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Bloggings by Roger Algase: Immigrants as scapegoats

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According to the media, public anger and resentment against public employee union members are growing as more and more people come to believe right wing propaganda that public employee benefits are exorbitant and responsible for budget deficits in many states. The public employees are in good company. Immigrants have been the target of this kind of invective for a long time. In each case, the most vulnerable and least powerful people in our society are being made the scapegoats for problems which were created by the people who have the most wealth and power.

As income inequality grows in America and the living conditions of those who are not at the top of the pyramid become even more precarious, we can look for even harsher anti-immigration measures at all levels of government. Therefore, the current focus on Arizona and other states which are trying to usurp federal power over immigration may be misplaced. We can expect to see more draconian immigration enforcement activity and restrictive policies at the federal level, as the Obama administration tries even harder to curry favor with the large number of Americans who have been brainwashed into thinking that immigrants are the root of all evil in this country.


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  1. Brittanicus's Avatar
    Unions have a great deal to lose in this conflict, because hundreds of thousands of people in these organizations are ILLEGAL. As there numbers have dwindled in union dues, they have added foreign nationals to their ranks. It's wrong and against the law, to hire individuals who skipped the inspections and the "Rule of Law." So of course anything to do with rigid, enforcement is typical of Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO and other trade unions.

    No need to deport as the cost would be enormous; not that matters to Washington? The demand from TEA PARTY Senators and Congressman of the newly revised, E-Verify that will detect illegal aliens in the workplace will enforce the 1986 Reagan law. Nobody is to be exempt--longtime employees and new hires will be verified; Attrition by enforcement! Severe fines of companies who scorn the law, including business asset confiscation and imprisonment; not house arrest, but placement in the general prison population. Just because you own a business, doesn't mean you can hire illegal labor? Fact is they are stealing employment, from the ten million Americans out of work. They have families to feed, mortgages to pay and so there should be zero tolerance for this heinous criminal issue. Auditing of companies should be stepped up and those caught red-handed, should be imprisoned as an example of not less than one to five years. No more slap on the wrist, but be held accountable. TO ME THAT'S A FELONY? IN FACT ENTERING AMERICA WITHOUT PERMISSION SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A FELONY.

    As thousands of illegal alien families are leaving Arizona, so the price to support them there is going down. Medicaid payments for economic non-citizens will be receding, including the costs for education, health-Care and prison cells, which is the States portion of the obligation. Hundreds of millions will be saved, even a billion or so. Utah--The sanctuary State of California, Nevada can least afford it, with the Golden State bordering on a 24 Billion dollar insolvency. Those lax States are financially seem unconnected to the honest population, will find the U-haul's and trucks crossing the State line hoping for a new refuge? They certainly won't be heading for Georgia, but they could easily go northwards to Oregon or Washington, if State legislators approve driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Assuredly, New Mexico that has just canceled enactment of a bill to deny driver's licenses will get their share of economic refugees from Arizona.

    Other States where citizens and permanent resident's rights are sold to the highest bidder will also see crowds of foreign national families arriving there. The fact is today through rampant incompetence of both political parties covering decades. The invasion has allowed by sheer neglect, attributing to the damaging US treasury deficit, that is destroying America. Households may have two parents that have been allowed to stay, because a newborn baby has received instant citizenship under the misinterpreted 14th Amendment. Over time other illegal family members have stolen across the body living in the same likely Section 8 housing. Few lawmakers have dared declare they are anti-illegal immigrant as they cringe against the Leftist "Political Correctness" garbage of the racial bigotry. But that's the only agenda the Left has got, because they cannot fight the massive costs presented to them.
    But a few brave political advocates are not being deceived, by the gaping border fence and are now enacting laws to stem the continuous influx of illegal migrants, immigrants, criminals and almost certainly murdering terrorists. Last week, Rep. Bilbray R-CA) added his name to the list of co-sponsors for the Nuclear Priority Act that would end chain migration and the CLEAR Act that would require collaboration between local law enforcement agents and federal agents in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Ordinary working people are informing ICE of employers who are hiring illegal aliens and as the job market gets even rougher "Whistle blowers" will come out of the woodwork to report suspicious goings on? The TEA PARTY will not abide the liberal court system or the Leftist Czars hidden in the Department of InJustice. They are using unconstitutional means for clandestine amnesties, Immigration Reform, Sanctuary States or anything that has the obnoxious stench of Amnesty.

    Read about illegal alien widespread Tax fraud at the Pdf file "Illegal Aliens and American Medicine." and the report "DRAINING AMERICA INTO POVERTY" at These are reports that the Leftists, US Government Czars and radical open border zealots or lobbyists prefer you didn't see.

    The Tea Party has a propagating foothold in the Republican Party, as thousands every day of every party affiliation is joining. The Tea Party lawmakers will not tolerate raising the debt ceiling in the US budget, to support the 20 million plus illegal alien families using the birthright baby law to gain a foothold in America. Thousands will keep coming until the American people demand the real fences be constructed and every tool available is used to stop this invasion. Want truthful answers, to your question of costs and so much more, view NumbersUSA website.

    The Tax code as it is now Creates Inequality

    it's time that US lawmakers implemented a flat tax for everybody. The tax code is so full of fraud, so full of loopholes that corporations like General Electric, Google pay nothing; Oil companies, the sugar industry gets massive subsidies; some politician, wealthy people and corporations slip past our IRS masters, by hiding money in tax havens overseas. If everybody paid according to what they brought, sold all consumers would pay their fair share. Just like US citizens and legal residents, the average US taxpayer are forced by laws, to pay for the support of foreign nationals illegally settled here. In 2012 we must vote for a Tea Party president and a Tea party Senate and Congressman.

    We also have a growing crisis America, when illegal aliens are voting in our elections.

    NO Copyright on my blogs, comments, articles, ever. Distribute freely.
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Everyone should read Brittanicus comment as an example of the hatred and paranoia that underpins Americas immigration policy. If you like Brittanicus comment, you will love the Obama-Napolitano-Brewer enforcement only culture of no.

    Roger Algase
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