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Hospitality Immigration - Birth Tourism, is it really happening?

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Birth Tourism is a hot topic right now. How do I know? Reporters keep calling me as well as other prominent Immigration Lawyers, asking about this topic with great interest.

The latest story was covered by the daily. The Daily is new type of media exclusively created for the ipad and provides cutting edge news with amazing content delivery. You have to try it to appreciate.

The latest story that I was part of is about Mothers coming to America to give birth. Millions of foreign tourists visit the United States every year, and a growing number return home with a brand new U.S. citizen in tow.

Every year millions of foreign tourists visit the United States, and a growing number return home, after having given birth to a new baby. Eight percent of all babies born in the U.S. in 2008 were to illegal immigrant parents, according to a groundbreaking analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by the Pew Hispanic Center. All of those children are U.S. citizens while their parents remain undocumented.

Thousands of legal immigrants, who do not permanently reside in the United States but give birth here, have given their children the gift of citizenship, which the U.S. grants to anyone born on its soil.

The number of U.S. births to non-resident mothers rose 53 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to the most recent data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Total births rose 5 percent in the same period. Among the foreigners who have given birth here, including international travelers passing through and foreign students studying at U.S. universities, are "birth tourists," women who travel to the United States with the explicit purpose of obtaining citizenship for their child.

Catering to the women is a nascent industry of travel agencies and hotel chains seeking to profit from the business.

Is this just a trend or a growing reality, share your thoughts with us.

Read our commentary at the

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  1. Leo Toledo's Avatar
    How is otherwise ?
    Brazil has the same jus solis as America does. Anyone who is borned here is Brazilian and some Americans living here, that are not on diplomatic mission,and have their babies here know theyare having Brazilians babies. Maybe there is a plot to take over the Brazilian Amazon and oil resources by America, and if we go through this path the fear in itself will cosume our day-to-day agenda with false hopes of security given by those alarmists. Just let it be... To raise a child takes a lot time and to raise a smart well educated one who will contrubute to society anywhere in the world will take more than just planning.Life is made of too many variables that we cannnot even fanton what will may come.
  2. pregnancy quiz's Avatar
    what other causes of sore breast can be other than pregnancy or period?
  3. certification in hospitality management's Avatar
    United State becomes a tourist hub every year number of tourist come and enjoy in that state that was really happening in that state.
  4. Rajesh 's Avatar
    I m indian citizen can my baby get Beazil citizen if I give birth of my baby in brazil on tourist visa
  5. Repterdlio's Avatar
    Hospitality in tourism helps for the increase in the tourists. The facilities of the residence promote the research paper assistance only here for the foreigners and for all externals. The motives of the tourism are engrossed for the benefits of tourism.
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