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Oct 5 - President Directs USCIS To Prepare

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October 5, 2009,1005.shtm

1.  Comment: President Directs USCIS To Prepare
2.  Focus: The Consular Posts Book, 2009-2010 Edition Shipping
3.  Articles:
    (a) Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government by Angelo A.
    (b) Bloggings on Deportation And Removal by Matthew Kolken
    (c) New Americans In The Keystone State by Mary Giovagnoli
    et. al of the Immigration Policy Center
4.  News:
    (a) USCIS Answers National Stakeholder Questions, June 30,
5.  Classifieds:
    (a) Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
    (b) Website Services
    (c) E-3 Treaty Visa
6.  Headlines:
    (a) Re-Examining The Constitution's Presidential Eligibility
    (b) Astronaut: World Has No Borders, Pass Immigration Reform
    (c) Immigration Reform Is A Defining Issue
    (d) Aching for Immigration Reform
7.  ComingsNGoings:
    (a) New Attorney
8.  Letters From:
    (a) Gladys C. Farris
    (b) Phil Slaton
    (c) Robert Yang
    (d) USC who wants to help,1005.shtm

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President Directs USCIS To Prepare

The New York Times quotes the Director of the USCIS "We are under
way to prepare for [giving legal status to millions of illegal
immigrants]". The NY Times article further quotes the USCIS
Director "Mr. Obama has told immigration officials that a
legalization program would be part of legislation the White House
would propose". For the full story, see here.

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to

The Consular Posts Book, 2009-2010 Edition Shipping Now

The Table of Contents for "The Consular Posts Book", 2009-2010
Edition, shipping now, is as follows:

Chapter 1:  Argentina - Buenos Aires,  By Christi Hufford
Chapter 2: Armenia - Yerevan,  By Alice Yardum-Hunter    
Chapter 3: Australia - Sydney,  By NoahKlug    
Chapter 4: Brazil - Sao Paulo,  By Kristina Rost
Chapter 5: Canada -Toronto,  By Dharamchand " Randy" Depoo
Chapter 6: China - Beijing,  By Frederick W. Hong;
Guangzhou,  By Jakob Lipman and Adam Lee;
Shanghai,  By Christy Nguyen
Chapter 7: Colombia - Bogota,  By Luis A. Pinilla   
Chapter 8: France - Paris,  By Curtis Pierce   
Chapter 9: Germany - Frankfurt, By Steven A. Culbreath;
Munich, By Magdale Labbe Henke
Chapter 10: Haiti - Port au Prince  By Jose E. Latour   
Chapter 11: India - Chennai,  By Vic Goel;
Kolkata,  By Poorvi Chothani;
Mumbai,  By Priscilla Jones;
New Delhi,  By Poorvi Chothani
Chapter 12: Jamaica - Kingston,  By Claire D. Nilson   
Chapter 13: Nigeria - Lagos,  By C. Valerie Ibe   
Chapter 14: Philippines - Manila,  By Emmanuel S. Tipon   
Chapter 15: Taiwan - Taipei,  By Lesa M. Lawrence and Jessica L.
Chapter 16: Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain,  By Claire D.
Chapter 17: United Kingdom - London,  By Edward S. Gudeon   
Chapter 18: Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City,  By Marc Ellis

Chapter 1: Introduction  Chapter 2: New Attorney Vulnerabilities
in International Practice
Chapter 3: Trade and Immigration Tightening? NAFTA, WTO, GATS
Soup to Nuts  
Chapter 4: Tips for Avoiding B-1/B-2 Visa Denials
and Correcting other Refusal Issues with the Consul  
Chapter 5: The Visa Waiver Program (VWP): Not As Simple and Easy
As It Looks
Chapter 6:  Non-Immigrant Classes and Their U.S. Tax Obligations
Chapter 7:  E-1/E-2 Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors  
Chapter 8: The Consular Role in L-1 Blanket Petitions  
Chapter 9: H-1B "Dependent Employees":  From Labeling to Lawbreaking  
Chapter 10: Temporary Assignment of H-1B Employees to Client Work Sites
Chapter 11: State Department Name-Checks and Security Advisory
Opinions (SAOs)  
Chapter 12: ICE Data-Mining and Federal Benefits Fraud Task Forces -
Send In the Marines: Best Practices to Survive Audits and Task Forces 
Chapter 13: What to do if Your Client's Visa is Denied: Visa Office
Advisory Opinions  
Chapter 14: A Template for Attorney Risk-Assessment  

excerpts and documents: Statutes, Regulations, Foreign Affairs Manual,
Forms, Executive Orders, Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland
Security, Department of Justice, Department of Labor,  Department of State,
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Customs and Border Patrol, Citizenship and
Immigration Services, Government Accountability Office, Federal Bureau
of Investigations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement,   
Internal Revenue Service, The White House, ILW.COM, Miscellaneous,
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(a) Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government

Angelo A. Paparelli writes "The 17-more-months rule has bothered
me, first, because there is no logical connection between the E-
Verify program and the grant of extra months of "optional
practical training"(OPT) to STEM graduates, over and above the
standard one year of OPT that all foreign students who graduate

(b) Bloggings on Deportation And Removal

Matthew Kolken writes "In reality any competent immigration
lawyer should know that drug trafficking is unambiguously a
deportable offense.",1005-kolken.shtm

(c) New Americans In The Keystone State

Mary Giovagnoli et. al of the Immigration Policy Center writes
"Immigrants make up 5.4% of the state's population, and roughly
half of them are naturalized U.S. citizens eligible to vote.",1005-giovagnoli.pdf

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.  NEWS

(a) USCIS Answers National Stakeholder Questions, June 30, 2009

USCIS published its responses to national stakeholder questions
from its June 30, 2009 USCIS National Stakeholder meeting.,1005-stakeholder.pdf

(a) Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
Los Angeles, CA - Global Am-Law 100 firm seeks business
immigration & compliance associate. Qualified candidates must
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plus.  Must be very organized, detail-oriented and able to manage
a heavy caseload as well as a team of paralegals. Must possess
excellent computer skills and experience with case management
software as well as strong written and verbal communication
skills. Please send resume, cover letter, transcript, writing
sample and salary history to
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6.  Headlines

(a) Re-Examining The Constitution's Presidential Eligibility

Despite discussions in the media, the claim by so-called
"birthers" that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president
because of his "non-American" birth is not supported by any
credible documentation.

(b) Astronaut: World Has No Borders, Pass Immigration Reform

U.S. astronaut Jose M. Hernandez, a Mexican American, said one of
the most memorable experiences during his recent trip to space
was being able to look at Earth and marvel at a world without

(c) Immigration Reform Is A Defining Issue

Imagine a "legal" system in which someone who breaks the law is
not seriously punished, but his employer is.

(d) Aching for Immigration Reform

Although President Obama has put off an immigration overhaul
until next year, the federal agency in charge of approving visas
is planning ahead for the possibility of giving legal status to
millions of illegal immigrants, the agency's director said

For links to the above stories see here:,1005.shtm#Headlines
7.  ComingsNGoings

Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at
no charge), email: To announce your event,
see here

(a) New Attorney
Philip Eichorn Co., LPA, an immigration firm located in
Cleveland, Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina, welcomes Panteha
Baghani to the Firm as an associate attorney.  Panteha is a
naturalized U.S. citizen originally from Iran.  She graduated
from Thomas Cooley School of Law and is fluent in Farsi.  Her
primary area of practice is family based immigration law.

Readers can share comments, email:  (up to
300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

(a) Dear Editor:
Why is it that not even one such bill as the Dream Act get
approved? (see 10/02/09 ID) Is it because it would give
opportunity to a race that is not European but Latino, Asian and
African countries? The resources that is being lost because of
bigotry.  When is this going to be stop and think that all human
is the resources of the US to continue to grow as a Nation.
Gladys C. Farris

(b) Dear Editor:
I would like to respond to ID's 10/02/09 comment. The immigration
enforcement policies of the US are showing the world alot that is
ugly about America.
Phil Slaton  Seattle, WA

(c) Dear Editor:
Ranting about shameful history in the past? It's actually a
friendly reminder (see Jim Robert's 10/02/09 ID letter). Past
history is relevant to teach us better lesson today and in the
future. Fast forward 20 years in the future, China, India,
Brazil, Russia and others will be the next global economic
powerhouses while we bury ourselves in mountain of unpaid debt
and deficit and don't be surprise that it will be us Americans
who will be so desperate to immigrate to those countries to work,
live and find better opportunities and the history will repeat
itself when those countries will snub on us as "dirty, diseased,
low educated, poor" American immigrants or worse "illegal"
immigrant wannabees. "Illegal act" is highly subjective and which
part of this argument that anyone doesn't understand? In the
past, a Pole "illegally" crossed the border into Germany to live
and work there was called illegal immigrant off course, but today
since Poland is a member of E.U. and so does Germany in which all
member states of E.U. has abolish the "illegality" of crossing
borders and taking up employment and residency in other member
states, so past Polish illegal immigrants residing in Germany are
now considered legal ones and this "sin" is automatically
forgiven and forgotten. My English is not perfect but I may
suggest that Mr. Robert's letter learn a little bit about how
laws are working and changing time to time. Other ID readers
support this viewpoint. Mao Zhe Dong wasn't a saint nor G.W.
Bush. But none can deny that in the communist China today,
there's much more religious freedom compared to any Islamic
theocracy states on earth and no Western politicians and media
dare to condemn all human rights abuses in these theocratic
states out of "political correctness". It's time for the entire
humanity to say enough is enough.
Robert Yang

(d) Dear Editor:
In response to J. Brannigan's letter of 10/02/09, he may be well
served to explore the information about USC children born abroad
that is available on the State Dept. and USCIS websites.  Unless
he is referring to stepchildren, his "non-citizen" children might
actually be USC's. The laws are complicated. He should look at
the nationality charts which are appendices found at  USCIS or
from the State Department website using the search term:
"Citizenship and Nationality".
USC who wants to help
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  1. Brittancus's Avatar
    With unemployment at a 26 year high, the New York Times has revealed that immigration authorities at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have undertaken preparations for issuing visas to 11-18 millions (?) My guess over 20 million + illegal aliens who would be granted--BLANKET AMNESTY--if Congress is--able--to pass immigration reform legislation. Now is the time to remind your Senators and Representatives at 202-224-3121, that we demand they do NOT enroll on to this ill conceived abomination. Into our country at least a million law abiding newcomers come annually, clutching their entry visas; many waiting for years for a chance at the American dream. But the thrall of lobotomized Democrats are in for a hard lesson, including some Republican business enthusiasts, who think it's--going to be a simple solution approving this financial calamity.

    This illegal alien mess has been methodically created by both parties for decades. But monumental amounts of the US population do not agree with this outcome. LaRaza, a radical anti-Sovereignty organization, will transform the US into a third world dumping ground yet? Incidentally regarding the 2010 Census? Small states will miss out big time on federal dollars, while mass illegal immigrant states will gain more seats in Congress and too much power and influence? Of course ICE could check the immigration status of those who are counted, even though it's supposedly against US law? Or is counting non-legal residence against the US Constitution?

    All we need is mandatory E-Verify to remove from every honest business, workers who came here illegally; those who don't will suffer severe penalties. This is a murky back-door way for hard-line Liberal Democrats to sneak past all verification measures, which would approve a path to citizenship for lawbreakers thus giving them access to--YOUR--health care? All Americans GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA, to uncover the deceitful way they plan to cheat all legal workers and citizens? America is already on the road to irreversible OVERPOPULATION. Do all the people out their who are suffering from a compassion syndrome, believe--ALL--Americans want to pay even higher taxes to support corporate welfare, for the millions they have already hired? I don't think so?

    This is one of the cloaked agendas of The Council of Foreign Relations to intensify the unfettered inflow of destitute peoples into North America. We already spend more money across the globe, than anyone else? Yet the United Nations is never satisfied. We already have a negative-dollar free trade treaty, which has seen the disappearance of our manufacturing industries. To me Globalism and internationalism are dirty words, and when Americans open their eyes it might be too late? Our country is being emasculated by the illegal immigration and the financial support poured out by unaware taxpayers. America is like the Greek god "Atlas" supporting the world and its issues? That is exactly what we are doing--SUPPORTING THE WORLD? For the record 15 Democrats are already discussing your fate, as they strife to undermine immigration enforcement amendments:

    1. To permanently reauthorize E-Verify? 2. To complete the 700 miles of border fencing? 3. To continue and not rescind the No-match-letter program, that HS Napolitano has closed down. 4. Grassley's amendment to allow all businesses that use E-Verify to run all of their current employees through the E-Verify system. Go see who the traitors are to our protection of the border at NUMBERSUSA.

    Do you know what the state of our highways or underground utilities? Each state has 30 year underground causeways of irreparable water and sewage pipes that our government has ignored. Again I say watch "The Crumbling of America" on the History channel. Each year our bridges and dams are deteriorating, so they do hasty repairs, but many are seeing deployable erosion that cannot be fixed, because the state has not enough money? Yet the Democrats want to cause an avalanche of impoverished people, who will want to bring in even more family members. Who's going to recompense for them? Then even more will break through the fence, enter as a tourist or slip into America via the Caribbean? The onslaught will never end and our reservoir of cash is finally exhausted.

    I have a hard time paying my taxes, without paying more for the impecunious, uneducated who slip into our sovereign country bring the criminals, the handicapped and elderly immigrants. Who pays for my family and kids, the house payment, health care and car? NOT THE BLOODY TRAITORS IN WASHINGTON ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE WHO KEEP PILING ON HIDDEN TAXES TO SUBSIDIZE ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS AND FAMILIES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. I'LL EVEN GO FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE SKILLED JOBS AND SOMETHING TO OFFER, BUT NOT FOR JUST ANYBODY WHO TAXPAYERS HAVE TO SUPPORT? Learn more about corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH. Learn about POPULATION GROWTH at CAPSWEB.
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