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D.C. takes firm Stance against Immigration Checks; By Danielle Beach-Oswald

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Washington D.C.'s stance on illegal immigration differs greatly from some states including Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, and Arizona. Since the District does not believe they should engage in Jim Crow type laws or witch-hunts they believe that the federal government should handle immigration matters which lie under the purview of their jurisdiction. City officials in the District of Columbia are holding firm on immigration, and refusing to enforce Customs and Immigration Enforcement ( ICE) detainers or warrants resulting directly from immigration violations. Mayor Vincent Gray signed an executive order instructing police officers and public service officials not to question the immigration status of persons with whom they come into contact. This stands in sharp contrast to other states who have proactively made laws asserting immigration is under their jurisdiction.

Mayor Gray stated, "In the spirit of 'OneCity and assuring the equal treatment of citizens and non-citizens alike, I am delighted to sign this."

Currently, with over 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. and a bad economy, many persons have chosen to target the immigration illegals as a "scapegoat" for economic woes. Many conservatives have suggested laws restricting housing, education restrictions, licenses, and laws to force police to detain those suspected to be illegal. This has resulted in a equally responsive emphasis by Latinos and other civil right activists on the negatives of this type of enforcement such as jobs created by small enterprises of immigrants, statistics of 5100 US children forced into foster homes whose parents were deported, rotting vegetable fields for lack of laborers and emphasis on economic cost and profiling resulting from targeting illegals.

In Arizona, Latinos have removed their school-age children for fear of being removed.. D.C fears that illegals will not report crimes they see and would be the victim of crimes if they are targeted. Nonetheless, the very irony of having D.C. thumb their nose in the Capital of the country is courageous and contentious. Many are also concerned about possible law suits that would result from inherent errors of arrest as to how a police officer distinguishes a legal from an illegal?

Opponents to Gray's executive order such as Kenneth Baumann, the chairman of the D.C. Fraternal Order of Police labor committee stated to The Washington Post, "Vince Gray right now is under such duress, he is willing to pander and fold to any group in order to take the scrutiny off himself,".

If the District can stand firm while in Washington's shadow, to promote "equal treatment of all" then certainly other states will follow suit and see the ignonomy of this xenophobic behavior. Certainly, crime and national security must be a concern, but not at the cost of focusing on a small group of non-criminal individuals who are often unable to protect themselves and by burdening the police force to make distinctions which they are not trained to make.

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  2. Iago's Avatar
    Well, I am not trying to argue with you, but I think the fact that the paisrh actually owns and operates a house for the purpose of supporting women/girls who promise to live chastely and give birth to their babies and then continues to help those girls/women after the babies are born is solid evidence that the pastor of the paisrh is pro life. (He's not pastor anymore, he's at St Charles now, but Mary's house was started when he was pastor). Also, St Anthony's always sends buses to the March for Life, not just to the Immigration Rallies. I think the Bishop went to the immigration rally, and he is pro life. Again, I am not saying that Fr. Tuck is doing the right thing by where he lines up politically, just that he is not activly pro abortion. I think he means well and is pro life but he is always trying to get help for the poor people in his paisrh, and I agree that other ways would be better and more in keeping with what the church teaches. I was just defending him against be actively pro abortion which I don't believe he is. I think the is trying to do good things but going about it in wrong ways. He really is a good priest, he preaches good sermons, he will come out in the middle of the night to the hospital to visit the sick and constantly reminds in almmost every sermon about the need for confession and there were always lines for confession at St Anthony's. He has a lot of good points. God Bless.
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