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Dec 23 - Court Dismisses Abusive Detention Claim

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

December 23, 2009,1223.shtm

1.* Comment: Court Dismisses Abusive Detention Claim
2.* Focus: Today Is Deadline For Physicians For Beginners
3.* Articles:
*** (a) The Business Of Law* by Ed Poll
*** (b) Immigrants Of The Week: Carmen Herrera, Mirza Tihir and
*** Tomoaki Kato by Greg Siskind
*** (c)Tied to the Business Cycle: How Immigrants Fare in Good
*** and Bad Economic Times by Pia M. Orrenius And Madeline
*** Zavodny for the Migration Policy Institute
4.* News:
*** (a) DOS Issues QAs On Removal Of HIV From CDC List
5.* Classifieds:
*** (a) Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
*** (b) E-3 Treaty Visa
*** (c) Co-Counseling Offered
*** (d) BIA Delivery Service
6.* Headlines:
*** (a) Nearly 300 Individuals Sworn In As US Citizens
*** (b) Immigration Enforcement Fuels Rise in US Cases
*** (c) Arizona Prisons Plan To Transfer Illegal Immigrants To
*** Federal Custody
*** (d) Claremont Man Who Aided Migrants Convicted For Littering
7.* ComingsNGoings:
*** (a) Submit Your Announcement
8.* Letters From:
*** (a) Roger Algase, Esq.
*** (b) Robert Yang,1223.shtm

Books On Immigration Law:
Immigration Law Seminars:

Court Dismisses Abusive Detention Claim
reports "The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the
dismissal of a central claim in a high-profile putative class
action filed on behalf of Arab and Muslim noncitizens who were
subjected to prolonged, abusive detention by immigration
officials in the wake of Sept. 11."

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to

Today Is Deadline For Physicians For Beginners

Tuesday, December 22nd is the deadline for ILW.COM's new seminar
series of "Physicians For Beginners" with speakers Christopher
Wendt (discussion leader), Lisa E. Claypool, Kristen A. Harris,
Ann Lance, Bruce R. Larson, Hamel Vyas and Other Speakers To Be
Announced. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on December 23: Through the Looking Glass:
Introduction to Medical Education and Licensure; Working with
Hospital/Institutional Counsel

++System of Medical Education in the US
++++++Who is an FMG?
++++++Post-Graduate Medical Education
++Medical Licensure and Certification
++Interaction with the Immigration System
++Institutional Rules and Policies - Dealing with In-House
Immigration Staff/Counsel

SECOND Phone Session on January 6: The J-1 Exchange Visitor
Classification* and its Discontents

++Getting Into the J-1 (The ABC's of ECFMG)
++Getting Around the J-1 for Training
++Getting Out of the J-1 Obligations - Waivers and more
++Satisfying the 2 year home residency requirement
++The Physician National Interest Waiver

THIRD Phone Session on February 3: Other Common Immigrant and
Nonimmigrant Solutions for Doctors

++H-1B's for Physicians
++Avoiding PERM
++++++Schedule A, Group II
++++++The "other" National Interest Waiver

Tuesday, December 22nd is the deadline to sign up. For more info,
including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration
information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up

(a) The Business Of Law

Ed Poll writes "The agreement between client and lawyer isn't
complete until you get paid. The process only works when you make
it work.",1223-poll.shtm

(b) Immigrants Of The Week: Carmen Herrera, Mirza Tihir and
Tomoaki Kato

Greg Siskind celebrates the achievements of these select

(c) Tied to the Business Cycle: How Immigrants Fare inGood and
Bad Economic Times

Pia M. Orrenius And Madeline Zavodny for the Migration Policy
Institute write "Although immigrants made large inroads in the
labor market, the immigrant-native earnings gap
remained largely unchanged.",1223-orrenius.pdf

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.* NEWS

(a) DOS Issues QAs On Removal Of HIV From CDC List

DOS issued Questions and Answers on removal of* HIV infection
from the CDC list of communicable diseases of public health

(a) Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
seeks software sales executive to generate new business by cold
calling to develop new markets in the US immigration law firm
vertical. Requirements include: Excellent usage of MS Outlook,
Word, and Excel, meticulous organizational skills,
proven sales track record, confidence with cold calling, skilled
at online demos, strong communication skills, ability to
multitask, travel required (10-20%). Earn while you learn -
success will be amply rewarded. $48-$50K base + commission.
Competitive benefits package offered. Qualified applicants
encouraged to apply. Please send cover letter + resume to: with subject line indicating position.
No calls please, all applications must be submitted to:* Principals only.

(b) E-3 Treaty Visa
Job Expo Australia - Sydney in March 2010 - Melbourne in October
2010.** Hire Australians using the E-3 Treaty Visa. It is good
business to hire Australia's robust, educated and English-
speaking job seekers. Employers happily find that Australians do
not have the cultural assimilation or English language challenges
of many workers from other countries. Can't make the Expo -
utilize our Resume Service.* The Icon Group of Poulsbo,
Washington USA produces Job Expo Australia. Icon has been
producing world class international job expos for 12-years.
Excellent, high profile, Sponsorship opportunities are available
that will bring you to the attention of job seekers before and
during the Expo!* Outstanding hotel and airline discounts welcome
you.* Visit our website at
Contact us at mailto:Australia@iconnetwork.orgwith your questions
and requirements.* Now is the time to plan and reserve your 2010
job fair participation. A portion of the Expo proceeds will
benefit The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve - Australia Zoo.* Review
the National Press Release -

(c) Co-Counseling Offered
Practitioners with challenging extraordinary ability cases or any
other complex immigration cases including appeals, may wish to
co-counsel with PJ Patel, an attorney experienced in O, EB-1,
NIW, and any complex matters for many years. Mr. Patel is known
for his compilation of the INA, 8 CFR & 20/22/28 CFR for the past
25+ years.* For more information, see his website at
Mr. Patel can be reached at
212-279-3230. All cases will be kept in strict confidence.

(d) BIA Delivery Service
Have you missed the deadline for overnight delivery to the Board
of Immigration Appeals? We offer same day service to the BIA. We
are conveniently located only a block away. Fax us your Notice to
Appeal or brief by 2pm ET on the due date to: (703) 845-5991 and
we will personally file it for you, obtain a stamped date copy
and mail/fax it back to you. We offer competitive rates and
unparallelled service. For information, contact us: Brief-X-
Press, Falls Church, VA* Fax: (703) 845-5991.
6.* Headlines

(a) Nearly 300 Individuals Sworn In As US Citizens

Nearly 300 people from across southeast Michigan have been sworn
in as U.S. citizens in Dearborn.

(b) Immigration Enforcement Fuels Rise in US Cases

Federal prosecutions reached a record high in the 2009 fiscal
year, with the surge driven by a sharp increase in cases filed
against immigration violators.

(c) Arizona Prisons Plan To Transfer Illegal Immigrants To
Federal Custody

Desperate to save money, Arizona will transfer illegal immigrants
who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes to federal custody
for the last three months of their sentences, saving the state
the cost of housing them.

(d) Claremont Man Who Aided Migrants Convicted For Littering

When Walt Staton stumbled upon a migrant mother, Concepcion,
carrying her daughter Jessica, 9, along the U.S.-Mexico border in
Arizona, they'd been lost for days and had no food or water.

For links to the above stories see here:,1223.shtm#Headlines
7.* ComingsNGoings

Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at
no charge), email: To announce your event,
see here

(a) Submit Your Announcement
If you have a professional announcement such as: New Position,
Honors And Awards, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Office Address,
New Appointment, New Associate, New Attorney, New Partner, that
you wish to share with the Immigration Daily community, send your
professional announcement to:
comingsNgoings announcements is a free service.

Readers can share comments, email:* (up to
300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

(a) Dear Editor:
Honza Prchal's letter (12/22/09 ID) expresses a* "rational
contempt" for Mexican immigrants, who, the letter alleges, cannot
easily be assimilated into American society. Benjamin Franklin
expressed similar contempt toward German-speaking immigrants in
colonial Pennsylvania over two centuries ago, writing that they
could no more adopt the English language and customs than they
could change the color of their skin. Mr. Prchal's letter is in
keeping with a long American tradition. Whether it is one to be
proud of is another question. The Obama administration's claim
that it is targeting employers, not immigrants and their
families, for enforcement activities, and its related claim that
its actions against immigrants are focused on "smart enforcement"
against dangerous criminal aliens, not immigrants who lack legal
status but pose no danger to this country, have a familiar ring.
People living in Eastern Europe, Mr. Prchal's native area of the
world according to his letters, must have been used to hearing
many statements from their governments under Soviet occupation
that were equally worthy of belief. In order to gain a better
understanding of the various actions and pronouncements of
President Obama's Department of Homeland Security with regard to
immigration policy in general, and enforcement in particular, the
works of another native of what is now the Czech Republic, Franz
Kafka, contain many useful insights. The writings of George
Orwell can also provide helpful guidance.
Roger Algase, Esq. New York, NY

(b) Dear Editor:
Abraham wasn't a "sojourner" nor asking for the natives of Canaan
for a little charity and help when he immigrated from the his
native land of Ur (Northern Iraq) today. When ancient Israelis
moved to Egypt from starvation in their homeland, they stayed
there for generations until Moses then brought them back home.
The Pilgrims were not "sojourners" either. Human beings always
moved temporarily or permanently, traded, worked in different
others' territories, kingdoms etc. in the past, there were no
complicated barriers as of today complicated and apartheid
immigration laws in every nations on Earth. There were little
wage level differential since trades were engaged by bartering or
using gold and silver as universally acceptable currency anywhere
on the planet. We actually have no rights whatsoever to limit and
restrict our fellow human beings who want to trade, move, live,
work and settle anywhere on this planet as long as they don't
become financial burden for others. Welfare states didn't exist
in the past. There were not much fuss about others becoming
social and economy parasites on others.
Robert Yang
The first daily in the field of immigration. Forward this to a

Publisher: Sam Udani** Legal Editor: Michele Kim** ISSN:1930-062X

An Important disclaimer! The information provided on this page is
not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not
intended to create, and receipt by you does not constitute, an
attorney-client relationship. Readers must not act upon any
information without first seeking advice from a qualified
attorney. Copyright 1999-2009 American Immigration LLC, ILW.COM.
Send correspondence and articles to Letters and
articles may be edited and may be published and otherwise used in
any medium. The views expressed in letters and articles do not
necessarily represent the views of ILW.COM.
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