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Jason Dzubow on Political Asylum

Asylum Seekers ♥ Asylum Office

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According to a new*report*released by USCIS, asylum applicants are "highly satisfied" with the service they receive at the nation's various Asylum Offices.

Asylum seekers who appeared for interviews at the different Asylum Offices answered the written survey. *A total of 933 responses were collected from September 2011 through March 2012. Surveys were collected after the interview but before the final decision (for obvious reasons).

Asylum Officers celebrate the positive survey results.

According to the survey, customers are highly satisfied with the services they receive from USCIS's Asylum Offices; their overall satisfaction index is 87 on a scale of 0 to 100. For comparison, the federal government satisfaction index is currently 67. At the office-level, customers who were serviced by the Miami Asylum Office, Chicago Asylum Office, and the Houston Asylum Office were the most satisfied with indices of 93 or 94. Conversely, satisfaction was the lowest for those serviced by the New York Asylum Office with a satisfaction index of 70.

Overall, 17% of respondents felt that the Asylum Officer was either argumentative or biased; at the New York office, 29% of respondents felt the officers were*argumentative or biased. *In LA, the next highest, the number was 23%.

With overall satisfaction at 87, the report opines that it may be difficult for USCIS to significantly improve its asylum office customer satisfaction scores at an aggregate level. However, the report notes, at certain locations there appears to be opportunity for improvement. Most significantly, in New York and Los Angeles, Asylum Officers should try to provide more information to applicants about the process. They should also try to appear less argumentative during interviews.*According to the report, offices in Los Angeles, Newark, New York, and San Francisco should address wait times for the start of the interview.

The survey also contained a comments section. Most comments are very positive. *A typical comment reads, "Everything was good." *Some of the more interesting comments include:

Cannot think of anything right now to improve the service, how do you improve on perfection?


Smile more.


No*need to improve anything unless you decide to improve something.


My service overall was good with exception of the officer which directed my interview in a coercive and threatening manner.


Provide free coffee and donuts [I fully endorse this idea!].


The survey results (if not all the written comments) comport with my view of the Asylum Office. I find the officers to be very professional and courteous. They don't always grant my cases (the nerve!), but in the large majority of cases, I find that they are fair and reasonable. Congratulations to the Asylum Officers on the survey results and on a job well done.

Originally posted on the Asylumist:

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Updated 07-16-2013 at 01:54 PM by JDzubow

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