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Sep 14 - Pass It On

Rating: 4 votes, 2.00 average.

-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

September 14, 2009,0914.shtm

1.* Comment: Pass It On
2.* Focus: US Tax Compliance For Immigrants And Employers: The
*** Lawyer's Complete Guide
3.* Articles:
*** (a) New Americans In The Silver State by Mary Giovagnoli et.
*** al of the Immigration Policy Center
*** (b) Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government by Angelo A.
*** Paparelli
*** (c) Bloggings On The H-1B Visa by Anthony F. Siliato and
*** Scott R. Malyk
4.* News:
*** (a) USCIS On Proposed Rule Related to E-2 Nonimmigrant Status
*** for Aliens in the CNMI with Long-Term Investor Status
5.* Classifieds:
*** (a) Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
*** (b) Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
*** (c) Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
*** (d) Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
*** (e) J-1 Visa Program
*** (f) Translation Services
6.* Headlines:
*** (a) Where Does Napolitano Stand On Illegal Immigration? Just
*** Look At Her Record
*** (b) E-Verify Hurts the Workforce It's Meant to Protect
*** (c) Physicist Loses Bid for Visa Based on Ability
*** (d) The Obama Administration's Version of Immigration Reform
7.* ComingsNGoings:
*** (a) Share Your Professional News
8.* Letters From:
*** (a) Stephen Berman, Esq.
*** (b) Bobby Bell, Esq.
*** (c) Jim Roberts
*** (d) William Donovan
*** (e) K.W.E.
*** (f) Eric Lund
*** (g) Marilyn Hildago
*** (h) Martin D. Ficke,0914.shtm

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(a) New Americans In The Silver State

Mary Giovagnoli et. al of the Immigration Policy Center writes
"There are few states where the growing political and economic
clout of immigrants, Latinos, and Asians is as apparent as in

(b) Bloggings On Dysfunctional Government

Angelo A. Paparelli writes "I've railed repeatedly in this blog
about the abhorrent tendency of federal immigration agencies to
make sweeping changes in law and procedure merely by issuing
easily-repudiated press releases and policy memoranda.",0914-paparelli.shtm

(c) Bloggings On The H-1B Visa

Anthony F. Siliato and Scott R. Malyk write "When one considers
the sum of such resources expended -- the only logical conclusion
one can derive is that H-1B workers are clearly not "cheap labor"
as some would have you think.",0914-siliato.shtm

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.* NEWS

(a) USCIS On Proposed Rule Related to E-2 Nonimmigrant Status for
Aliens in the CNMI with Long-Term Investor Status

USCIS released questions and answers related to a proposed rule
on E-2 nonimmigrant status for aliens in the Commonwealth of the
Mariana Island with long-term investor status.,0914-CNMI.pdf

(a) Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
Austin, TX - Paul Parsons, P.C.
is a busy immigration law firm practicing the following areas of
immigration law: family-based visas, adjustment of status,
nonimmigrant visas, PERM, employment-based visas, and
naturalization. Seek bilingual legal assistant with family-based
immigration experience. FT position. Ideal candidate will manage
own caseload with high level of independence under supervision of
attorney. This person must be bilingual in Spanish/English with
at least one year of family-based immigration experience,
excellent research and writing skills, efficient, resourceful,
with keen attention to detail. Must be able to meet deadlines and
multitask; and be a quick learner. Consular waiver experience
preferred. Competitive salaries + excellent benefits. EEO. Submit
cover letter, resume, + writing sample (in Word or PDF only) to or fax: (512) 479-6903. No
calls, please. EEO.

(b) Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
Senior Business Immigration Paralegal - Downtown Washington, DC
seeking a mature and responsible paralegal with a minimum of 4
years experience in business immigration cases, including NIV
(H-1B, E, L, J, and O), IV (including EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-5) and
PERM.* Preference given to those with demonstrated EB-5
experience. Bilingual Spanish/English speaker preferred.* Must
have a Bachelor's degree and excellent native-level English
writing skills. We are a boutique immigration firm with a fast-
paced yet collegial atmosphere and no billable hours
requirements. Salary commensurate with experience.* Please email
resume, references and writing sample to
No calls please.

(c) Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
Honolulu, Hawaii - USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) seeks
experienced attorneys for for the position of Associate Regional
Counsel, USCIS OCC, Western Region. Responsibilities include, but
are not limited to, serving as an attorney providing on-site
legal advice to the local District Office USCIS personnel on
issues involving immigration related adjudications,
inadmissibility and deportability grounds, and national security.
J.D. degree, active bar membership, 2+ years of post-J.D.
experience required. For full details enter COU-CIS-2009-08 here.
Applicants must submit (1) writing sample (10 pps. max) (2)
resume (3) cover letter, to All
submissions must be received by close of business on September
18, 2009. GS-13/14/15. Position open until filled. No relocation
allowance offered.

(d) Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
Miami, FL - Ira Kurzban seeks an associate who is an* experienced
brief writer and federal litigator in immigration matters to work
in his firm's office
in Miami. The lawyer should have excellent research, writing and
analytical skills with at least 3 to 5 years of experience.
Spanish speaking preferred. Forward your resume and two of your
best written briefs or memoranda to or
mail to 2650 SW 27th Avenue, Miami, FL 33133.* Health + pension
plan. Competitive salary based upon experience.

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year to facilitate the quick and simple implementation of an
Exchange Visitor Program. Global Current has developed a
streamlined sponsorship process supported by J-1 experts that
allows us to maintain an unrivaled 48 hour turnaround time on
complete applications. Global Current provides J-1 Trainee and
Intern programs in a variety of occupational categories including
law, engineering, finance, architecture, graphic design,
marketing and fashion. For more information on eligibility
requirements and a complete list of occupational categories,
or email Melany Hamner at

(f) Translation Services
Eurasia Translations, Inc. has been proud to serve immigration
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more information, please call 888-887-1884 or visit our website.
For a free quote, please complete
or fax your document at 818-907-9763.
6.* Headlines

(a) Where Does Napolitano Stand On Illegal Immigration? Just Look
At Her Record

That trusty veto pen is close at hand and this time, the whole
country, will pay for it.

(b) E-Verify Hurts the Workforce It's Meant to Protect

In the bleakest economic climate in a generation, the
administration's E-Verify policy has given workers yet another
hurdle to clear:* a flawed, bureaucratic system.

(c) Physicist Loses Bid for Visa Based on Ability

An Armenian theoretical physicist who self-published a text book
and lectures at a California community college does not qualify
as an "alien of extraordinary ability" for visa purposes, the 9th
circuit ruled.

(d) The Obama Administration's Version of Immigration Reform

Given the policy changes made during his first nine months, it is
clear that President Obama sees reform through the prism of
perceived Hispanic votes and union payback.

For links to the above stories see here:,0914.shtm#Headlines
7.* ComingsNGoings

Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at
no charge), email: To announce your event,
see here

(a) Share Your Professional News
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Readers can share comments, email:* (up to
300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

(a) Dear Editor:
I think that it should be pointed out that our country was saved
on 9/11 by none other than Jose Melendez-Perez, the Orlando
Airport inspector who stopped of the intending hijackers, Mohamed
al-Kahtani (09/11/09 ID comment). The name Jose Melendez-Perez
suggests someone who may not have been born in the U.S. It makes
the anti-immigrant argument a bit harder to swallow, when one
realizes that it is immigrants who are fighting for the U.S., not
against the U.S.
Stephen Berman, Esq.*************** Chicago, IL

(b) Dear Editor:
It is misguided for ID to preemptively blame a future terrorist
attack on Leon Panetta's decision to disband the hybrid
CIA/Blackwater program "that was responsible for killing
terrorists overseas" (09/11/09 ID comment). In seven years that
program did not successfully kill or capture a single terrorist
according to the New York Times(see CIA Sought Blackwater's Help
To Kill Jihadists, Aug. 19, 2009 by Mark Mazetti), and the
involvement of Blackwater made it legally dubious and
strategically embarrassing.
Bobby Bell, Esq.**************** El Cerrito, CA

(c) Dear Editor:
Yesterdays Comment, "The Next 9 11" (9/11/09 ID) paints with a
broad brush in speculative fantasy in presuming to privy the
independent minds of anti-immigrants as if they all moved as a
flock of birds or schools of fish. If there are "antis", they
have been created by open border entry advocates who seek
irresponsible numbers contrary to the prudent limits that govern
management in other areas such as water, fire, alcohol and
driving controls. Most "antis" are in fact only advocating
responsible restriction or used to until the deluge of the entry
invasion. When bank robbers withdraw funds at an unlawful and/or
higher rate than normalcy are law abiding customers "anti-
banking" to make note of it? They may become so, if such
practices become the norm and even legitimized by any
"Comprehensive Banking Reform" proposals that would excuse past
illegalities. Prudent controls and limits should be in place and
enforced regardless of any past or present 9 11. The longer this
excess is allowed, the more "antis" will be created out of former
restrictionists. The letter (9/10/09 ID) of KWE is amusing in
nitpicking "Democrat" or "Democratic" and a "soft on communism"
label when BO's past mentors, ministers, and present staff
including "czars" include some radicals with communist or
socialist agendas which he has pursued. In a
article: "Hate America? Count Me Out!", past Presidential
candidate, Paster Chuck Baldwin writes: "My criticisms and
condemnations are reserved for those who would remove America
from her roots, who would strip her of her principles, and who
would destroy the fabric of her foundation. The wrong man "won"
or until he is forced to reveal his hidden documents which is
Jim Roberts

(d) Dear Editor:
Understand one thing about immigration to the U.S. from any
country on earth: immigrants are very welcome to America
(09/11/09 ID comment). Law abiding people who meet the
qualifications to immigrate to America, that is. People who obey
the laws of this land, especially the existing immigration laws.
People who speak English [in addition to their own native
tongue]. People who prepare themselves to adapt to the culture
and way of life in America,**** to eventually become Americans.
People who got in line applying to immigrate to America by
filling out applications and forms***** and submitting the
necessary documents required by law.* Not law-breaking people who
sneak in across the border illegally.* Not people who could not
and does not speak a word of English. Not people who are
illiterate and would only suck up government resources through
public****** assistance, welfare programs and health and
education programs.** It's time that everybody (the American
public, the politicians both Democrats and Republicans, and
especially the Media) knows that what you call the comprehensive
immigration reform is synonymous to amnesty. And you* will not
find a single American who supports amnesty. Forget that. Every
politician who* supports it, and he know this, is spousing a
quick end to his political career.
William Donovan

(e) Dear Editor:
Robert Bettes' letter's endorsement of President Obama's promise
to empty our jails of illegal prisoners (many of whom may be
innocent of the charges against them and just awaiting trial) and
put them on the next plane home, while harassing employers with
programs like e-verify, which have yet to be proven any more
reliable than most other mixed-up government databases, shows
that the President's pandering to the anti-immigrant lobby may be
paying off politically (09/11/09 ID comment). But it remains to
be seen if putting one Hispanic on the Supreme Court while taking
steps to deport 12 million others is going to help President
Obama and his party at the polls next year. Do the White House
and its clueless immigration advisors really think that Hispanic
and Asian voters don't follow the news about immigration? Mr.
Bettes' letter gives high unemployment as the reason for
supporting these misguided and shortsighted "enforcement only"
policies. Exactly how is throwing millions of immigrants out of
work and forcing many businesses that employ them to shut down or
relocate going to reduce unemployment? And didn't Mr. Obama
promise not to scapegoat immigrants when he was running for
president? Yet another broken promise for cheap political gain
from the President who promised us "change we can believe in".

(f) Dear Editor:
It seems the moral to 911 day is the U.S. Fed does not have a Fed
911 phone number (09/11/09 ID comment). Try using 202-456-1414
and ask for the legal council to the office of the president.
This end run gets me through, and I talk to a lady named Allison
(look up Allison in Blacks Law Dictionary, and I prefer to think
in terms of a clear description of a near collision of ships as I
am prepared and that part of it wont happen).* I await to find
out if they did 911 day as mercenaries or in their own name?
Eric Lund

(g) Dear Editor:
I do believe that it is good to reform the immigration policies
(09/11/09 ID comment). But to** say that the immigrants are the
reason for the unemployment rate is** totally absurd. A majority
of the people that are on unemployment are** abusing the system.
There are only a small percentage that are using it** out of true
need. As a Supervisor in a large company I have seen employees
begin work and then begin to do anything possible to be
terminated so they** could get on unemployment. I understand that
the rates are high but we** need to put the blame where it
belongs. On the abusers of the system and** on the companies that
ship jobs to other countries to be able to pay** smaller wages.
If the companies would remain operating here then there** would
be more jobs. Also as part of the reform there needs to be a way
to** help the immigrants who do come here jsut like our ancestors
to make a** life here an that want to be good citizens. They
should not be chastized** for wanting better for their families.
Would we not do the same if it was** us?
Marilyn Hildago

(h) Dear Editor:
ID's editorial (09/11/09 ID comment) that small groups of anti-
immigrationists "are eagerly awaiting the next 9/11" to close the
borders indefinately, and put a total stop to immigration for a
generation or more, is quite revealing about your perspective on
the next attack. Unfortunately, there will be a next attack. But
what is surprising, particularly from you, is your conclusion
that the next attack will be perpetuated by foreigners or non-
native United States citizens. Quite an indictment of the
immigrant community by you. I hope you have heard that one of the
greatest threat to our safety is from "home-grown" terrorists.
Martin D. Ficke
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  1. Brittancus's Avatar
    The incident that occurred in Congress by Rep. Joe Wilson R-NC, illustrates the consequences of a blurring line between illegal immigration and health care. Our politicians have been alerted to the angry voices of the American people. For once they have disregarded the business campaign contributors and all the cloaked gifts given for services rendered by special interest lobbyists. Millions of US citizens are enraged with the status quo buying favors from our representatives that has led to our wilting economy. Today speaking on behalf of Washington committees on health care, the lawmaking emphasized that illegal aliens cannot access the new health reform package, that any person applying will be checked through government databases.

    E-Verify might be implemented for this very issue, that it has shown in the majority of cases remarkable successes in remove illegal alien workers from the working environment. E-Verify can solve this problem and bring sanity back to immigration enforcement. E-VERIFICATION OF EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN WORKER MUST BE MADE PERMANENT? NOT JUST VOLUNTARY POLICY, BUT AS A FULL FORCE OF OPERATION CARRYING STRICT PENALTIES. This operation will work under federal policies? But what about state laws? California as an example is a Sanctuary state for millions of illegal immigrants and their families? Other border states are also occupied by large proportions of unlawful populations of foreign nationals?

    This last year has culminated in huge financial losses in California caused by millions of low income illegal aliens, which has created a third world community within the United States. There must be federal measures to bring under control, massive spending benefits for people who have no right from benefiting from those who come here legally or were born here. How can any public health care option work at a state level, when states like California ignore federal law, regarding financial refuge to indigent people? Our own people remain homeless and in many cases without hope, when legislators have prioritized, health care, education an overloaded jail system and easy welfare money for illegal immigrants?

    The once golden state has been using taxpayer money, to support illegal aliens, when the same expenditures should have been adopted for a collapsing infrastructure. Highways, schools, tunnels, bridges and dams in a dangerous state of disrepair? Our legislators in many cases have been seduced by lobbyists and should be banned from any contact with our politicians. This will never happen, but something must be done? Millions have been spent on derailing the health care reform currently and in the past, as has immigration enforcement. Rescinding 287(g) federal training for local police enforcement of immigration laws, the NO MATCH LETTER and the cutting back on ICE raids on obnoxious businesses using foreign workers.

    The order to crush E-verify was given to Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, but narrowly survived in the Senate chambers. Both political parties are equally to blame for not enforcing the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act that was inundated with fraud and a desire to weaken the laws. Now they want to rescind that law, offering yet another reform package that will never function? Let's not kid ourselves! Huge veiled forces are at work to import as much cheap labor as possible with no restraints, lowering wages and an unconscionable burden on taxpayers.

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