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Bloggings: Will this newspaper story appear on January 22, 2013? By Roger Algase

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In answer to the March 29 ID item by my colleague and fellow blogger, Matt Kolken, who is not only a top level lawyer but a dedicated and passionate advocate for justice in the immigration system, and who has my highest respect, I would like to draw attention to the following newspaper story, which I happened to run across after reading Matt's powerful and eloquent argument against voting to re-elect President Obama:

"Washington, January 22, 2013

President Mitt Romney made his first public appearance on the day after his inauguration as the nation's 45th president, flanked by Vice-President Marco Rubio and by Kris Kobach, Lamar Smith and Joe Arpaio, the president's choices for Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security and Director of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement "ICE". Stating that the presence of 12 million illegal aliens in this country was the most urgent problem facing the US, dwarfing all the others combined, the new president announced that his top priority would be reforming America's broken immigration system, something his predecessor had talked a great deal about doing but never taken any action to bring about. 

President Romney began his statement by saying that respect for the law has completely broken down in America, and can only be restored by the immediate removal of every single illegal alien, without exception. He also stated that our legal immigration system must be overhauled to reflect America's priorities, values, culture, and identity, especially use of the English language, which is now under imminent threat, due to our misguided and overly permissive immigration policies dating back to 1965. 

For this purpose, President Romney announced, he was directing his presumptive new Attorney General, Mr. Kobach, to draw up immigration reform legislation for introduction in the new Congress, which is now overwhelmingly Republican in both houses as the result of last November's election. This legislation, to be modelled on a bill which passed the House of Representatives in 2005 but never reached the Senate, known as HR 3447, and on the immigration law now in full effect in Alabama (which the US Supreme Court has just upheld in a 5-4 decision based on 10th Amendment grounds), will make "attrition" the official immigration policy of the United States of America, and encourage all illegal aliens to "self-deport", thereby hopefully saving the government hundreds of billions of dollars on enforcement money. However all illegals who do not self-deport within a reasonable time, such as 60 to 90 days, will be removed by state as well as federal officials. States will be given the power to institute their own deportation hearings and to carry out removals in order better to assist the federal authorities.

Among other top priority immigration related legislative proposals which President Romney outlined was one which would take away birthright US citizenship from anyone who is unable to prove that his or her parents were both either lawful permanent residents of the US or US citizens at the time of his or her birth. This, law, the president emphasized, will be retroactive and will apply to all current US citizens, regardless of date of birth. The president added that he is instructing Mr. Kobach to assist in preparing a lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn its landmark 1898 decision in Wong Kim Ark vs. US, which, the president said, takes an absurdly expansionist view of the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship.

'Liberal judicial activism' the president said, 'is bad for America in our century and it was bad for America in any century. This administration will act severely in order to stamp it out'. The president also announced a moratorium on all legal immigration, on national security grounds, until the 12 million illegals all return back home.The only exceptions, on a case by case basis, will be a limited number of science and math professionals who are fluent in English.

After the president's speech, the new ICE director, Joe Arpaio, made a few remarks about his plans to reform the immigration detention system. 'There's been a lot of screaming and yelling about conditions in this country's immigration jails', Mr. Arpaio announced. 'We are going to put an end to that. These prisons are not hotels. In Arizona, we have shown that we know how to handle illegals.'

Vice-President Rubio concluded with some brief remarks thanking America's Hispanic and other minority and pro-immigrant voters for staying home or voting for third parties in record numbers in 2012, thereby enabling Mr. Romney to win the White House."

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  1. Kathi's Avatar
    So now, immigrants, minorities and their advocates are to blame for Obama and the Dems being chicken-shit and passing up the chance to work on CIR in the last FOUR years? Give me a break.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Kathi, I think you have completely misunderstood my comment, which was meant to be a satire on what could happen if minority and other pro-immigrant voters stay home or vote for third parties this November, as Matt Kolken is recommending. In that case, they would be at least partly responsible for a Republican catastrophe that could sink our whole immigration system.

    Nothing I said was meant to imply that immigrants, minorities and their supporters are to blame for Obama's betrayals and sellouts on immigration. However, if they do not unite and form an independent or semi-independent movement, somewhat along the lines of the Tea Party (I would like to call this a "Tequilla Party"), they will continue to get a raw deal from both parties and the system will never improve. To that extent, I agree with Matt.

    But we should not spend our time arguing over the Democratic menu for the last lunch on the Titanic (which just sold at auction for a huge sum) while the Republican iceberg may be about to hit (especially now that April 14, 2012, the 100th anniversary of the sinking of that ship, is only 2 weeks away).
  3. Matthew Kolken's Avatar
    Just a point of clarification, I don't advocate that the immigration reform vote stay home. To the contrary, I hope we all come out in droves and vote for a third party candidate. I am specifically eyeing Gary Johnson. Here is his stance on immigration:

    I don't know enough about Mr. Johnson at the moment to fully endorse him, so if you have any information that is worth consideration please post.
  4. Matthew Kolken's Avatar
    And incidentally, your "article" assumes the position that a Republican administration will be worse for immigrants than what we have seen under the current administration. Based on the President's record, that will be a seriously tall task.
  5. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Yes, Matt. I completely agree. Being worse than Obama on immigration is a very tall order indeed. But the Republicans are showing every sign of being willing to take on that challenge.

    If they take over the White House and Congress in this fall's election, I think that they will show they are quite capable of accomplishing the goal goal of being worse than Obama on immigration, much worse, no matter how hard that may be.

    Re: Gary Johnson, I looked on his website and did not find his tough comments on immigration enforcement very reassuring. But even if he were perfect on this issue, would backing him be worth putting Mitt Romney, Kris Kobach, Lamar Smith, Charles Grassley and Joe Arpaio in charge of the immigration system for the next 4 years?

    I, for one, do not think so. Better to re-elect Obama and then start the demonstrations, marches, movements, etc., as was done successfully during the Civil Rights era with Kennedy-Johnson in the White House. But when the Democrats split over the Vietnam War, whom did we get then? Richard Nixon.

    I was there. Martin Luther King was a client of the law firm I was working for in the early 1960's. I know something about that time.
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