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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

FSBPT's odd policies continue to baffle

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Yesterday, the FSBPT announced on their webpage that any post- July 11 NPTE test-takers would have their results held until at least October 1, 2010, if they graduated from a school in the Philippines, India, Egypt or Pakistan. The scores are being held pending a psychometric review of each test-takers' results. Certain post-July 11 test takers should expect to have their scores invalidated; while others' test results will be allowed to stand.

As has been consistently the case since the July 12 announcement, the FSBPT has been vague and inconsistent in their message. This vagueness and inconsistency calls into question the FSBPT's ability to manage this situation.

With this latest webpage notice, the FSBPT has not explained what it looks for when it performs the psychometric review. More oddly, test takers whose scores have been invalidated may still be eligible to take the NPTE-YRLY in 2011 if they continue to meet their states' eligibility requirements. This goes against the purpose of a review, which is presumably to protect the US public from cheating test takers.


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  1. Butch Alcantara's Avatar
    What is the impact of the new immigration policy which stops deportation of illegal immigrants with no criminal records and those with pending petitions to the legal immigrants who have backlogged cases and retrogressed visa numbers? Can they now claim under the equal protection and opprtunity clause of the Law that they can also stay out of status while waiting for their visa numbers?
  2. Fan of PTs from the Philippines's Avatar
    FSBPT's actions call into question their competency to administer the exam process as a whole. Cheaters shouldn't be licensed, but you need to have an exam that isn't conducive to cheating. Review centers for nurses routinely provide thousands of test questions for students to review in preparation for their NCLEX exam, and NCSBN doesn't seem to have a problem. Why can't FSBPT have a large enough pool of questions so that they aren't concerned with someone "memorizing" them all. I think most people would agree that reviewing the types of questions that have been asked in the past is a fair way to study for future exams. It helps you prepare for the format of the questions, the types of topics covered, etc. Let's have FSBPT reexamine the creation of their exam before they point fingers at all students from 4 countries without any proof that those students have cheated or are likely to cheat.
  3. Chris Musillo's Avatar

    Hi Butch-

    The "new policy" hasn't been formalized as a regulation and therefore there is a legal question as to whether it is true policy or just guidance. If it is not official policy then it becomes a difficult case under law. The same reasoning was used by the government in the Neufeld Memo dismissal (see link on my Aug 16 post).


  4. Chris Musillo's Avatar
    @Fan: I agree. I think you've put this well: "Cheaters shouldn't be licensed, but you need to have an exam that isn't conducive to cheating."
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