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Bloggings: The biggest immigration story of 2011 may be about US citizens; by Roger Algase

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Since this is the time to write about the "most important" events of the year, I will offer some thoughts about the three most important immigration events of 2011. Two of them concern immigrants directly. First, the passage of more state anti-minority immigrant hate laws, especially the one in Alabama. Second, the continued cave-in by the Obama administration to anti-immigrant prejudice, shown by its sticking to its rigid goal of getting rid of 400,000 immigrants each year. John Morton memos may come and go, but the historically high level of deportations continues, along with the deaths of many would be immigrants in hell-holes called immigration detention centers and at the Mexican border.

But the biggest immigration story of all this year may have been the movement in Republican states to disenfranchise minority US citizens, who are the most important allies of immigrants. The Justice Department is trying to block one of these laws - in South Carolina, using a Civil Rights era statute meant to protect African-American voting rights. Why has the DOJ not yet sued to invalidate similar laws in other states? This movement is likely to spread and grow worse in 2012.

By requiring government issued photo ID's, cutting back on early voting, and other measures making it more difficult for minorities, the elderly, the less affluent and students to register and vote, these states are attempting to keep, not just Americans with ties to immigrant communities, but millions of other potential Democratic voters, away from the polls next year, and in future years. What better way could there be to accomplish the Republicans' long standing dream of achieving a permanent majority, i.e. creating one party rule in America?

This would also help to realize a companion Republican dream - closing America's borders to Latino and all other non-white immigrants. Prospero Ano Nuevo!

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  1. Don Miller's Avatar
    Thanks, Roger, for wishing us all a "Prosperous New Asshole"! FYI, my friend, if you don't have a Spanish language font, the word is correctly written "anio". "Ano" has the meaning I used.
    Best wishes.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    To Don Miller: I am sorry that my keyboard does not have the right Spanish symbols to write that word correctly. But I do not think there is a single ID reader anywhere who has any doubts about what I meant to say. Obviously, what I meant was a New Year's greeting. Your malicious comment is totally uncalled for.
  3. Brittanicus's Avatar
    Department of Justice Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States has found some pretext to block the South Carolina Election law. Yet to Conservatives it must be mandatory to prove that individual has a right to vote by possessing a photo Identification? Make a Judgment if this is a wrong approach in checking a person's right to vote. Or is this a devious way for Democrats in opening the door to millions of non-citizens to register and amass a massive voting bloc in stealing elections? Voter fraud has not just been widespread in 50 states and federal elections, but also in gubernatorial and municipal races? This is especially manifest in close election races. Nobody needs to take my word for it, but type into your favorite 'Search Engine' such as Google the term Voter fraud. Through the magic of Google, you can access many early articles from their archives about this ugly subject.

    But remember that the Liberal influence in the press, have always asserted their rhetoric and half truths that Voter fraud doesn't exist? It does and the evidence has been damped-down, so it doesn't get wide publicity. Before even the appearance of ACORN, they had been voter fraud in hundreds of counties across America. The Democrats and its Liberal aggressive side have not precluded non-citizens from voting? In fact for decades they have been complicit, in ignoring the laws of the elections and not condemned anybody who could sign their name on a registration. ACORN which is supposedly extinct, is not? It has apparently reorganized itself, even after many of its canvassers have been prosecuted for hundreds of thousands of non citizens registering. The TEA PARTY, the larger population of physical Conservatism will be especially observant in every constituency in every polling station throughout America in this year elections. To really be educated on the seriousness of this growing issue, every American born here or legalized should start by reading the connection between "Department of Justice, President Obama and the resurrected Acorn organization.

    Even people, who have taken the arduous immigration route, should read articles as published in the "Right Side of the News" website entitled, Weekly Update December 3, 2011: Solyndra, Obamnesty and ACORN. Type these words into the news section of the Search engine. To be more aware of the secret undermining of Taxpayers money, going to radical groups; readers should learn the connection between the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice, ACORN, SEIU, AFL/CIO and other Unions, because the General Election for the next president is crucial that only citizens vote in the election of 2011. Perhaps you should recall that Barack Obama was an attorney for the ACORN organization in the past. Another web location is 'American Patrol' that is an updated daily site, that gives a viewer an in depth realistic approach to the rot that has been creeping through Washington for years. Such editorial not governed by the censorship of the Liberal media.

    Dave Gibson -- The Examiner
    No jail time for restaurant owner who hired dozens of illegals
    San Diego -- On Thursday, Michel Malecot, 59, the owner of The French Gourmet Inc., was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay a fine of $396,575 in U.S. District Court. It was the second time since the 1990's the high-profile restaurateur was caught hiring illegal aliens. -- In October, Malecot pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and avoided any jail time, though he admitted to hiring...

    ACORN leaders ramp up White House visitations
    Operatives of the radical left-wing ideology of ACORN appear to be working with the Obama administration on a strategy to tilt the 2012 elections in favor of Democrats, according to award-winning investigative reporter Matthew Vadum. ACORN leaders have made multiple visits to the Obama White House and the Department of Justice, new evidence shows...

    Rachel Alexander -- Townhall
    Obama targeting police nationwide to divert from Fast and Furious
    Either there has been a huge increase in discrimination by law enforcement during the Obama administration, or Obama is targeting law enforcement for politically motivated reasons. In the current era of heightened sensitivity to racism and police brutality, it makes no sense that abuses by law enforcement are increasing. The U.S. Department of Justice's sudden flurry of investigations...

    KEPR-TV -- Pasco, Wash.
    e-Verify catches over 200,000 illegals this year
    No social, no passport, no job. A controversial program to check your citizenship status is making hundreds of thousands of matches in Washington and people may be deported because of it. KEPR looked into the success of e-Verify, and what really happens when your paperwork doesn't add up. -- Jane Ganebin is in charge of making sure names and social security numbers add up for the city of Richland...

    Sheriff Joe 'suspicious' of motive behind Obama attacks
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona's Maricopa County has been under fire for his immigration law-enforcement policies from protesters who simply object to what he's doing, in a lawsuit alleging his department profiles on race, and from the federal government which has canceled agreements with his department to check for violators who arrive at his jail...

    Even as I draft this commentary their two bills are being rushed through Congress in an attempt by the entertainment industry to clamp down on online file-sharing and piracy. But the truth be known, the real enforcement is to stop the voice of the people? To suppress the investigative information revealed of the cover-ups like insider trading by politicians. The established hard liners in Congress have become a mess of corruption, totally devoid of carrying out the people's will. Why do you think this a reviled censorship bill, SOPA, is a nasty taste in America's mouth? Of course we are not being told the whole truth. They want to shut down the investigative journalism in news blogs, social media, and online reporters who are providing surgical coverage that is completely immune to any allegiance to the two main political parties, their plans, or the psychological engineering of polls so they can manipulate a positive answer for the cause of Liberals, Democrats, the major core of wealthy Republicans and what they materially want?

    The political hierarchy doesn't like being questioned about the corruption spreading through Washington and the state capitols. A watchdog political group, non-profit group that overlooks the government, and the court systems, is a location to read the real news. The site posts a summary of the court cases they are pursuing along with related news stories. Judicial Watch is an outstanding voice of the people and the continence of our legal foundation, applied in the US constitution. The Obama administration has successfully pressed for the ominous agenda of 'Political Correctness' cancelling out what American blood has been spilt for since the Revolutionary War against aggression.

    The meandering way out of Obama's administration mess, is to vote out every Liberal and Democrat progressive and that includes deep entrenched Republicans. Only the TEA PARTY can reject the corruption instilled in the Congress. Make illegal entry punishable as a felony, not a civil offense. Build the real 2006 Double border Fence. The TEA PARTY will not tolerate illegal immigration or any form of amnesty, including Sanctuary cities, dream acts or covert enactments by disguising Immigration Reform. The TEA PARTY will support Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and other states against any retribution by the Democratic or Republican establishment. Remember illegal aliens do vote in federal elections, and we all need to contact our politicians, to officially scrutinize voter rolls and specifically absentee ballots.

    It is worrying that prominent presidential candidates such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is promoting a policy of amnesty or legalization of illegal aliens, as if it is the only fair or viable option; it is not? Indeed, the only fair and feasible option is a policy of "attrition through enforcement" by implementing E-Verify to reject foreign workers and replacing them with American citizens and legal residents. In quintessence, E-Verify will enforce the immigration laws that are already in the federal register. Over time, illegal aliens would not be able to find work and would not be able to receive public benefits and would have no other alternative but to return to their home nations -- and most would do so. This would free up millions upon millions of jobs for jobless Americans and legal immigrants. And with 22 million Americans unable to find a full-time job, shouldn't putting these Americans back to work be everyone's top priority?

    Just today I learned from a cousin in California of the seriousness of ID theft, specifically the Socially Security numbers of infants and older children. Parents are unaware that illegal aliens and criminals are using these SSN, in accumulating hefty credit fraud on their children's number. The television crew even confronted the thief's, after tracking them down. They had to arrange interpreters for these criminal individuals to comprehend this fraudulent activity. One child of 14 had a credit debt of $37, 000 and a 3 year old $375.000 in auto loans and mortgages. Both criminals ignored the accusations and walked away, after the anchor person said he wasn't the police. I immediately phoned up my ex-spouse and asked her to check my 13 year old sons Credit report, who has Asbergers disorder. From the conversation with my cousin, either the authorities, credit bureaus or the idiots in Washington have done zero about the appalling predicament. Parents should be alarmed that their son or daughters future credit may have already been compromised. The investigative reporter said 1 in 10 children's number nationwide have already been violated. That SS number can also be used by illegal alien criminals to vote and collect a variety different welfare benefits. From what I have researched Democrats are the main instigators of completely ignoring voter fraud, which could be a major menace of future electoral cycles.

    Lama Smiths E-Verify "the Legal Workforce Act." At the very least, it is a step in the right direction to obstruct illegal labor from taking American jobs. Even if E-Verify has some flaws and some illegal aliens can obtain employment, it won't last very long before new upgraded version of E-Verify will be able to detect criminal alien workers. ICE has already gained the implementation of Mississippi's Drivers Licensing Bureau, so as citizens WE SHOULD DEMAND THAT EVERY STATE VEHICLE DEPARTMENT GIVE ICE THE DIRECTIVE TO ACCESS THEIR PHOTO ID DATABASES, TO CROSS REFERENCE WITH ALL HIRED WORKERS BEING CONFIRMED USING E-VERIFY. Those hired illegally will be caught eventually when the irregularities are corrected and ICE auditors return to a previous company. It's better to have something as a deterrent, than to have nothing at all.

    Of course the usual fundamental voices are raised, as critics opposing this Historical Immigration Bill, H.R. 2885 are searching for any loophole to render it impotent. They are using what inflammatory idiom or lies they can muster against the passage of E-Verify "the Legal Workforce Act." First they have contested, as a few legal American workers have been turned away after being hired. So that individual just addresses that grievance by going to their local Social security office; illegal aliens will stay not venture anywhere near this agency. None of the Liberal media will inform their readership of this? Learn more information at NumbersUSA. Other websites that will deliver the facts about the criminal element, with wide ranging access to the E-media is the (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform and (CIS) Center for Immigration studies. We can all stand with our fellow jobless countryman by Calling House and Senate Leadership NOW at 202-224-3121; the Capitol Switchboard.

  4. Roger Algase's Avatar
    It must have taken you a lot of time to write all that Brittanicus. Wow!
  5. Harry DeMell's Avatar
    It is perfectly reasonable to require some proof of identity to register to vote. Voting should be reserved for U.S. Citizens as that is one of the great benefits of citizenship. No U.S. Citizen would be allowed to vote in Mexico or China and that's fine with me.
  6. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I agree with all of Harry DeMell's comments about voting. The only problem is that none of his statements have anything to do with what I said in my blogging.

    Nowhere did I say that non-US citizens should be allowed to vote in the US. Nor do I have any problem with his statement that "some form of ID" should be required in order to register. To the best of my knowledge, that has always been the rule.

    The problem arises when i) Not just any ID, but a government issued photo ID, is required to register or vote, or when ii) obtaining any acceptable ID is made so complicated or expensive that millions of legitimate voters, especially normally Democratic ones such as minorities, the poor, the elderly and students, are disenfranchised throughout America because they cannot obtain one easily.

    Once an government issued ID requirement is in effect, it is all too easy for state officials to monkey around with the requirements for obtaining one. Back in the days (not all that long ago) of the Jim Crow, segregated South, there was an old joke, as follows:

    An African-American man goes to a white registrar in rural Georgia to register to vote. After successfully meeting a number of impossible demands, such as "name the first 16 presidents in order, along with their vice presidents and every member of their cabinets", he is finally asked to pass a basic reading teat. The registrar then gives him a Chinese newspaper.

    The would be voter says to the registrar: "I can't make out the small print, but I can definitely read the headline." The registrar, amazed, says: "Can you really read the headline? What does it say?" The man answers: "It says: 'No black people are voting in Georgia this year.'"

    These are the days that the Republicans are trying to bring back, under the pretext of dealing with the non-existent problem of "voter fraud". Perhaps Mr. DeMell knows how many voter fraud convictions there have been in America in the past decade. If so, it would be nice if he could tell us.

    As an aside, perhaps the US is moving toward the time when reading Chinese newspapers will not be beyond the reach of most Americans. Not too long ago, I was riding a bus in Manhattan's East Side and heard a young girl next to me, aged about 8, I would guess, count to 20 perfectly in Mandarin (which I also know how to do - my proficiency in the language stops there) while the adult woman with her her checked her accuracy.

    Both the young girl and the adult woman happened to be African-American. The girl told me she had learned to count in Mandarin in school. Definitely, voting registrars in many Republican states will have to find more creative ways in the future to stop minority Americans from exercising their right to vote. The state-issued voter photo ID requirements are a giant step along this road to nowhere.
  7. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Typographical correction. I meant: "basic reading test".
  8. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Another typo correction: "Once a government issued ID".
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