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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration


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by Chris Musillo

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has temporarily blocked the Senate from passing HR 3012, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. The companion Senate bill was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). It is labeled S. 1857.

HR 3012/S 1857 seeks to eliminate per-country caps on employment-sponsored green cards. Sen. Grassley has held the bill because "it does nothing to better protect Americans."

Sen. Grassley has long sought major changes in the H-1B rules. He has not specified what changes he is seeking in HR 3012/S 1857. It does not seem likely that the Senator would allow any amendment to increase visa numbers or provide for a faster-track Schedule A visa process.

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  1. boogie's Avatar
  2. Jeff's Avatar
    Good for Sen. Grassley.

    As a specialist in health immigration, this bill will cause a huge shift in the occupational makeup of immigrants.

    Worldwide, over 70% of Indian PERMs are for IT workers. This is over double any other country (triple all but a few), and this bill will give them a lock on Green Cards for years to come. Other industries, like healthcare, will be shut out of the game for years.
  3. indian human resource management's Avatar
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  4. Jathie Kent's Avatar
    So Jeff - you are ok with the Indians and Chinese who have applied since 2003 to be on the same status and the company bear the H1b visa renewal money for the next 70 years? Do you even understand that majority of these ppl waiting for Green card could actually help boost economy? Real estate for one will start booming again. ppl on h1 dont want to buy houses.

    Another thing is ppl on h1b pay taxes too which contribute. Do you even understand that the social security tax paid by them does not count for their social security if they don't get the green card. so in essence, if they lost their h1b jobs, social security is up in flames for them. I don't understand Senator Grassley's problem with this bill. If a company finds a American worker suitable for the job, its going to hire them only. Why pay extra $10,000 bucks for the overall h1 and GC process?

    I think you are one of those ppl who will just say " oh foreigners are taking the jobs" rather than analyzing why is this happening in first place"
  5. Ravi's Avatar
    This is the right direction, when hiring, companies does not look for the country of origin, but when the green cards are given the government looks for the country of origin, it does not make sense.
    Some countries produces higher number of engineers/scientist more than other countries due to socio/economic reasons.
    So it does not make sense to have country quota for Employment based green cards, its all driven by the private sector business demands.
    It should be skill based first come first serve. Please support HR 3012/ S 1857.
  6. Jeff's Avatar
    Jathie, so many lines of BS in on short little paragraph.

    First, housing. That presupposes that only Indians and Chinese buy houses. I thought this bill did not increase the number of visas, so how can it increase housing sales? Same number of permanent residents=same number of houses. That one is just complete and utter tripe.

    The 70 year cannard has been shown by many to be completely and utterly false.

    But the point I made: This bill will make it more difficult for nurses and doctors (ie. health care providers) to come to the US. The green card system will be overwhelmed by IT "consultants", to the detriment of all other professions.
  7. Kumar's Avatar
    The claim regarding the 70 year wait time was made by Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division at the U.S. Department of State.

  8.'s Avatar
    why can't same rule apply on H1B rather on VISA numbers, and any country should get limited quota.
  9. Yoshihiro's Avatar
    I do not believe this bill to be the answer to the current backlog as it will actually impact everyone in the EB2 and EB3 queue. It might be of some benefit to the Indian and Chinese nationals, but not to the rest of the world. And the comment that every pro-HR 3012 individual is saying that Indian nationals could boost the economy is rather unfair in the sense that any individual in the Employment based category could actually boost the economy. So why enact a bill that indirectly favors only two nationalities? From where I'm looking, only two major immigrant groups can benefit not because they are the most qualified but rather because they get filed for the most visas. What this bill does is actually favor the country from which most H1b's come from with no actual measure of how needed the skilled laborer is. In the industry I work in which is healthcare (therapy is one ofthe few industries still growing despite the economy) I know a lot of therapists who did not get h1b's back in 2007 because out of 65,000 visas, about 55,000 of them were filed for Indian nationals in the IT sector which was actually laying off a lot of people. We've had therapist job openings for than 5 years, and I receive hiring notices daily because most therapy clinics and hospitals are understaffed. So yes, maybe you can boost the economy, but then remember that most EB3 and EB2 workers have at least a bachelors, so anyone of these can boost the economy as they all have good earning potential, and Indians and Chinese are no special than any other nationality (which I believe this bill heavily but indirectly favors). And yes, the bill does nothing to protect Americans and green card holders. What would actually make sense is to also set a per country quota on H1Bs as well to streamline everything and not bottleneck the employment based categories. So if only x percentage of h1bs coming in are Indians, then only x number could file for immigrant visas (and the same for all other countries as well). The US government should solve the problem at the entry point, not at the exit. If the per country h1b quota is met, then that's it, no recapture of unused h1bs for that year. They could potentially lessen the burden on dhs, on uscis, on law enforcement, on everything including the stress that immigrant visa-applicants have. What's happening is there is a horde of two major nationalities coming in and producng a bottleneck. One other thng I would like to see is to stop these IT staffing companies from bringing so many people in, yet they still do not have any actual positions or jobsites for them. A lot of these h1b holders had to look for their own jobs when they got here and then just kind of hook up their staffing companies to the jobsites they find (which is very illegal). I do not believe there is a shortage of local talent as I know a lot of programmers (US citizens and immigrants)who are looking for jobs. And I believe that it is actually harder for these individuals to get their degrees here in the US compared to how ap erson got his degree coming from the third world. I know because I got my degree from such a country, but I tried to in a way compensate by going to grad school here(Syracuse), and then my PhD(USC). But they go through so much more here academically and financially. I had to go through it to believe it. Do not tell me your degree is the same, because it is not. Do not tell me a Harvard or NYU or Berkeley degree is the same as what you have, because it will never be. So kudos Sen. Grassley, for putting some sense back in this issue.
  10. Raj's Avatar
    people start buying homes , cars , and travel to their home countries and will actually generate lot of revenue and can generate more jobs
  11. Triguna Personality's Avatar
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  12. john's Avatar
    Lies spread by HR 3012 proponents:

    - India/China only gets 7% employment visa:
    WRONG! Every year India alone gets 21-22% visas- because unused visas from other categories fall in their pocket.

    - HR 3012 reforms the employment based immigration for better:
    WRONG! It practically allocates pretty much all visas to India and China only for the next three years- all other countries will suffer a 6 year additional wait time on the average.

    - Some green card applicants from India may suffer a 70 year waiting period:
    WRONG! The worst category in employment based immigration has a waiting period of 9 years now, which will be further reduced as a direct consequence of the visa spillover rule.

    - HR 3012 will help ease the immigration pain for the "brightest"-
    WRONG- The advanced degree holders are already advancing at a fast pace, many of the people who would be benefitted (EB3 category mostly) don't even require a Bachelor's degree in some cases.

    - HR 3012 will bring fairness to immigration by eliminating country limits:
    WRONG! The bill will be unfair to those from all other countries facing an additional 5/6 years of waiting period. Changing rules retroactively will immediately make visas unavailable for every other country. The next two years two countries will get 90% visa, and all others will get merely 10%. Sounds fair to any reasonable soul?

    - HR 3012 does not impact the immigration flow, because it does not increase or decrease the total visa.
    WRONG! The labor data shows 80% green card applications in the IT come from India, in the Education come from all other countries( except India and China), and in the Healthcare come again from again all other countries( except India and China). This means the phase out period, i.e., the next three years will suffer a serious shortage of skilled immigration in Healthcare and Education at the expense of IT.

    - HR 3012 does not change diversity, as it is a small percentage.
    WRONG: The educated workforce diversity will be at stake.
    Basically, at workplace, you are likely to see an inflow of only Indians or Chinese immigrants. This is due to the radical nature of the transition proposal- which tries to change too much in a short time, that too at the expense of others.

    ?2011 Top Green Card Countries(Employment Based Greencard
    1 India 35,573
    2 South Korea 4,056
    3 China 4,031
    4 Mexico 3,678
    5 Canada 3,471
    6 Philippines 2,793
    7 Pakistan 1,071
    8 Taiwan 1,028
    9 Japan 1,026

    Kill the Bill HR 3012 ....
  13. Indian Traditional Personality Analysis's Avatar
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  14. kgr's Avatar
    social security tax on H1b is big bull shit!!, anyways they are not going to get it . After 5 years of their stay in USA all the immigrants are considered as Residents for tax purposes and IRS is taxing their world wide income . isn't it robbing them . if you guys want their tax money ? why not help them making the green card process easier. This is some kind of discrimination like regional discrimination . All the ground work is done for HR 3012, no one can stop it from passing in the senate !!!
  15. John's Avatar
    I'm sure there are honest ones, but the prfoisseon has a very shady reputation.I'm talking about honest immigrants who are not even in the country, who are given unrealistic expectations and bled dry by these parasites.
  16. Anu kantawala's Avatar
    Sorry to say that but as per current immigration laws other countries quota remain unused. Approval of hr 3012 will used for India & china who genuinely contribute in USA economy. Support HR 3012 .
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