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Bloggings: More About "Mitt's Immigration Plan", by Roger Algase

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In my July 9 comment, I closed by mentioning that Mitt Romney's web site is promising the sun, the moon and the stars on skilled immigration - Green cards upon graduation for math, science and engineering US advanced degree holders; raising quota caps for skilled immigrants, attracting more highly skilled immigrants (instead of regarding them with suspicion and hostility as our current administration is all too often doing), all of this shows a real understanding of the importance of immigration to America - at least immigration by the skilled, highly educated elite.

What would the likelihood be of Romney's actually being able to put through such an enlightened program if the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove's billionaire bundlers, aided by Florida governor Rick Scott and the rest of the Republican vote suppression brigade, manage to put Mitt in the White House?

First, Romney would have to bring his own party along with his program of more visas for skilled immigrants. Where to begin? With Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Lamar Smith, of course. End of skilled visa increase.

But isn't this something that Romney really believes in, enough to take on the anti-immigrant bigots and reactionaries in his own party, just as Bush did (briefly) in 2007? Yes, of course, Romney is a fighter for his principles - when he has any. But no one in either party has yet discovered a single one of Romney's principles on any issue (other than supporting overseas tax havens,"peoplehood" for large corporations and tax breaks for billionaires).

So let's move on from the fantasy world of skilled immigration Romneyland to what he would really do about immigration as president. His website continues with his idea on DREAM. This is identical to Senator Marco Rubio's proposal, which can be boiled down to: "Let ' em join the military. Then we'll give 'em green cards and US citizenship".  

Well, this may be better than nothing, but is this still Mitt's idea, or is his website simply out of date? (Of course, if Romney is elected, everything he has ever said in his entire career, not only in this campaign, will be "reset" - behind tightly closed doors, of course -  from day one.)

When Romney announced that he would reverse President Obama's DREAM initiative on his first day in office (and in tune with an important point that Carl Shusterman raised in the July 9 ID, what reason is there to think that Romney would honor any "deferred action" previously given to a DREAMER under Obama's program - which his DHS has warned DREAMER's not to apply for?), Romney refused to say what he would replace the DREAM initiative with. Was Mitt's web site's "Immigration Plan" already "inoperative", to use a term from the Watergate era?

Since there is no substance to anything that "MItt's Plan" would do for immigrants, let's move on to his "Plan's"  enforcement side. Here, we find only the usual "No Amnesty" slogans. Kris Kobach, Lamar Smith, and Justice Scalia would rule the roost. More about this next time.


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  1. Matthew Kolken's Avatar
    What is more telling is not what appears on Romney's website about immigration, but what is conspicuously absent from the Deporter in Chief's: an immigration issues tab.


    Incidentally, do you know what Obama's first move on deferred action was? To postpone the stakeholders meeting.


    Did you happen to see TRAC's most recent statistics on federal criminal prosecutions, and convictions for April 2012? 59% of all federal criminal charges and 62% of all federal convictions are for immigration related crimes, most dealing with reentry after deportation. I wonder how many of those 62% were parents desperately trying to get back to their children that were orphaned by Barack Obama's 400,000 per year deportation quota.


    In other news, the Obama administration is finally being sued for their illegal use of Secure Communities after they locked up a United States citizen ex-Marine for two months in a maximum security prison using a bogus immigration detainer.


    These are stories from this week, and it is only Tuesday.

  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Agreed, Matt. What an exercise in cowardice and betrayal by a president who, four years ago as a candidate, promised to put an end to "scapegoating" immigrants.

    And why was the DREAM stakeholders meeting postponed? My guess is it was for one reason only. Lamar Smith said "boo!" So why argue on something that we all agree with (or should agree with), namely that the Deporter in Chief, Barack Obama, has been the worst president for immigration in living memory?

    Why not focus instead on the real point, which is whether BHO is as bad as it can get on immigration, or whether Willard and his supporters, such as Kris Kobach, Lamar Smith and Charles Grassley, would make things even worse?

    If things are already as terrible as you describe, which I do not dispute, do we want to see them made even worse? And they can get worse - they will get worse - that is the Republicans' promise to America. For once, we had better believe them.

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