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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

GAO recommends H-1B changes

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by Chris Musillo

The Government Accounting Office is Congress' "Investigating Arm." Congress often tasks the GAO to explore potential improvements to all sorts of government programs. One recent GAO task was to examine the H-1B program and to suggest recommendations to the program.

On Friday the GAO released its recommendations. Traditionally these recommendations are given consideration but are rarely implemented because of the political nature of immigration policy. Some of the recommendations require Congressional approval. Other recommendations only require Presidential (Executive) action. Still, these recommendations cast a light into the thinking of some of the brighter minds in the government.

MU's summary of the recommendations are below the links to the report.

GAO Recommendations

Summary Report

Full Report


MU Summary of the GAO Recommendations

Recommendations requiring Congressional action

1. Consolidating the LCA so that it is filed with the USCIS, not DOL.

2. Granting USCIS subpoena power.

3. Holding staffing companies' end-clients responsible for H-1B and LCA rules.


Recommendations requiring Executive Action

1. Better electronic links between USCIS and the Consulates and Embassies of the Department of State.

2. Better distribution of the H-1B numbers, such as allocating ¼ of the H-1B cap in quarterly batches and allowing employers to "rank" their desired H-1B petitions.

3. Allowing Petitioners with a strong compliance history to file streamlined H-1B Petitions.

4. Creating a webpage where all employers must post H-1B positions

5. Improve the DOL's electronic database

Read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog at or


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  1. Millioner's Avatar
    . Whenever something haepnps that an illegal immigrant is involved in, everything is blown out of proportion. It reminds me of how for a long time, most people thought of pedophiles as gay men. They figured that a homosexual man was more likely to take advantage of little boys because most people were already skeptical about homosexuals. The interesting thing was that the most likely perpetrator is the outwardly straight man who is close to the family, like the dad, uncle, or close family friend. It is more likely a person who on the outside appears to be a "stand up citizen." The same thing is true for immigrants. They get blamed for our problems because then we don't have any part in the bad things that are happening in our country. It is not our fault, it is theirs. It is easier to point the finger at someone else than it is to point it at yourself.
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