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Apr 16 - Articles Express

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

April 16, 2010,0416.shtm

1.  Comment: Comment: Articles Express
2.  Focus: Focus: Advanced Business Immigration Strategies in
Troubled Times
3.  Articles:
    (a) Article: A True Test Of The U.S. Lack Of Economic
    Recovery: The Continued Availability Of H-1B Numbers For
    Fiscal Year 2011 Post April 1st by Wendy Castor Hess
    (b) Article: Recommendations On Positive Immigration Options
    That The Administration Should Explore by Alan Lee
    (c) Article: Arrested? Tell Your Immigration Lawyer! by
    Myriam Jaidi
    (d) Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On April 16, 2010 by Angelo A.
    Paparelli, Matthew Kolken, Anthony F. Siliato, and Scott R.
    (e)Article: The Power of the Latino Vote in America They
    Tipped Elections in 2008; Where Will They Be in 2010? by
    Frank Sharry
4.  News:
    (a) News: CRS Report On Mexico US Relations
5.  Classifieds:
    (a) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
    (b) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
    (c) I-9 And E-Verify Compliance Technology
    (d) BIA Delivery Service
6.  Tweets:
    (a) 17 Tweets Today
7.  ComingsNGoings:
    (a) ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event - New York, NY
8.  Letters From:
    (a) ReadersWrite: Today's Discussion,0416.shtm

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Comment: Articles Express

Immigration Daily is pleased to offer a faster turnaround time
for running Featured Articles. In order to better serve our
readers, we hope to carry approved Articles within a day or two
of submission. That's right, within 48 hours of submission. For
authors, you will have the gratification of seeing your Article
published and in the hands of readers much faster. We believe
this is a win-win for both Immigration Daily Authors and readers.
We invite Immigration Daily readers to send in submissions for
consideration. Immigration Daily does not impose word limits, or
other constraints including footnotes and specific formatting
requirements. All that we ask is that the Article is written for
a professional audience and that immigration attorneys and other
professionals find it relevant to their immigration law practice.
Send submissions (be sure to include an Author Bio) to

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to

Focus: Advanced Business Immigration Strategies in Troubled Times

ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new 3-part seminar series
"Advanced Business Immigration Strategies in Troubled Times" with
Angelo Paparelli, Nicole Kersey, James King, Robert Loughran,
Cynthia Lange, Cyrus Mehta, Sherry Neal. The curriculum is as

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the
age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of
belief, it was the epoch of incredulity... " - Charles Dickens

"Take sides... Silence encourages the tormentor, never the
tormented."- Elie Wiesel

FIRST Phone Session on April 22: Strategies for Staffing and
Consulting Firms, Working Owners, End Users and Hapless
++ Overcoming the 1-8-2010 Neufeld Memo on employer/employee
++ Preparing winning cases at the outset without going broke
++ Developing evidence (by industry and size of business) to
satisfy USCIS
++ Responding to RFEs, NOIDs and "derogatory information"
++ Invoking forgiveness clauses:
++ Extraordinary circumstances
++ Technical reasons
++ No fault of the petitioner or beneficiary
++ Addressing Consular and Port of Entry challenges after
petition approval

SECOND Phone Session on May 13: Strategies for Investigation
++ Developing corporate immigration policies and protocols on
investigation preparedness
++ Identifying key players:
++ HR, Legal Dept., Reception, Security, PR, foreign-national
staff, vendors/service providers

and Immigration Counsel
++ Auditing proactively for immigration compliance
++ Responding to particular government agencies:

THIRD Phone Session on June 3: Strategies for Advocacy and
++ Opting for motions to reopen/reconsider, AAO appeal, re-filing
or litigation
++ Utilizing the USCIS Ombudsman and Office of Public Engagement
++ Enlisting traditional media and social media support:
++ Reporters, editors and producers
++ Web 2.0 (Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter YouTube)
++ Advocating with agency leaders, the Executive Branch and
Members of Congress
++ Litigating causes of action:
++ Agency failure to engage in notice-and-comment rulemaking
++ Petition for review of administrative agency action
++ Paperwork Reduction Act ? "Public Protection" clause
++ Regulatory Flexibility Act
++ Religious Freedom Restoration Act
++ Mandamus

Tuesday, April 20 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,
including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration
information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up

(a) Article: A True Test Of The U.S. Lack Of Economic Recovery:
The Continued Availability Of H-1B Numbers For Fiscal Year 2011
Post April 1st by Wendy Castor Hess,0416-hess.shtm

(b) Article: Recommendations On Positive Immigration Options That
The Administration Should Explore by Alan Lee,0416-lee.shtm

(c) Article: Arrested? Tell Your Immigration Lawyer! by
Myriam Jaidi,0416-jaidi.shtm

(d) Article: ILW.COM Bloggings On April 16, 2010 by
Angelo A. Paparelli, Matthew Kolken, Anthony F. Siliato, and
Scott R. Malyk,0416-blog.shtm,0416-blog.shtm#bio

(e) Article: The Power of the Latino Vote in AmericaThey Tipped
Elections in 2008; Where Will They Be in 2010? by
Frank Sharry,0416-sharry.pdf

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.  NEWS

(a) News: CRS Report On Mexico US Relations,0416-crs.pdf

(a) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Washington, DC - Fragomen
is looking for an attorney with 1+ years of experience in
business immigration with an emphasis on the preparation, review
and analysis of nonimmigrant L-1 and H-1B petitions and
applications; knowledge of immigration law and procedure;
excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Qualified
candidates will be highly organized, have a strong work ethic and
have meticulous attention to detail. Associate will work with
large, global, corporate accounts and have a great deal of direct
client contact. Highly competitive salary and benefits. Please
email cover letter, resume, and writing sample (Word or Adobe
formats only), in confidence, to Robert F. McCafferty, Human
Resources/Office Manager, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy,
LLP, at Or fax same to
202-371-2898. EOE.

(b) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Portland, Oregon -  The Office of the Chief Counsel seeks
experienced attorney Associate Regional Counsel, USCIS OCC,
Western Region with 2+ years experience. Provide on-site legal
advice to the local District Office USCIS personnel on issues
involving immigration related adjudications, inadmissibility and
deportability grounds, and national security. Responsible for
providing litigation support to U.S. Attorneys' Offices on cases
arising from local District adjudications. Supervised by the
Deputy Western Regional Counsel and the Western Regional Counsel.
Preference is given to applicants with immigration law
experience, federal litigation background, excellent academic
record, and strong writing skills. For more info, key in Job
Announcement Number: COU-CIS-2010-0005 at
Submit resume, cover letter, references, + writing sample
(maximum 10 pps.) to Kelli Duehning, Western Regional Counsel,
USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel: Must be received by 5pm EST,
Monday, April 23, 2010. Position is at the GS-13/14/15 levels.
Open until filled.

(c) I-9 And E-Verify Compliance Technology
What do top employment firms, leading I-9 experts, and 3,000+ US
worksites all have in common about their I-9 and E-Verify
compliance strategy? LawLogix's state-of-the-art integrated I-9
and E-Verify system that provides organizations with a platform
to create, store, and easily manage secure electronic and error
checked I-9's and E-Verify results. LawLogix boasts a 9-year
track record, successful migration of over half a million paper
I-9s, unmatched data security, and cutting edge features to
assist organizations with state and federal compliance (e.g., FAR
Executive Order 13465). We offer a systematic approach to the
reduction of compliance risks including the automated digitizing
and transcription of old I-9s, real-time error checking of new
electronic I-9s, and data integration with current HRIS systems.
Tangible results: time-saved, fewer paid fines, significant
reductions in compliance and reputation risks. Visit:,
email or call today 602-357-4240 ext.
7150 to sign-up under our money back guarantee or to request your
private demo.

(d) BIA Delivery Service
Have you missed the deadline for overnight delivery to the Board
of Immigration Appeals? We offer same day service to the BIA. We
are conveniently located only a block away. Fax us your Notice to
Appeal or brief by 2pm ET on the due date to: (703) 845-5991 and
we will personally file it for you, obtain a stamped date copy
and mail/fax it back to you. We offer competitive rates and
unparallelled service. For information, contact us: Brief-X-
Press, Falls Church, VA  Fax: (703) 845-5991.

To place a classifieds ad in Immigration Daily, see here
6.  Tweets

(a) Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help wanted ad on
#Immigration Daily. Find out more details at

(b) #FollowFriday @patelfirm @mkolken @dreamact @SparBernstein
@4aNewAmerica @willcoley @cliniclegal @guestworker @breakthrough

(c) Will Democrats Use #Immigration as Weapon Or Try to Pass A
Bill? "Passing something is better than passing nothing"

(d) CongressDaily: Antis at FAIR "optimistic" that Congress wont
move #immigration Obama, Reid n Pelosi
backstab immigrants!

(e) Kos of DailyKos: #Immigration reform as Democratic electoral
firewall Will Schumer listen or is he closet

(f) #Napolitano asleep on job! Thug Arpaio still not in prison!
He is still terrorizing #immigrants!

(g) 2 small #immigration benefits bills to hit Senate floor this
week! R these trial balloons for AgJOBS n/or

(h) CQPolitics: If no #CIR, lets do AgJOBS n #DREAM No action NOW will haunt #Obama. Forget the
birthers, v will deport him!

(i) RollCall: Reid still saying #CIR this year
Democratic lies continue - Where is Schumer's bill n markup

(j) Reid says one thing in DC, another in Nevada, hopes no one
notices! Msg2Spanish media in Nevada-expose
Reid 4 what he is

(k) Politico: Reid backtracks on #immigration
Nevada Latinos are not fools, Reid is NOT serious about #CIR

(l) NYTimes: Reid flip-flop on #immigration timetable raises
fears of Latino backlash

(m) TheHill: #immigration not even considered by Democratic
legislative directors for 2010 Democrats
backstab immigrants!

(n) Gutierrez decries inaction on #immigration

(o) Removal Book: Learn abt removal proceedings, relief from
removal, appeals & much more. For table of contents & get copy

(p) Tufts president endorses measure to aid immigrant students:
Bacow backs #dreamact!

(q) RT @MexntheCity: Photo: MARINA: As part of Immigration Week
here in NYC the film "The Other Side of #Immigration" by Roy

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Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at
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(a) ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event - New York, NY
April 15-21 - NYC Immigrant Heritage Week honors the vibrant
immigrant cultures, heritages and communities found in every
corner of the City. Throughout the week, a rich collection of
family friendly events, film screenings, art exhibits and walking
tours will promote and reflect the diversity of the immigrant
communities in our City.

Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at
no charge), email:

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  1. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    The ILW article, "A True Test Of The U.S. Lack Of Economic Recovery: The Continued Availability Of H-1B Numbers For Fiscal Year 2011 Post April 1st by Wendy Castor Hess" is interesting, but likely misleading. Hiring is almost always a trailing indicator. I expect hiring of immigrants in specialty jobs to be no different.
    The Administration made black farmers something of a low priority and the depth of Obama's support there, if not the breadth, suffered, but the political effects in the next two elections should be minimal. Unlike black farmers, however, Latinos and immigrants generally are spread heavily across a number of swing districts. The inaction expected on immigration by most of the news sources cited in today's ILW bodes ill for the administration and its Congressional majorities, especially as few immigrant groups look to the President as one of their own who cannot be abandoned.
  2. Roger Algase, Attorney at Law's Avatar
    Harry Reid has made clear what the Democrats' strategy on immigration reform is: pretend to be trying to do something while making sure that nothing happens. Instead of taking on the overt racism that is at the heart of much of the anti-immigrant movement, the Democrats will continue to say nice things about how great reform would be if it would only happen by itself, without anyone actually having to take responsibility for introducing and passing a bill.

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to outdo even the hypocrisy of the Congressional Democrats by giving vague lip service to reform, while continuing to let top officials like DHS Secretary Napolitano terrorize Latino immigrants. At the same time, Obama is giving faceless bureaucrats like USCIS's Donald Neufeld the license to restrict access by predominantly Asian immigrants to legal visas by disregarding laws, regulations and established policies just as blatantly as any Mexican who comes across the border without authorization.
  3. Emmanuel S.Tipon, Esq.'s Avatar
    Responding To ID's April 19th Comment, Articles Express, it appears that ID is not following this editorial policy. ID seems to be a vehicle for liberals, amnesty advocates and other time wasting bloggers whose articles are irrelevant to our immigration law practice.

    ID readers and the immigration bar will be better served by articles written by people regardless of political persuasion that are not only relevant but are also material and useful dealing with:

    Here's how to do it, provide:

    (1) insights on burning issues on immigration law and practice
    (2) one sentence summaries of recent immigration decisions from all courts and the bia with a link to where the decision can be found
    (3) summaries of governmental policies on immigration with a link to the policy memorandum itself.

    I hope you will take this as constructive suggestion. If you do I will continue to contribute to ID publications.
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