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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

February 2011 Visa Bulletin

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The Department of State has just released the February 2011 Visa Bulletin, which is the fifth Visa Bulletin for US Fiscal Year 2011. This Visa Bulletin had very small progress in several classifications.

February 2011 Visa Bulletin
  All Other Countries China India Mexico
EB-2 Current 01JUL06 08MAY06 Current
EB-3 01APR05 01JAN04 22FEB02 08JUL03

Read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog at or

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  1. Kaylee's Avatar
    I am more concerned about Bahrain and the fact our base is there and we are ltiteng this killing go on under our noses. Much worse than Egypt it seems. And the fact we can not get real news without digging for it. Murdoch has 400+million brainwashed viewers, demonizing who ever they like. Wikileaks docs seem to target certain people as well. Additional than what would really sting like Rockefellers memos and bilderberg nfo. the Top Slime dirt!
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