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Dec 17 - The Grinch In The House

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December 17, 2009,1217.shtm

1.  Comment: The Grinch In The House
2.  Focus: Today Is Deadline For Removal of Conditions
3.  Articles:
    (a) ILW.COM January 2009 Citations by Christina LaBrie, Karen
    Weinstock, Sofia Zneimer, and Angelo Paparelli, et al.
    (b) Foreign Policy by Bettina Bien Greaves for the Foundation
    For Economic Education
    (c) Bloggings On Immigration Law And Policy by Greg Siskind
4.  News:
    (a) Neufeld Memo On Adjudication Of EB5 Regional Center
5.  Classifieds:
    (a) Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
    (b) Credential Evaluation And Translation
    (c) Immigration Law Certificate
6.  Headlines:
    (a) House Hispanic Caucus Introduces Immigration Reform Bill
    (b) Speaker Pelosi to Shield Vulnerable Members From
    Controversial Votes
    (c) Anti-Immigrant Song: "Illegal Aliens In My Yard," a
    Parody of Feliz Navidad
    (d) Congress Cuts Funds to Jail Illegal Alien Criminals
7.  ComingsNGoings:
    (a) Share Your Professional News
8.  Letters From:
    (a) Robert Yang,1217.shtm

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The Grinch In The House

50% is always easier to get past than 60%. That being the case,
major legislation is always easier to pass first in the House
rather than the Senate, particularly when one party
overwhelmingly controls all the levers of power. This rule of
Congressional behavior is neither new nor hard to understand.
That is also why the left wing of the Democratic Party is
clamoring for aggressive action on progressive bills in the
House, even if some of the bills die in the Senate, since some
Blue Dogs seem already destined to be defeated in 2010, which
will leave the Democrats with an enfeebled majority in the House
in the next Congress.

The House agenda for early 2010 points to difficulties for
immigration reform advocates. According to a report in Politico,
the following bills will be taken up immediately upon conclusion
of the Health Care debate: the President's 2011 budget, a debt
ceiling increase, and a jobs bill. In addition, the Senate has
financial reform on its plate and possibly also climate change
legislation. The winter legislative calendar is more than full,
and this is even without taking into account the unforeseeable,
like Iran or North Korea or Russia, changing the entire
legislative landscape.

The Democratic leadership has made vague promises about taking up
an immigration bill in the Senate in late winter, but in light of
the full calendar described above, it is an open question as to
whether the words will eventually be backed up with action.
Unless a markup schedule is announced by Sen. Schumer and Rep.
Lofgren, it is fair to wonder whether the Democratic leadership
is once again leading immigrants down a path to nowhere.

A report today from The Hill today
says "The Speaker recently assured her freshman lawmakers and
other vulnerable members of her caucus that a vote on immigration
reform is not looming despite a renewed push from the White House
and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The House will not move on
the issue until the upper chamber passes a bill, Pelosi told the
members." It appears that the grinches are out in force during
this holiday season; even kind words are not on the menu for
immigrants. Despite such official disapproval from the House
Democratic leadership, Rep. Gutierrez's CIR ASAP bill already has
91 co-sponsors as of this writing. Perhaps drastic action will
become necessary after the State of the Union speech - maybe a
CIR bill can be attached to the next "must pass" bill comes to
the floor. It is true that House rules make such votes extra-
ordinarily difficult to ensure, but several sponsors of CIR ASAP
sit on the House Rules committee, and immigrants can only hope
that they will use their influence to ensure that the leadership
does not ignore immigration, even if it costs a few Blue Dogs
their seats.

The ultimate cure to these ills appears to lie at the local
level. If immigrants, including the undocumented, can legally
vote in local elections, as is lawfully possible in a few places
in the country, the politicians will not be able to get away with
this wholesale dismissal of immigrants' concerns. Perhaps the
energy behind CIR ASAP can also be constructively used to make
the state-level, county-level, and township-level changes
necessary to ensure that future legislators remain more
responsive to the concerns of their constituents - whether
documented or not.

But there is still hope, perhaps the Democratic leadership will
prove that there is a Santa after all; there are still many days
to go before Christmas!

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to

Today Is Deadline For Removal of Conditions

Wednesday, December 16th is the deadline for the Thursday,
December 17th phone session of "Investors For Experts" with
speakers Lincoln Stone, David Andersson, Elsie Arias, Ed Carroll,
Mark Ivener, Robert F. Kruszka, David Morris, Susan Pilcher and
Other Speakers To Be Announced. This is an advanced session by
expert EB5 immigration attorneys.  This session brings the added
feature of EB5 experts who are owner/operators of USCIS
designated regional centers.  Hear their unique perspectives on
how to manage the complexities of this fast-evolving area of

The curriculum is as follows:
++Investment of capital
++Creation of jobs
++Post-denial strategies

Wednesday, December 16th is the deadline to sign up. For more
info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and
registration information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up today.

(a) ILW.COM January 2009 Citations

Christina LaBrie, Karen Weinstock, Sofia Zneimer, and Angelo
Paparelli, et al. share the citations from all January 2009
ILW.COM seminars.,1217-citations.shtm,1217-citations.shtm#bio

(b) Foreign Policy

Bettina Bien Greaves for the Foundation For Economic Education
writes "Most consumers care more about the availability, quality
and price of what they buy than they do about who makes it or
where it comes from.",1217-greaves.shtm

(c) Bloggings On Immigration Law And Policy

Greg Siskind writes "The fine folks at NAFSA have issued a report
reminding people why the US needs to retain its commitment to
international education and needs to fix many aspects of the
current system.",1217-siskind.shtm

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.  NEWS

(a) Neufeld Memo On Adjudication Of EB5 Regional Center Proposals

USCIS Acting Associate Director, Domestic Operations issued a
memo to the field leadership providing instruction to CSC
personnel involved in the adjudication of EB-5 Regional Center

(a) Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
seeks software sales executive to generate new business by cold
calling to develop new markets in the US immigration law firm
vertical. Requirements include: Excellent usage of MS Outlook,
Word, and Excel, meticulous organizational skills,
proven sales track record, confidence with cold calling, skilled
at online demos, strong communication skills, ability to
multitask, travel required (10-20%). Earn while you learn -
success will be amply rewarded. $48-$50K base + commission.
Competitive benefits package offered. Qualified applicants
encouraged to apply. Please send cover letter + resume to: with subject line indicating position.
No calls please, all applications must be submitted to:  Principals only.

(b) Credential Evaluation And Translation
As the nation's leader in foreign credential evaluations and
translations, American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc.
(AETS) provides the most competitive rates in the industry - $50
educational evaluations, as well as $200 'expert opinion' work
experience and position evaluations completed by PhD university
professors who have the "authority to grant college level credit
for work experience and/or training." AETS offers a variety of
turn-around times, including same-day service for educational,
work experience, and position evaluations. For list of rates and
times, see:
.  AETS also provides certified translations in 100+ languages,
with translators that are specialists in 80+ fields.  For a copy
of the Application for Credential Evaluation and Translation
Services, please contact AETS at (786) 276-8190, visit, or email:

(c) Immigration Law Certificate
Master the complex and ever changing maze of immigration policies
and regulations with the Immigration Law Studies Certificate
Program offered by CUNY's School of Professional Studies. This
graduate-level certificate program, consisting of (3) three-
credit classes, offers students who complete it a comprehensive
understanding of the laws, regulations, and processes surrounding
the status of immigrants in the US, including family and
employment-based immigration and deportation defense. It is
designed for individuals working in law firms, companies,
government agencies and nonprofit organizations where they
interact with immigrants and immigrant legal concerns on a
regular basis and would therefore benefit from greater knowledge
of the laws and regulations surrounding immigration. Beginning
this spring, the program is also being offered online. For more
information on class schedules, tuition and fees, course
applications and to register, see here.
6.  Headlines

(a) House Hispanic Caucus Introduces Immigration Reform Bill

While not the preferred vehicle of the Obama administration, the
bill opens debate on the shape of immigration reform.

(b) Speaker Pelosi to Shield Vulnerable Members From
Controversial Votes

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has privately told her politically
vulnerable Democratic members that they will not vote on
controversial bills in 2010 unless the Senate acts first.

(c) Anti-Immigrant Song: "Illegal Aliens In My Yard," a Parody of
Feliz Navidad

Disgusting and vile. Those words are about accurate to refer to a
parody of Feliciano's internationally known Feliz Navidad,
currently the latest item used to cruelly mock the social drama
of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the United States.

(d) Congress Cuts Funds to Jail Illegal Alien Criminals

Congressional Democrats on Thursday boosted federal spending by
14 percent, but cut funds for local police agencies to jail
illegal aliens charged with crimes.

For links to the above stories see here:,1217.shtm#Headlines
7.  ComingsNGoings

Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at
no charge), email: To announce your event,
see here

(a) Share Your Professional News
Send your professional announcement to:
Examples include: New Position, Honors And Awards, Mergers &
Acquisitions, New Office Address, New Appointment, New Associate,
New Attorney, New Partner. This is a free service.

Readers can share comments, email:  (up to
300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

(a) Dear Editor:
Religions should be out not only in this immigration debate but
also from out politics, educational institutions and public
spaces. The biggest problem in this immigration debate so far
that many use the Bible verses both in backward and barbaric
Mosaic Laws or the Laws of "grace" by Jesus whenever they fit and
convenient to justify certain flawed and self serving positions
on immigration and many other issues. It's hypocritical and
double standard. Peter's letter (12/15/09 ID) asked about enough
with "amnesties" and now how to prevent future illegal
immigration then ? Easy. Make it legal then period, just like the
good old days, when mankind traded freely with barter of goods
and services and real gold and silver as real universal medium of
exchange, not with almost become newspaper or soon green "toilet"
inflated paper currency printed by Federal Reserve. When
Patriarch Abraham could go to Egypt as a trader or refugee
without fuss of "show me the paper " attitude from Pharaoh
"immigration law enforcement" agency. When Japan gets hit by
massive earthquake in the future they can move to California or
Russia just like New Orleaners evacuees move to Houston or other
cities when hurricane Katrina devastated their city. When freedom
of movement is guaranteed and protected it's call relocation or
moving and nobody should fuss about it at all.
Robert Yang
The first daily in the field of immigration. Forward this to a

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