know About Exchange Visitors
++J-1 Nonstudent Exchange Visitors Performing U.S. Services
++Tax Treaty Benefits for Foreign Nationals Performing U.S.
++Appendix includes Treaties/Agreements and Sample Letters
++CD-ROM includes 50+ IRS Forms, 16 IRS Publications, useful web

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(a) Article: Arizona's New Immigration Law by Harry DeMell,0430-demell.shtm

(b) Article: A Preliminary Look At Some Of The Constitutional And
Practical Problems With Arizona's New Immigration Law by
David A. Isaacson,0430-isaacson.shtm

(c) Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On April 30, 2010 by Angelo A.
Paparelli and Matthew Kolken,0430-blog.shtm,0430-blog.shtm#bio

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
3.* NEWS

(a) News: ICE Announces Staffing Company Executives Charged With
Hiring Undocumented Aliens,0430-ICE.shtm

(b) News: CRS Report On Judicial Review Of Removal Orders,0430-crs.pdf

(c) News: DHS Releases Statistics On 2009 Nonimmigrant Admissions
To US,0430-nonimmigrant.pdf

(d) News: USCIS Fact Sheet On Fee Waiver Requests,0430-waiver.shtm

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(a) Tweet: RT @thinkprogress: Arizona Expands Its Discrimination:
Teachers With Heavy Accents Can't Teach English

(b) Tweet: TheHill: Democrats pledge to move toward 2010 vote on
#immigration reform Dems shud use
reconciliation for #CIR

(c) Tweet: Politico: GOP holds ground as Dems offer #immigration

(d) Tweet: WSJ OpEd: Racist Noonan doesnt get it. #immigrants
deserve legalization. If she doesnt like this, she shud leave

(e) Tweet: NYTimes: Democrats Outline Plans for #Immigration

(f) Tweet: CNN: Patriot AZ cop sues over Gestapo law Deport AZ racists to Antarctica! #immigration

(g) Tweet: Wear this t-shirt to support #immigrants in AZ HT GregSiskind

(h) Tweet: RT @mgraciosa: RT @douglasrivlin: Rep. Keith Ellison
(D-MN): "We need to get busy on comprehensive #immigration
reform" (House floor now)

(i) Tweet: RT @dcimmigration: First SB1070 lawsuit: Escobar v.
Brewer, Apr. 29, 2010, D. Ariz. #immigration

(j) Tweet: @leareiter: It is all politics - if we scare Reid
enough, maybe we will get a vote. If not, we have to act
accordingly in November.

(k) Tweet: The Antis' - a.k.a. Racist Thugs' - take on latest
Democrat efforts on #immigration

(l) Tweet: Democrats lie to #immigrants from President to Speaker
and on and on ... Here's the take from America'sVoice:

(m) Tweet: Who will win the battle 4 GOP's soul? Racists like
Arpaio n Hunter or Patriots like Jeb Bush n Connie Mack? #immigration

(n) Tweet: America's Voice: Welcome the Trail of Dreams Walkers
to Washington-Plus, Urgent Request for Help

(o) Tweet: TheHill: Reid, Schumer, Menendez to unveil
#immigration reform plan

(p) Tweet: TheHill: Sane GOPers now criticizing AZ Gestapo law #immigration

(q) Tweet: TheHill: Pelosi: #Immigration reform requires
'presidential leadership' Obviously, there is
no House leadership 4 this!

(r) Tweet: Civil disobedience at WhiteHouse over
#immigration We support these protesting

(s) Tweet: RollCall: Pelosi backstabs AZ boycott #immigrants have no friends in Dem leadership.

(t) Tweet: Politico: Lindsey Graham under attack on #immigration So now the q is: who will lose - Reid in Nov
or McCain in Aug?

(u) Tweet: Politico: John Boehner: #Immigration reform unlikely Who is Speaker - Boehner or Pelosi? Does it
make a difference2 #CIR?

(v) Tweet: Politico: Harry Reid tries to jump the Lindsey Graham
roadblock #immigration U decide who's
MajorityLeader ReidorGraham?

(w) Tweet: Employer's Immigration Compliance Desk Reference: A
great resource for HR managers, #immigration counsel and

(x) Tweet: RT @anjamd AZ you did the crime now you gotta pay the
fine RT @RI4A We disagree: now they gotta do
the time #legalizeAZ

(y) Tweet: Greg Siskind: Dems circulate detailed #CIR proposal

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  1. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Arizona Governor Brewer has just signed an amendment to the Arizona immigration law that is supposed to extend the prohibition against racial profiling to all parts of the law, not just the section concerning complaints against employers. This is meant to make it easier for the law to withstand legal challenges. It may also make the law completely unenforceable.

    How else can a police officer tell if there is "reasonable suspicion" that a person may be "illegal"? (Actually, the law uses the far more complicated but narrow term "unlawfully present", which even USCIS Associate Director Donald Neufeld doesn't understand, if his convoluted and virtually incomprehensible 51-page May 6, 2009 memo on this subject is any indication.)

    The Arizona police now seem to be an an impossible situation. If they pick someone up because he or she looks Mexican, they can be sued for racial profiling. But if they don't stop the person, they can be sued for not enforcing the law. The main effect of the law, (if it is not struck down) may be less in its practical application than its psychological effect as a statement of hate against a minority group unseen since the days of the Montgomery Alabama boycott and Sheriff Bull Connor, whose successor in race-baiting, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, seems to be the main winner so far in the battle over this law.

    The inept drafting of the Arizona law, of which use of "unlawful presence", a term that applies to only some, but by no means all, unauthorized foreign citizens in this country, as one of its key phrases, is only one out of many other examples, and its blatant message of hate, are the best possible arguments for leaving the federal government in charge of immigration enforcement instead of letting bigoted local officials get into the act. Better even an enforcement-obsessed Homeland Security chief like Janet Napolitano than someone like Sheriff Joe, her erstwhile supporter.

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