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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration


Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.

by Chris Musillo

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) has just reported that the employment numbers in the healthcare sector continue to defy the overall US economy. Hospitals and other healthcare employers have been adding an average of 24,000 jobs per month from June 1, 2010 - June 1, 2011.

Nursing is the largest employment segment of the healthcare sector. While the nursing shortage abated between 2008 and 10, the BLS still projects nursing to be the shortest occupational classification in the foreseeable future, as do private foundations.

For instance, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Institute of Medicine released its report on The Future of Nursingin October 2010. The report called for increasing the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the workforce to 80% and doubling the population of nurses with doctoral degrees.

Foreign-trained nurses are almost always baccalaureate-prepared and will necessarily have to be a component of any increase in US nurse supply. While no one wants foreign nurses to take US nurses' jobs, the numbers plainly show that foreign nurse recruitment must be increased or else US patient's care will be compromised.

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  1. Jim's Avatar
    I would like to share this two great posts I saw in a forum.

    1) Nursing shortage estimates for 2010:

    2) Why hospitals weren't hiring new grads the last 2 years or even if there really is still a nursing shortage:

    As you can see, the nursing shortage didn't really went away and by now it should be crystal clear that there's really a long way to go to fill up the projected estimates w/c will get even worse once Obamacare starts. It should also be clear by now that foreign-educated nurses were not "stealing" American jobs. There have been no visas for foreign nurses since late 2006-early 2007.
  2. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    Interesting reads. Thanks Jim.
  3. UGGs On Sale's Avatar
    Don't be mislead by what I'm about to write. There are plenty of public courses I would rather play than some country clubs. If you're from the Pennsylvania area, Glen Mills comes to mind. However, private clubs offer a few things I personally enjoy.
  4. US Visa Extension's Avatar
    Undocumented immigrants who fail to seek healthcare for fear of being branded as "illegals" and deported create a public health problem, according to a statement issued by the American College of Physicians (ACP).

    The ACP says that documented immigrants already face great barriers to seeking medical care, including being under-insured, but undocumented immigrants also have the additional fear of being turned into the authorities if they go to the clinic or hospital. Not only does this increase the risk of infection to all Americans, but it makes it likely that they'll eventually end up in the emergency room, acquiring care that is significantly more expensive than the preventive care they were too afraid to seek earlier.
  5. Colin's Avatar
    Nursing is the largest employment segment of the healthcare sector.
  6. James's Avatar

    Is there any online medical transcription materials that can help me in my career?
  7. James's Avatar
    Hey.........!!! :-)

    Searching for a medical transcription employment online could be a daunting task for beginners. If you are an experienced medical transcriptionist with good skill sets, then definitely you can some hope in securing a medical transcription job online register in The health care industry is continuously booming,and is the perfect job site....
  8. private health insurance's Avatar
    We can thank President Barack Obama for this one. His initiative and vision for a unified health care for all will only benefit the population and their needs.
  9. Fahim's Avatar
    Right now in many places the nunrisg shortage isn't being felt and due to the poor economy it's harder for new grads without experience to find jobs. Not everywhere, but a lot of places. However the pendulum always swings back. . . there IS an impending nunrisg shortage that will be felt everywhere in the decades to come, for several reasons. First, the Baby Boomer generation is hitting retirement age. With such a large population that will soon be experiencing declining health, this will increase demands on all aspects of health care. With this aging population also comes a great number of aging RNs who are retiring, and there are not as many new RNs entering and staying in the profession to balance the numbers of those leaving. Finally, we are, as a society, growing more unhealthy. Obesity is an epidemic, and with that comes increasing rates of heart disease, diabetes, and other huge medically-dependent conditions. Nursing is a profession which is far more stable than many others. You might have a little difficulty getting a job as a new grad, but you are still years away from that and by then the economy will turn around and things will probably be back to where you will have your pick of jobs upon graduation, like it was a few years ago. Good luck.
  10. Mdhasnain's Avatar
    I'm going to agree with everyone above. Is nnrsiug still in demand? Not the same way it was in demand 7-8 years ago. When I first started nnrsiug, you could pretty much walk into any place and expect to get some kind of job.Now it is a lot more competitive. Older nurses had their 401Ks drained when the stock market crashed and can't afford to retire. Younger nurses are flooding into the field because they hear it is a good career choice. Laid-off workers are also looking to nnrsiug after being laid off. Hospitals are having to make cut-backs right and left and they can't afford to lay off physicians, but the nnrsiug staff is expendable.So you kind-of have a perfect storm.But here is what I think The economy is going to pick up again in a few years or so. Then stocks will go up again, the older nurses will be able to retire and some of the nurses supporting their families for their laid-off spouse will be able to go back home again this will create some movement in the field.So while I can't say that I know of any particular state that has massive openings for RNs, I can say that if your heart is into it, there is a way to make a career out of nnrsiug. You just will have to really work hard at it the first few years.
  11. Azeri's Avatar
    I was a nurse in the 80 s and 90 s. It was a hard thankless job at times, but I loved woknirg with patients. Loved seeing people get well. Wanted nothing but to do a good job. Nursing in those days was undermined by beliefs that nurses are their own worse enemies. We go after each other over piety issues. We drag all of our drama from home to work. I did not subscribe to that way of thinking. Sorry to say it was the people in the profession that finally drove me out. I went from hosp. to home health. Same issues different setting. I pray things will change for the coming generations who choose NSG as a profession. There is enough stress in that job. Time that nurses lookout for each other. Good luck to all.
  12. Pawel's Avatar
    Most of the nurses I deal with are nasty ****s with eoomrnus egos. They would rather make the effort arguing with you than actually doing their jobs. They would rather get in your face than spend 30 seconds finding a HIPAA form. The Filipinas are dumb as stumps. The Americans are fat and lazy. The American Blacks have the nastiest attitudes. And the male nurses are homosexuals, wannabes and angels of death. Unfortunately, most of the good nurses leave the profession due to burnout.
  13. Gilber's Avatar
    without residents there won't be snoeome to cover while the doctor is busy, without a Nurse there won't be snoeome to administer medication and lend a warm hand, and the list goes on But most of all without you and I there won't be these positions to fill and without patients there won't be a need for these position. So therefore acknowledge and appreciate everthing and everyone no matter how big or how small I always say everyone is very important and the jobs they do.
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