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Feb 2 - Senator Gregg

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-----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

February 2, 2009

1.  Comment: Senator Gregg
2.  Focus: The Consular Posts Book Table Of Contents
3.  Articles:
    (a) Aliens - A US Resource Underutilized by Sardar N.
    Durrani, Esq. and Andrea Love Sumpter
    (b) Immigrants Of The Day: Timothy White of Argentina, Shauna
    Robertson of Canada, and Edmund Morris of Kenya by Kevin R.
    (c) Bloggings on Dysfunctional Government by Angelo A.
4.  News:
    (a) DOD Announces E-Verify Requirements For Federal
    Contractors Are Delayed
    (b) State Issued Criminal History Clearances
5.  Classifieds:
    (a) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
    (b) Immigration Law Certificate
    (c) Case Management Technology
6.  Headlines:
    (a) Gillibrand's Immigration Views Draw Fire
    (b) Activists Keep Heat On Obama Over Immigration
    (c) Factory Manager Sentenced In Immigration Case
    (d) Obama's Immigration Czar to Rid U.S. of Criminal Aliens -
    If We Can Figure Out Who They Are
7.  ComingsNGoings:
    (a) Immigration Event - San Diego, CA
8.  Letters From:
    (a) Roger Algase, Esq.
    (b) Name Withheld Upon Request
    (c) Robert Yang,0202.shtm

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Senator Gregg

The reports "Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH), who is under
consideration to be nominated as Commerce secretary, has
supported contentious immigration legislation that sharply
divided his party." For the full story, see here.

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to

The Consular Posts Book Table Of Contents

The Table of Contents for "The Consular Posts Book" which is
currently being finalized for printing is as follows:

Chapter 1. Who You're Dealing with: DOS Jurisdiction

 ++The Three Gatekeepers - USDOS, USCIS, USDOL ++Three Different
 Sets of Rules ++The Federal Code, and All That - Statutes (50
 USC, 8 USC, 28 USC) ++FAM (the One Book You Need to Know) - DOS
 Regulations ++NAFTA, WTO, GATS, Soup to Nuts - Trade Agreements
 ++The Changing Policy Landscape - Economic Protection vs. Free
 ++        He Votes - US Worker Considerations ++       But, His
 Lobbyists Are More Expensive - Free Flow of Capital Interests
  Chapter 2.  Rules of the Game (Some Old, Some New): DOS

 ++The Consul Is Always Right - Consular Non-reviewability ++Give
 Them What They Want (No Less, No More)  -  Gauging and Meeting
 Consular Expectations ++Consular Mission Shift (From Business
 Service to Front-Line Investigator) - DOS' Enhanced Role in
 National Security
 ++    Terrorism - Security Clearance (FBI, Homeland Security,
 CIA); Illegal transportation of individuals for corrupt/ illegal
 business entities ++    Economic policies - Espionage, Export

  Chapter 3.  What they're Looking For (Do's and Don'ts): Inner
  Federal Agency Workings

 ++The Appearance (and Substance) of Candor - Proactive
 Strategies for Avoiding Problems and Prosecutions. ++Mission
 Shift: The New Emphasis on Detecting Business-related Fraud
 ++   USCIS ++       DOL ++      CBP ++       Commerce Department

 Chapter 4.  Why Visas Are Done Outside the U.S.: The Purpose of
 Consular Processing

 ++Local Reputations and Investigations - Eligibility and
 Authentication. ++Information, Please (Data-collection and the
 Wealth of Nations) - Intelligence Gathering ++All Politics Are
 Local - Diplomacy and Relations w/ host Country

Chapter 5.  Getting, Keeping and Renewing Your Visa: The Visa -
Its Limits and Privileges

 ++Not All Visas Are Created Equal - Many Types, But Few Real
 Choices   ++Permission to Enter ++Blanket L visas ++Investor
 Visas ++The Greater Use of B1 visas in connection to sustainable
 economic activity   ++Phone Home - The Importance of Personal
 Contact By Counsel in the U.S. ++Once you're Here, They Don't
 Stop Looking - The New Realities of Doing Business (Post 9/11
 Data Mining and Federal Task Forces) ++Time to Renew, Time to
 Review - The Importance of Reviewing the Record Before
 Submitting Updated Information.

Chapter 6. DOS Central Office Can Help You: Review and Appeals of
Consular Decisions

 ++The Consular Officer Isn't Always Right (Sometimes) - Review
 and Appeals of Consular Decisions   ++Supervisor review
 ++State Dept Opinion ++Long Standing Absences of US Courts in a
 Vastly changing Global Economy and the Borderless Corporation

Chapter 7.  Avoiding Audits and Task Forces: Best Practices

 ++Innocence Isn't Enough -- USCIS and ICE Random Fraud
 Assessments ++Send In the Marines -- Federal Fraud Task Forces

Chapter 8.  Data-mining and Real-Time Enforcement:  The Future
Landscape of the Visa Process

 ++Save the Trees -  E-filing, Document Scanning, and Distributed
 Data Access ++If it's On-Line or in a Computer, Assume They Have
 a Copy

Chapter 9.  The Many Faces Behind the Visa Window: The Visa
Process and Procedure at Select High-Volume Consulates in the New
World Economic Order

India (New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata); China (Beijing, Hong
Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai); Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver,
Montreal);  Mexico (Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Monterrey,
Tijuana, Nogales, Guadalajara); United Kingdom (London); France
(Paris); Germany (Munich); Poland (Warsaw); South Korea (Seoul);
Phillipines (Manila); Japan (Tokyo); Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao
Paulo); Australia (Sydney); Taiwan (Taipei); Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh
City); Israel (Tel Aviv); Bangladesh (Dhaka); Argentina (Buenos
Aires); Colombia (Bogota); Venezuela (Caracas); Dominican
Republic (Santo Domingo); Haiti (Port au Prince); Jamaica

For contributor bios, more info, and to order, please see:
Or for fax, please see:

(a) Aliens - A US Resource Underutilized

Sardar N. Durrani, Esq. and Andrea Love Sumpter write "The US
needs to change laws so that the country may benefit from a
nearly endless potential of many highly qualified illegal aliens.",0202-durrani.shtm

(b) Immigrants Of The Day: Timothy White of Argentina, Shauna
Robertson of Canada, and Edmund Morris of Kenya

Kevin R. Johnson celebrates the achievements of these immigrants.,0202-johnson.shtm

(c) Bloggings on Dysfunctional Government

Angelo A. Paparelli writes "Federal contractors, Congress and the
Obama administration have yet another respite, this time until
May 21, 2009, to decide what to do about E-Verify.",0202-paparelli.shtm

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.  NEWS

(a) DOD Announces E-Verify Requirements For Federal Contractors
Are Delayed

The Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and
National Aeronautics and Space Administration have agreed to
the applicability date of FAR Case 2007-013, Employment
Eligibility Verification, to May 21, 2009.,0202-Everify.shtm

(b) State Issued Criminal History Clearances

USCIS released a listing of state issued criminal history
clearances (courtesy of Thomas Esparaza, Esq.).,0202-criminal.pdf

(a) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Los Angeles, CA- USCIS Office of Chief Counsel (OCC) seeks
experienced attorney for Associate Regional Counsel position,
USCIS OCC, Western Region. Responsibilities include, but not
limited to, serving as attorney providing on-site legal advice to
local District Office USCIS personnel on issues involving
immigration related adjudications, inadmissibility and
deportability grounds, and national security. Applicants must
possess JD degree, be active bar member (any jurisdiction), and
have 2+ years of post-JD experience in immigration law. For more
info, key in Job Announcement Number: COU-CIS-2009-0002 at
Preference is given to applicants with immigration law
experience, a background in federal litigation, an excellent
academic record, and strong writing skills. Submit a resume,
cover letter + writing sample (max. 10 pps.) to: Kelli J.
Duehning, Western Regional Counsel, USCIS Office of the Chief
Counsel at Must be received by
close of business, Tuesday, February 10, 2009. Position is at the
GS-13/14/15 levels and is open until filled. No relocation
reimbursement available.

(b) Immigration Law Certificate
Master the complex and ever changing maze of immigration policies
and regulations with the Immigration Law Studies Certificate
Program offered by CUNY's School of Professional Studies. This
graduate-level certificate program, consisting of (3) three-
credit classes, offers students who complete it a comprehensive
understanding of the laws, regulations, and processes surrounding
the status of immigrants in the US, including family and
employment-based immigration and deportation defense. It is
designed for individuals working in law firms, companies,
government agencies and nonprofit organizations where they
interact with immigrants and immigrant legal concerns on a
regular basis and would therefore benefit from greater knowledge
of the laws and regulations surrounding immigration. Beginning
this spring, the program is also being offered online. For more
information on class schedules, tuition and fees, course
applications and to register, see here.

(c) Case Management Technology
Are you ready for the new changes in immigration? See why INSZoom
has a 99% customer retention rate. Use our forms with peace of
mind - 800+ updated within 24 hours of any new release, no
patches or downloads. E-File 20+ forms. Access your firm's online
database anywhere you have internet access. Client relationship
management tools, practice management tools, group calendaring,
emails, notes, reports, invoices, auto email alerts and
reminders, document storage and assembly. A library of
customizable questionnaires, letters and email templates
included. Online access for clients to check case status
included. Compliancy modules: I9, LCA, AR 11, PERM. Optional
services: credit card processing, Outlook & QuickBooks
integration. One-time data entry and auto population into all
documents will save you time and reduce errors. Customizable to
support solo practitioners, mid-large law firms & corporations.
We teach you how to customize the software to fit your processes
and communication needs. Founded in 1999, INSZoom is a
profitable, financially sound company, employing 100+ engineers,
sales, and support staff. INSZoom is ISO 27001:2005 certified and
the "world's largest immigration software company", built with
flexible modules that allow you to manage and control technology.
To schedule a complimentary online demo, call 925-244-0600 or
6.  Headlines

(a) Gillibrand's Immigration Views Draw Fire

Still, Ms. Gillibrand has not backed down from her long-standing
opposition to "amnesty" for illegal immigrants, which has left
some immigrant advocates wondering whether she would support any
law that would establish a path to citizenship for illegal

(b) Activists Keep Heat On Obama Over Immigration

As Obama settles into the White House, he faces renewed pressure
from pro-immigration activists to keep a pledge to support
immigration reform, or at the least, roll back some of the get-
tough immigration policies of his predecessor George W. Bush.

(c) Factory Manager Sentenced In Immigration Case

A manager at a New Bedford leather-goods factory raided in 2007
by immigration agents has been sentenced to two years probation
for her role in helping the company hire and conceal illegal

(d) Obama's Immigration Czar to Rid U.S. of Criminal Aliens - If
We Can Figure Out Who They Are

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano wants to expel what
she calls "criminal aliens" from the US, starting with those
already in custody.

For links to the above stories see here:,0202.shtm#Headlines
7.  ComingsNGoings

Readers can share their professional announcements (100-words or
fewer at no charge), email: Readers
interested in learning about featuring your event or conference
in Immigration Daily, see here

(a) Immigration Event - San Diego, CA
'Is Black the New Brown? Latino Immigration and Native Labor
Replacement in the Contemporary U.S. South'  3:00-5:00 p.m.,
Tuesday, February 10, 2009, Eleanor Roosevelt College Admin.
Bldg., Conference Room 115, First Floor  University of
California, San Diego,

Readers are welcome to share their comments, email:  (300-words or fewer preferred).
Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence,
available in our archives.

(a) Dear Editor:
I promised in my (1/30/09 ID) letter not to write anything
further about the issue of US citizenship by birth. However, I
have one final comment. In that letter, I mentioned that in the
early years of the American Republic, some of the states were
reluctant to follow the centuries-old English Common Law doctrine
that anyone born in the King's realm and subject to its law was a
citizen, even if his/her parents were foreigners. As my letter
pointed out, there was a concern that this could limit the
child's freedom to renounce allegiance to the Crown (or the US)
after attaining majority. However, to use this purely historical
argument as a reason for restricting citizenship rights by birth
in 21st Century America would be even more dangerous than was
Justice Scalia's twisted logic in the recent Second Amendment
case involving gun control in the District of Columbia. In that
decision, Justice Scalia went back to medieval English history in
order to argue that the individual right to bear arms had once
been important to the idea of personal liberty against the
tyranny of the King. Based on this argument, the Supreme Court,
in effect, upheld the Second Amendment ''liberty" to be killed in
a gun fight between rival gangs in a modern American city, In the
same way, those who, would like to restrict citizenship by birth
in the US to children whose parents were both US citizens, would
be upholding the "liberty" of millions of children of  immigrant
parents to be illegal in the US, and therefore subject to arrest
and deportation, merely by the fact of being born. What kind of
liberty is that?
Roger Algase, Esq.  New York, NY

(b) Dear Editor:
Asylum cases are supposed to be confidential. Thus in filling out
an asylum application, I put - please mail to attorney -clearly
next to my client's address. As you can guess, my client
nevertheless received mail from the Asylum Office, which return
address had "Asylum Office" on the envelope along with my
client's address. Confidential? Ha. My client then moved and I
put a change of address form in with the Asylum Office with a
clear cover letter to only mail me notices. As you can guess, my
client still received mail from the Asylum Office. We then had
the asylum hearing and explained the mail problem to the asylum
officer, who said she would take care of it. Six months later
still waiting for an answer and, as you can guess, my client
still is receiving notices from the Asylum Office. Any
suggestions on how to get the government to send it the correct
address? My client's case has been kicked up to headquarters and
been in some dusty file for six months. Any suggestions how to
dislodge it and get an answer. My client has a very strong case,
thus I am not too worried about ruffling the feathers of the
asylum boys and girls. However, for my client's sake, I remain
Name Withheld Upon Request

(c) Dear Editor:
I have friends who are permanent residents but they have lower
cost health insurance because they're "poor". Many refugees also
live on welfare, it's fine for certain period but it's time for
fairness and common sense to cut them off, this ridiculous
policies happened in many Western nations, high taxes, welfare to
the lazies. We won't welcome any parasites in this country, since
we have enough parasites who are citizens who don't want to work
but enjoy public welfare without shame, including Wall Street
bankers. In short, all beneficiaries of our immigration system
must be self sufficient or sponsored by their relatives, they
must leave the country if they can't support themselves. USC may
petition their parents if they can show they have certain income
level and net worth, have good credit and willing to sign an
affidavit to support their parents during their stay here. If the
support ceased, the parents then must leave. I suggest also ID to
cut off the debate about President Obama's citizenship, it's too
late, it's done, get over it. Hawaiian official confirmed his
birth certificate and none fussed about it much earlier. Give our
new President a chance to bring this country to a better
direction and future.
Robert Yang
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not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not
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