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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

California Board Webcast on FSBPT

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by Cindy Unkenholt

California continues to fight the disciminatory actions of the FSBPT. The Physical Therapy Board of California's October 11, 2010 teleconference regarding the FSBPT action on the NPTE will be webcasted live. All interested parties may watch it via the webcast.

Read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog at or


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  1. Bob's Avatar
    While this is commendable, California may want to look at their own California Board of Registered Nursing first!!

    CA BRN is requiring even foreign born applicants to give them a US SSN to even apply to them. How can someone who is not a US Citizen and needs to take and pass the NCLEX exam to even start the immigration process able to get a US SSN!?

    Not giving the actual license until a US SSN is provided is very understandable but requiring the US SSN for a non-US Citizen for even starting the application for people to take the NCLEX exam thru them is far out.

    Not only that, they are even extending that new policy to people who already applied and passed the NCLEX thru them before they implemented that new policy. They could at least extend the courtesy of not requiring the US SSN for previous applicants who applied before the new rule/policy was started and not destroy their files and keep giving them extensions to provide a US SSN as they previously have been doing.
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